The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 627

“..., Debbie, do you really like him? Why do you keep defending him?” asked Qi’er as she looked at Debbie. 

Qi’er was mostly joking with Debbie, making fun of her for something she thought was ridiculous. Now that it seemed that there was a possibility that Debbie did actually like Ye Lang, Qi’er was worried. 

Although she still treated him decently, that didn’t mean that she would let her younger cousin get together with Ye Lang. He’s a commoner, living with him would mean a hard life for her. 

She understood that he had the potential to be something great but no one knew when that potential would be fulfilled. For all they knew, he could die not showing the world what he was capable of. 

That being said, Ye Lang could also hit it big right away. All in all, she wouldn’t let Debbie be together with a commoner like Ye Lang. It was too much of a risk. 

Even though it could be said that she was looking out for her cousin’s happiness, deep down she still looked down on him. 

Debbie shook her head and said, “No way. He’s so mean but we can’t blame him, can we…” 

To make it clear, Debbie doesn’t like Ye Lang that way, she did feel a slight attraction towards him at that time but her grudge against him was stronger. If she were given the choice, she would rather beat him up than kiss him. 

Even though Debbie was rash, she wasn’t one to lie. She didn’t like it when people accused others of something they didn’t do, she would clear their name any chance she would get. 

“Then that’s good… Debbie is actually right, he isn’t what you expect him to be. I could tell that he really wasn’t interested in me.” Qi’er told the curious young ladies. 

“Is there really someone like that?” 

“Yes. Well, there’s Ye Lang!” replied Qi’er. 

She said it with so much confidence and she rarely lied so it seemed really convincing to the girls.

“Sis, I saw him. Look there, he’s lining up for a token,” Debbie said excitedly. 

“Where?” asked Qi’er. 

“In the commoner section! There…” said Debbie as she pointed at Ye Lang. 

The commoners and nobles were separated as they lined up for their numbers. It showed the differences in their status. 

There were a lot of people participating this year. It took the organisers a long time just to hand out the tokens. 

The commoner section had noticeably fewer people than the nobles.

This was a usual occurrence. Although commoners were the majority in the population, many don’t participate in this event.

Most commoners joined just to have fun, they knew they couldn’t win against the magicians and warriors that were mostly noblemen. 

There were highly skilled commoners out there but they usually didn’t have the time to join events like this. They also risked offending the nobles if they did and would rather not. 

However, just looking at the numbers, there were still a lot of commoners that signed up. They had no intention of getting the attention of the brides or becoming the champion, they just wanted to experience the game once. 

The nobles didn’t mind their participation. Commoners are great for things that they didn’t want to do. They usually follow their orders without much objection.  

To be frank, the commoners would do most of the dirty work to get awarded by the nobles. This was the reason most of the commoners joined. 

Ye Lang moved to the commoners’ section not because he was acting as a commoner but simply because the line was shorter here. He didn’t want to spend his time lining up. 
Sure enough, after he got his number, he looked to the noble section and noticed that the line hadn’t moved much. 

Ye Lang praised himself in his heart for making the right choice. ‘I’m so smart!’ he thought to himself.

“Ye Lang…” 

“??” Ye Lang was confused. He looked around to search for the voice that called him. 

Ye Lang’s actions attracted the attention of the others around him. There were looks of confusion, shock, disdain...

There was a reason for those stares -- Debbie was the one that called him. As the centre of everyone’s attention, anything she did would cause a chain of reactions from everyone.

Ye Lang didn’t look up to the stage, he just swiped the crowd then focused on his token. He was starting to think that he needed to take a better look at it… 

“Here! Up here!” shouted Debbie.

That didn’t work, carry on!! 

“Ah, it’s you, Aibi!” said Ye Lang as he lifted his head to see Debbie in her wedding dress. 

It didn’t seem odd to Ye Lang at all. He didn’t care much about what people wore, clothes were just clothes after all. 

“I’ve told you so many times, my name is Debbie! Whatever, come up here, I need to speak with you,” said Debbie. She had a much calmer reaction to Ye Lang calling her a wrong name than before. 

Some mouths opened as they heard her speak. Why was that guy going closer to her? 

What was their relationship? 

Many people wanted to know!! 

As soon as they were shocked, Ye Lang’s next sentence stunned them… 

“I’m not going! I don’t want to talk to you!” said Ye Lang as he shook his head, rejecting Debbie.