The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 629

That was why the girls had that reaction, it was such a coincidence! The random number Debbie said was chosen by Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang didn’t know then but he would soon find out. It was customary for them to announce the pairs to let the participants know who to attack. 

“Hey, are you and Debbie close?” Soon after Ye Lang came down from the stage, someone went up to ask him in a hostile tone.

“No!” Ye Lang immediately shook his head. Ye Lang didn’t care much that the man was hostile, it wasn’t worth his energy.

“Good then!” The man looked at Ye Lang with the gaze of a winner as if he thought that Ye Lang had given up on a fight against him. 

What the man didn’t know that Ye Lang was just being honest and wasn’t interested in playing any mind games with him. Ye Lang didn’t care about using psychological tricks, he never cared for it and would always rather just tell the truth. 

Of course, the others wouldn’t think like that, they thought that Ye Lang was a weakling that gave up before trying. They looked down on him because of that. 

In their eyes, Ye Lang succumbed to the pressure that the person was giving him and lied about his feelings for Debbie. 

Well, that was the narrative they constructed in their minds. It was much easier to hate a weak, gutless guy like that. 
That being said Ye lang didn’t feel anything about the exchange he had with the man, he also didn’t care about some thought of him, it didn’t affect what he was doing anyway. 

If he cared, that meant he had really lost!! 

Soon after, it was announced that the application was closed and nearly ten thousands participants had joined. 

Everyone looked forward to the opening ceremony, especially the participants in the blue team as they would announce the pairs then. Many in the blue team started chanting their numbers quietly. 

“What is happening now? Is this tradition?” Ye Lang was confused about why everyone was mumbling their numbers. Was this part of the event? 

Soon, he found out that the announcement was part of the ceremony but the chanting was just the players praying to be picked in hopes of going up the stage and being a temporary groom. 

Even though it was temporary, it still meant that they could interact with the brides which were all beautiful women. 

“6138, 318,...” The emcees started announcing the “grooms” of the day, 


“??” Ye Lang was surprised he was picked. What a coincidence! Well, might as well get on the stage then.  

“Aibi, rope!” 


Debbie pulled up Ye Lang again. The thought of beating him up flashed through her mind, the other participants used all sorts of cool ways to get onto the stage. He was the only one that needed help. 

Most of the selected participants were highly skilled fighters so it was easy for them to jump on the stage with style. Even the women were cool. 

Why were there women? Well, anyone had the chance to be a “groom”, they wouldn’t pick a number again just because of that. 

It was all a game anyway. 

“Would it kill you to jump? How embarrassing,” complained Debbie as she pulled Ye Lang up. 

“No, it won’t! This isn’t embarrassing, as long as I get up there it’s the same. Are they better than me because of that?” asked Ye Lang. 

“...” Debbie had nothing to reply to that. She let the idea sit in her mind for a while and realised there were no differences. 

“Right, Aibe, what rule is this for the numbers that are called to go up on stage?” It was obvious he didn’t listen to the explanation that someone gave earlier. 

“...” Qi’er and the others were silent. 

“I told you before, every bride has a partner,” said Debbie. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him that her number was 5050. 

“Ugh, so unlucky. I’m one of those hundred idiots,” With his once sentence Ye Lang managed to stun everyone around him, especially Debbie. 
“What do you mean? It’s lucky, how is this unlucky!! You poor idiot, I'll throw you down if you continue to speak like that!” said the young lady from before as she pointed to herself, she was already pissed at Ye Lang, now she was furious. 

“Sister? I don’t have a relative like you!” said Ye Lang very seriously. 

“...” The girl fell silent, she didn’t mean that she was literally his sister. How could he be so dumb? 

If I was your sister, it would be your honour. How dare you even judge me like that! Ugh, so dumb! 

“Ye Lang can you explain why it is unlucky to be selected?” asked Qi’er.

“Easy! These hundred people will be targeted by the red team. They will attack us first and if they were any smarter, eliminate us all and they win,” said Ye Lang. 

“That makes sense, you all are going to be targeted!” Debbie nodded, she previously participated in the games and captured all the grooms like Ye Lang. 

“That’s why I’ll surely give the person that has my number a piece of my mind!” said Ye Lang, totally unaware that she was standing right before him. 

“...” Everyone didn’t know how to react to that. 

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