The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 626

As she looked at Debbie, Qi’er suspected that Debbie had someone in her mind with the way she acted. 

It only made sense if she wanted to impress someone when she dressed up like this and be all quiet! 

Qi’er knew that even if Debbie wore a wedding dress or any sort of clothing, she would be able to jump and run around or even fight! 

She had asked Debbie about it before and Debbie’s answer made her speechless. She sincerely hoped that nothing bad would happen today after hearing her answer. 

At that time, Debbie said-- “Why does it matter? If anything happens, I can rip off the skirt, this dress is actually quite easy to rip apart compared to others.” 


Qi’er could feel cold sweat forming, she prayed as hard as she could for no accidents! 

“Debbie, what are you looking for?” asked Qi Er. 

The hundred brides stood on the stage as they did every year. It was hard to look for anyone standing up there, they could only see a sea of faces standing too close to each other. 

Of course, Xi’er at first thought that Debbie wasn’t looking for anyone in particular. However, Debbie was constantly half-heartedly looking around. That made Xi’er think that Debbie was may be looking for someone.  

It probably wasn’t someone important. Debbie didn’t have an interest in anyone at that point, Debbie wasn’t looking earnestly too as if she half expected that person to not show up anyway. 

If she had someone in mind, she would be more concerned and not this casual about it!! 

“Did he leave?” Debbie mumbled to herself. 

“He? Who is it?” asked Xi’er with a smile. 

“?? Sis, you look ugly with that smile,” replied Debbie. 

“...” Xi’er knew she probably didn’t look bad, at most just odd. 

No, no, she’s too pretty to even look odd!! 

If the onlookers below the stage knew about this exchange, they would surely shake their head in objection. In their eyes, Qi Er was perfect, nothing could convince them otherwise. 
They rarely saw her and her smile, for them, this sight was breathtaking 

“You just said ‘did he leave’ so I’m asking you, who is he?” asked Qi Er. 

“It’s Ye Lang, when he was leaving I told him about the event. He looked like he was interested, I’m not sure if he’s here now,” said Debbie. 

“Oh, it’s him…” Qi’er understood then and didn’t ask any more questions. She didn’t know how to continue anyway. 

She had mixed feelings about him. She thought that he would want to get married to her but he didn’t even look at her once and rejected her bluntly. 

What shocked her even more was that Ye Lang gave up on the three requests. She wondered if she was really that bad to not even gain a glance from him. 

Of course, this was just a fleeting feeling. It wouldn’t impact her much, she didn’t feel the need to prove herself to him or anything. 

This was rather ridiculous to her!! 

“If he left then he left, are you hung up on it? Are you interested in him?” questioned Qi Er. 

“What, what? Debbie is interested in someone?” 

A young lady beside them came closer to them in hopes of getting gossip. It was one of the girls that was at the balcony that afternoon, the one that suggested they mess with him. 

Most of the girls from that afternoon were standing on the stage with a wedding dress. 

“Do you remember that commoner from a few days ago?” said Qi Er with a smile. 

“What? Oh, that guy, I remember, I’ll teach him a lesson the next time I see him!” said the young lady as she gritted her teeth. 

“It’s him. We met him again afterwards, his relative and my grandfather were old friends,” said Qi Er, opting out certain parts of the story. 

“Oh… Was he here to use your connections?” asked the young lady. 
At that moment, the girls beside them that were listening to their conversation thought that same too, even the other three beauties. 

“No at all. He didn’t want our help and was even disgusted by up… He wasn’t even interested in Qi Er…” said Debbie. 


The brides around them were stunned. Someone like that existed? 

Never in a million years they would think that a man could resist Qi’er’s beauty. 

“Is he faking it…” said a few of them. This was the only explanation that made sense. 

Others nodded in agreement. He only be lying! 

“No, he wasn’t. He planned to leave, there was no point staying longer and acting,” said Debbie. 

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