The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 624

“Yes! I didn’t take a good look at his sword but it was odd. I’ve never seen anything like that before.” 


“I believe that he hasn’t reached his full potential. He’s only twenty-two now, he could be a swordmaster, a god even!” 


A sword god, it wasn’t a term that was thrown around a lot because of few people actually qualified to be one. If Ye Lang did become one, his dynamic with everyone in the room would be flipped. 

They shouldn’t have bullied the poor man!! 

So what if he was poor now, as long as he became a sword god, all that wouldn’t matter anymore. He could get anything he wants then!! 

If the Ha De House could produce a sword god, they would definitely be the most powerful family in the empire!! 

It was ironic that they were judging him from his status but when it didn’t matter at all. 

The head of the household could tell that Ye Lang really wasn’t here to marry one of their girls nor was he here for the requests because he simply didn’t need them! 

He was the one that disliked Ye Lang but now it was clear that it was the other way round too. 

Could it be that Ye Lang was afraid that when he became a sword god that we would be the one giving him the jade pendant? He would rather just pass us his now to get it over with.  

In his mind, the head of the household thought this made the most sense. 

Even if Ye Lang didn’t become a sword god, with his current skills, he could already overpower so many… 

He was still young, with so much potential, nothing could stop him if he kept practising!! 

“Ah! I made a mistake today!!” sighed the head of the household. 

That was right, he regretted his choices for a long time, especially after he found out who Ye Lang truly was. 

At that moment, as everyone thought about how they would treat Ye Lang if they met again, Ye Lang appeared again and said something that dumbfounded everyone. 

“Uhm, can you send someone to send me out? I’m lost!” 


“Ye Lang! I want to battle you!” said Debbie as she jumped to him. 

“Not interested!” 


“Firstly, I don’t fight with women, secondly, you’re too weak!” 


Debbie was blown away, she confidence took a large hit. 

“Sir Ye, since you’re back here, why not stay here for now,” said the head of the household with a smile. 

“No! I still have dignity, I won’t stay with you all!” said Ye Lang bluntly. 

“...” Is he implying that we don’t have dignity? 

“Aibi… bring me out, you’re a little better than everyone here…” said Ye Lang as he pointed at Debbie. Even though she was rash at least she was straightfoward and honest. 

She was a much more comfortable companion for Ye Lang compared to everyone else in the room. 

“My name is Debbie!” corrected Debbie. 

“Ah, yes, Debbie… Actually, I think Debbie isn’t a nice name…” said Ye Lang awkwardly. 

“And?” said the offended Debbie. 

“Nothing then, let’s go!” said Ye Lang. 

“Alright!” Debbie immediately brought Ye Lang away. 

They didn’t speak to each other during the whole journey to the main gate. They said their farewells then one prepared to rush away, another prepared to head back in… 

“Hey! Are you going to leave here immediately?” said Debbie suddenly. 

Ye Lang stopped in his tracks are looked back, “Yes, I’m only here to visit for two days.”

“Just two days?” 

“Yes, I don’t have time. This trip wasn’t planned either,” said Ye Lang. 

“Why don’t you have time? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going on a … self-searching journey around the world…” 

“...” Debbie felt that she was being lied to. 

Well, she wasn’t wrong, Ye Lang told her a straight-up lie. He couldn’t tell her about his trip to Vermillion Bird Empire. 

“I’m leaving!” Ye Lang waved to Debbie and walked away in big steps. 

“Hey!” called Debbie again. 

“What is it now?” asked Ye Lang, slightly annoyed. 

“In two days there’s an event here, are you interested?” asked Debbie. 

“What event?” asked Ye Lang. He was always interested in cultural events. 

“A bride snatching event…” replied Debbie. 

“Not interested!” Ye Lang imagined it as an event where the ladies would throw balls into the river that were popular throughout the world. 

“It’s not the one you’re thinking about. The way we do it here is different. The whole city participates. Although it’s called bride snatching, it has nothing to do with marriage,” explained Debbie. 

“What?” That piqued Ye Lang’s interest. 

“Participants are divided into two teams, red and blue. The red team protects the brides and the blue team tries to snatch them away. There are a hundred brides, the team that has the most brides in the end wins!” 

“If the bride doesn’t want to go with the person on the blue team, she can reject it so the blue team has to deal with the red team and the brides. There would be more people on the red team than the blue team because the brides stay at one place throughout the game. If the blue team manages to get a bride from the red team then it’s one point to the blue team. It’s much harder to play as red.” 

“Anything is allowed during the game for both sides as long as no one is seriously harmed! Right, members of the blue team and the brides will be matched before the game starts. So if the blue team caught their match, the bride can’t reject them and the blue team gets double points! The red team usually gets rid of those on the blue team that is matched though to get one point.” 

“These matches are fate. They say that many end up together… This year I’m one of the brides…” 

Ye Lang was silent for a while and said, “So you’re going to be a bride, and you’re telling me to participate. Aibi! Are you interested in me? You want to marry me!” 

“Go die! I’m not interested in someone like you! Also, I said my name is Debbie!” Debbie glared at Ye Lang and went back in angrily. 

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