The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 625

‘This event seems interesting, staying another day won’t hurt. Two days is way too short for a visit anyway!’ Ye Lang decided to prolong his stay to join the event. 

According to his plan, he should have about ten days to spare so these few days probably didn’t matter much. Even if he couldn’t make it to the birthday party, he could go over later and say hi.    

Ye Lang didn’t care about the empress dowager’s birthday party and he felt that his grandmother wouldn’t be angry about him missing it. 

Besides, my parents are there, it would keep her happy enough, I think. 

Now, Ye Lang had to deal with two problems, his food and his boarding. 

“I’m here to busk! Your generosity is much appreciated! I need a place to stay. I just need a … normal room…” 

Of course you need a normal room! You can’t afford deluxe!

Ye Lang couldn’t help but judge himself, old habits die hard. 

Although Ye Lang seemed like a clueless, carefree person, he was a man of his word. He would accomplish anything he wanted to. He didn’t mind how hard it was, as long as he put his mind to it, he would finish it. 

Ye Lang walked around to find a cheap boarding house to stay in. He rented a small room which cost him a silver coin. 

The food at the boarding house was cheap too. Ye Lang was thankful for the mercenary that recommended him the place, it was great for his wallet! 

Ye Lang didn’t know that he was noticed by a few people that recognised him. 

“I think I saw that person!” said a noblewoman with slight doubt. She wasn’t sure that it was him because she only saw a glimpse of him as he turned at a corner. 

“Who?” asked a nobleman that was with her. 

“The one that caused us to be chased out of the holy city. We were ridiculed for months!!” exclaimed the noblewoman. 

“You’re talking about… that guy? No way, he wouldn’t be here. He has nothing to do here, is he here on a visit?” 

“No! From my sources, he is supposed to be in the Vermilion Bird Empire, not here. You probably saw someone else!!” 

“Really? Hmmph, if he really was here, he’s dead meat. This is my area, I’ll make him pay for what he did to me!!” saif the noblewoman. 


For the next two days, Ye Lang didn’t meet them, nor did he meet Debbie and the rest. He was just a traveller, enjoying his trip in the city. 

He would busk when he felt like it. Anything he had on his hands would do, an erhu* or a sword…  

[*Erhu = traditional Chinese two stringed instrument]

Because of his whims, he became a hot topic within the city. Many heard about this amazing performer that would busk with his music and sword skills. 


The much-anticipated morning arrived. Many weren’t interested in who was the winner of the competition, they were more interested in the hundred brides. 

The biggest selling point of the event was the one hundred brides that were carefully picked out. They were usually the most beautiful single ladies in the empire. 

The brides’ popularity would skyrocket after the event and many pursuers would emerge to ask for their hand in marriage. 

This could also lead the brides to higher social status than they originally were! 

It didn’t matter the reason the brides were here for the popularity, the power or the money, they all had one goal -- to capture the attention of others. 

That day, most of the citizens of the city would watch the event or participate. Other than a few essential jobs, it was a rest day for most. 

There was a bride that surprised everyone. It wasn’t Qi’er, she participated in it many times before. As one of the four great beauties in the empire, she and the other three were always invited to join. 

People would feel odd if they didn’t join the event, they were regulars at this point. 

The person that surprised them was standing just right next to them. 

It was Debbie. Debbie was famous in the empire. Most knew about her rash, tomboyish nature that led to her fair share of shocking things that gained everyone’s attention.

Because of that, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Debbie participating as a bride! 

Everyone knew that Debbie was there as a bride and not just to accompany Qi’er for a simple reason, she was wearing a white wedding dress that the other brides were wearing too. 

Every bride had to wear a wedding dress for the event. There were no set regulations for it so every year people got to see the beautiful ladies wearing all sorts of wedding dresses. 

Debbie was wearing a rather feminine dress in contrast to her personality. Many got to see this side of her for the first time. 

Many thought Debbie stood out against the rest there, even against the other four beauties. 

In actuality, it was just them being excited about something new to look at. The four beauties were there every year. Although they were all drop-dead gorgeous, Debbie had the slight edge of being a fresh new face. 

This time, not only did she shock strangers that barely knew her, the closer someone was to her, the more shocked they were to see her. 

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