The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 620

“Come here, you’ll do your test with me,” 

In the training arena, a master said that to Ye Lang. He seemed like a master, from his aura, where he was standing… 

Well, it seemed like he was a master!! 

He was in fact, one of the better-skilled guards in Ha De house, a level nine warrior. 

“If I defeat you, does that mean I pass?” asked Ye Lang blankly. 

‘This place is so weird, why do I need to combat with people before I meet them?’ thought Ye Lang.

“Haha, yes but let’s see how you do first!” laughed the master. He thought Ye Lang stood no chance against him. 

Many at the arena thought the same too. 

“Let’s begin!” 

Ye Lang bowed at the master and signalled him to start. 

“You want me to make the first move?” asked the master. The master was shocked, he didn’t expect that. 

Throughout the selection process these few days, he was always the one waiting for the other to make the first move. No one had asked him to attack first!! 

“Yes!” replied Ye Lang. 

“Are you sure?” asked the master again. 

“Yes, or else I can’t start!” said Ye Lang. He was telling the truth. The Nine Dugu Swords was a special move, if the opponent doesn’t make the first move, he wouldn’t be able to use it. 

Of course, Ye Lang could force the opponent to attack by taunting them but he doesn’t want to waste energy doing that. He planned to finish this in one go and meet Migen soon after. 

“I’ll show you then!!” The master was a little pissed off. He wanted to teach Ye Lang a lesson for his attitude. 

“Go ahead!” said Ye Lang calmly. His hand wavered around the hilt of the sword. 
The master was even more angered when he saw this. He had a strong desire to properly beat up Ye Lang. 


A storm of strikes came rushing at Ye Lang that felt as strong as a tornado. 
A few of the other guards thought the master was too harsh on Ye Lang, he would surely get injured by the master. 

However, it was good for him to be taught a lesson, it would fix his attitude!! 

As soon as everyone thought that Ye Lang would be swallowed by the “tornado”, something unexpected happened. The storm stopped. 


Everyone stared blankly at the reason why the guard stopped. Right at his neck, a sword was pointed at it,  if he moved just a little, his throat would be sliced in half. 

Any sword, as thin as they could be, placed at that position would be deadly. No one would doubt a sword as thin as the one Ye Lang was holding wouldn’t be able to kill the guard. 

They didn’t care what the sword looked like. At that moment, they only cared about the person wielding it and how he did it. 

Ye Lang could spot not less than five weak spots the moment the master moved. In a swift motion, he grabbed his sword and swung it where it needed to be, right at his neck. 

Of course, he held back and didn’t push forward, or else, he would kill the person before him. 

“I… lost…” 

The master was stunned. He couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He told himself that if they really fought, he would definitely win, this time Ye Lang was just lucky. 

“So, I passed right?” Ye Lang smiled as he kept his sword. 

“Yes! You passed…” 

‘You passed this round but you surely won’t pass the next one,’ thought the guard.

“So, you mean there’s another round? Ugh, I just want to meet someone, why is it so troublesome?” Ye Lang frowned. 

“You don’t need to fight in the next round, just answer a few questions,” said the head examiner. 

“Ask away!” said Ye Lang impatiently. 

The head examiner shook his head and said, “The master of the house would personally ask you, not us.” 

“?? You all are weird… I was here to meet him in the first place! Why would he ask me questions when I’ve already met him then!” 

“?? What do you mean?” asked the main examiner. 

“Nothing, you continue! Hurry and bring me to him!” said Ye Lang. 

Just like that, Ye Lang followed someone to meet the head of the house! 

While Ye Lang was waiting in the hall, two girls walked past him. This was normal, Ye Lang met many girls after entering Ha De House. They were mostly the maids here. 

They were all people he didn’t know so he didn’t mind it much but these two were different. He would later recognise them and he didn’t like that. 
“You… you came to my house!!” one of the young ladies roared. 

“Huh?” Ye Lang took notice of the two which he found familiar. 

“Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t remember me?” said the girl. 

“You look familiar!” replied the Ye Lang. 

“...” The girls were dumbfounded. 

“It literally happened yesterday,” said the other girl. 

“Yesterday? Ah, I had a meal with some ladies, ah, right. It’s you two, you’re Aibi…” said Ye Lang. 

“Debbie!!” said one of the girls coldly. 

Well, Ye Lang was only focused on the food. He didn’t pay attention to who he was with. That made the two girls annoyed, especially since they were the prettiest there. People usually fawned over them, why didn’t he do that? 

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