The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 628

Qi’er and the other brides fell silent. Qi’er knew that Ye Lang didn’t care for them but she didn’t expect him to outrightly reject Debbie in front of so many people.  

The other brides couldn’t imagine someone rejecting an offer to get closer to Debbie when everyone else in the crowd wanted to. 

At that moment, they were pretty sure that this commoner Ye Lang really wasn’t attracted to Qi’er at all. 

“I have something to say to you, come on up, it won’t kill you!” said Debbie. 

“If you have something to say to me, then you come down. It won’t kill you,” said Ye Lang. Anyone would be pissed off to receive a reply like this but Debbie being Debbie, didn’t. 

Instead, she just stated why she couldn’t move, “I can’t, I’m wearing this thing, or else I would have gone down there and beat you up!!” 

“...” Ye Lang was silent for a moment before saying, “Fine, I’ll go up, where are the stairs?” 

“Can’t you jump up? You’re a swordsman!!” Debbie was confused why Ye Lang needed stairs to get up, the stage was pretty easy for fit people like him to jump up. 

Ye Lang left the impression that he was a powerful warrior on her and the others. In their minds, this stage would be a piece of cake for him to jump on.  

“I don’t feel like it, are there stairs?” asked Ye Lang. 

“Why not? The stairs are at the back, walking all the way there is troublesome,” replied Debbie. 

“I just don’t feel like it! Going to the back is too much effort. Hey, put your head down and pull me up…” Ye Lang saw Debbie’s long hair and thought of something. 

It was obvious he thought that he could Rapunzel his way up!! 

Her hair was indeed long but to pull Ye Lang up would put her in an awkward pose. 

If she was already going for such lengths to pull him up, she could just do it with her hands. 

“Screw off!” cursed Debbie. How does he even think of something like this?!

“Okay, I’m leaving!” said Ye Lang as he turned to leave. He didn’t want to go up in the first place, her telling him to leave was the best-case scenario for him. 

“Come back! I’ll pull you up! Ugh!” grunted Debbie. She pulled out a rope from her pocket and threw it towards Ye Lang. 

Nobody seemed to bat an eye when Debbie pulled out the rope. She fought with others so frequently that it would be weird for her to not have some rope and a gunny bag on her. 

As Ye Lang got to the stage, he stood out like a sore thumb among the white dresses. 

Many looked that him with envy. 

But with Ye Lang being Ye Lang, he didn’t notice this at all. 

“Ugh, so what do you need to tell me!” said Ye Lang after he nodded and smiled at the other brides as a greeting. 

Ye Lang never forgot the manners he was thought as a nobleman. It made the others slightly taken aback to see him so polite. 

“I wanted to ask you why did leave?” asked Debbie. 

“If I had left, then I wouldn’t be here! You took me to stay, did you hit your head and forget?”  asked Ye Lang with a look of pity on his face. 

“You’re the one that got smack on the head!! So, what’s your number!?” Debbie directly jumping onto the question that bothered her the most. 

“I think its 5050. It’s quite easy to remember,” said Ye Lang as he took his token out and looked at it. He was told that it was not just a simple token, it had other functions too but he would only know about the functions later on when someone announces it. 

“What? You’re 5050?” 
Debbie was shocked, she quickly went back to her sense and rushed got closer to him. 

“Yes, 5050, is there a problem?” asked Ye Lang in confusion. 

“No…” Debbie bit her lip as if she held back from cursing. 

She’s so weird, it’s just a number. If I didn’t get it then others would! She can’t blame me. 

Whatever, people are complicated, I’ll leave first!  

“If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving. Bye!” said Ye Lang as he turned around and jumped off the stage, not leaving a chance for the girls to make him stay. 

“Hmmph! He made so many excuses to not come up but now he can just jump off so easily,? Debbie’s retracted her hand that reached out to try and hold Ye Lang back. He was too fast for her and she thought it was not worth it to chase after him. 

“Debbie, looks like it’s fate. He’s number 5050,” said Qi’er with a sly smile on her face. 

The brides were required to pick out a random even number, like 5050 or 7234 and the participant that got the token with that number would be their partner. 

On the day of the event, the selected “grooms” in the blue team will pick out a token with a number on it. 

This wasn’t cheating, nobody knows who will get what number so it was still anybody’s game. 

Odd numbers would be in the red team, even numbers would be in the blue team. 

Cheating would only take away the fun from the game. The surprise element was one of the highlights.  

Anyway, the number that Debbie picked out luckily or unluckily was the one that Ye Lang held in his hands-- 5050!! 

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