The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 621

“Oh, Debbie!” Ye Lang nodded, he finally remembered where he saw them. 

“Why are you here?” asked Debbie. 

“I’m here to find someone called Migen,” answered Ye Lang. 

“How dare you utter my grandfather’s name like that!” roared Debbie. It took a moment for Ye Lang to realise she was one of the granddaughters that lived here. 

“Why not? There are other people called Migen too. If I can’t call him Migen, should I call him Migan?” asked Ye Lang sincerely. 

“...” Debbie was speechless. He did make sense. 

“Right, since he is your grandfather, please bring me to him!” Ye Lang continued, “Your servants are all unreliable, I had to queue then pass some stupid tests!” 

“What?” Debbie was in confusion, she had never heard of such a rule before. 

“Ye Lang, come in! Hi, young lady…” Someone called for Ye Lang to enter and greeted Debbie as they saw her too. 

Ye Lang took a peek of the room then looked at Debbie and said, “I… I’m going in now, I don’t think you’re all that reliable too…” 

“You! What did you say!!” Debbie was properly pissed off. It was obvious Ye Lang looked down on her. 

“Nothing, bye!” said Ye Lang as he entered the room. 

“Sis! Let’s go in too, I want to see why he really came here,” said Debbie as she dragged the pretty girl in. She was curious too, Ye Lang's sudden appearance was a little odd. This may not be just a coincidence, she had to get to the bottom of this. 

“Hey, that Ye Lang guy, why is he here?” Debbie asked the servant from before that stood by the door. 

“He’s here for the guard position!” replied the servant. 

“A guard? Didn’t he say he was here for grandfather?” Debbie’s head was full of questions. 

“There are only two possibilities. Either he wants to harm grandfather, using the guard position as an excuse…” said the pretty girl. 
“What?! Grandfather…” Debbie rushed into the run, manically running after Ye Lang. 

“...” The pretty girl was speechless. She knew this younger sister was rash but she hadn't even finish her sentence! 

He may not even harm grandfather. If that was the case, he wouldn’t tell us that just now, the possibility of that being true was quite low. 

The second case would be that he was really just here to look for grandfather and he accidentally ended up in the recruitment process. 

From what he said just now about queuing and passing tests, it looked like he wasn’t even aware of it. 
If that was true, this Ye Lang guy was really careless and very stupid! 

“Debbie, what are you doing!"

"Lady Debbie, why are you blocking me!"

At that moment, Debbie had pulled out her sword. If it wasn't for the other voice, she would have slashed already.

Sitting in the middle of the big hall was the head of the household. He was a middle aged man so it couldn't be Migen.

"Uncle! He- he's going to harm grandfather!!" said Debbie. 

Debbie's uncle was Migen's eldest son and the current head of household. Migen had long retired and frankly, his son was more capable than him. 

This person contributed a lot to the Ha De Household's quick growth in power.


The air stiffened at Debbie's one sentence. The next thing Ye Lang knew, he was surrounded by guards. His face tightened in nervousness. 

They didn't know if Ye Lang truly had the intention to hurt Migen but they rather be safe than sorry. 

"Debbie, don't be so rash! I was just guessing and I'm probably wrong!" the pretty lady rushed over and shouted at Debbie. 
Then, she said to the man: "Father! It may be a misunderstanding, question him first!"

"Ye Lang, right? Why are you here?" asked the head of the household.

"I'm here to look for Migen. What is all this? You want me beaten to the ground before I meet him?" asked Ye Lang directly.

"Why do you want to meet him?" asked the head of the household.

"To give him this half of a jade pendant!" said Ye Lang. 

"Half of a jade pendant?! Wait, your surname is Ye?" The head of the household quickly connected the dots. His father had told him about this long ago. 

It was the deal Migen and Ye Sheng made. The head of the household knew Migen was a man of his word, if any member of the Ye family brought the other half of the jade pendant here, he would definitely fulfill the promise. 

However, Migen wouldn't marry off his daughters and granddaughters without their consent. If anything he would trade that with the three wishes. 

"Yes!" replied Ye Lang. 

“If you are here to send the jade pendant, why didn’t you just come to meet me? Why did you join the recruitment?” asked the head of the household. 

“Recruitment? I didn’t join that. I was here to meet Migen, who knew Ha De House was so troublesome. I had to queue, pass so many tests…” complained Ye Lang. 

“...” Everyone was silent. 

“Sure enough…” The pretty girl knew she guessed it right. 

“Are you an idiot? That line was for the recruitment. If you just said that you were here for grandfather, you could have just entered!” Debbie looked at Ye Lang with pity in her eyes. How dumb could this guy be? 

“What? HEy, I got tricked by that guy, he brought me… Wait, I think he was here for the recruitment too, I just followed him… Ugh, I’m so unlucky!!” Ye Lang finally realised his situation and was upset he wasted so much time. 

“You’re not unlucky, you’re just dumb!” Debbie didn’t let go of this opportunity to attack Ye Lang as revenge for yesterday. 

“...” Ye Lang had nothing to reply to that. 

The pretty girl laughed. She thought Ye Lang was an interesting guy. If the girls from yesterday were here with them, they wouldn’t let him out of their sight, he was way too interesting. 

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