The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 631

There was an iciness between Princess Hyena and the two cousins. A while back, someone in Princess Hyena’s circle wanted to slander someone in Qi’er’s group. 

It was quite normal for this to happen to the nobles so they were no grudges between them. However, their relationship definitely became more strained.  

The princess wasn’t here to apologize, she wanted to socialise with them so that meant that she had an ulterior motive. 

“I’m here for him…” The princess pointed at Ye Lang. Everyone was confused, what did she have to do with him? 

“Me? Do I know you?” Ye Lang looked at Princess Hyena and thought hard. Nothing about her came to his mind. 

“My father is the emperor!” said Princess Hyena coldly. It was a clue for Ye Lang, she said the exact same thing to him before. 

“I know that, they called you princess… But, why does it sound so familiar?” Ye Lang said in slight confusion. 

“My father is Huang Guang…” A young nobleman suddenly appeared behind Princess Hyena. 

Everyone knew the young man, he was the son of Minister Huang Guang. His reputation wasn’t great, same goes for Princess Hyena. 

The young man stared at Ye Lang and gritted his teeth. He looked like he wanted to eat Ye Lang alive!! 

“*Li Gang isn’t even your father, what’s to be proud… Wait, it’s you guys…” At first, Ye Lang didn’t pay attention to them but then his eyes lit up in recognition of the two standing in front of him. He had met these two before. 

[Note: Li Gang- famous, smart prince during the East Han Dynasty]   

“You finally remember? You’re in our area now, we’ll make you suffer just like how embarrassed you made us!” said the princess through her gritted teeth. 

Wait, what was happening? What embarrassment? How could this poor commoner do anything to the princess? 

Everyone started imagining all sorts of stories in their minds, of course, it was just for a while as they soon got their answers. 

“What embarrassment. You were the ones that cut the queue and were kicked out of Sheng City, what did that have to do with me?” said Ye Lang innocently. 

“Shut it!” shouted the duo, they didn’t need to be reminded of what they did wrong. 

That incident impacted them a lot and was a humiliation to them. 

Kicked out of Sheng City? No wonder that had such big reactions. 

When word got out that the princess of Ai La empire was forced out of Sheng City, many looked down on them. It destroyed their reputation. 

Even the emperor scolded the princess for it. 

He didn’t want the empire’s relationship with Sheng City to be ruined by something like this! 

“Ye Lang, what is this about? Why were you at Sheng City and what happened to them?” asked Qi’er. 

Qi’er knew it was a bad idea to ask the third princess about it, she had better chances with Ye Lang. 

Everyone was curious. They knew that the princess and her friends were chased out of the city but they didn’t know what actually went down. 

Even the emperor knew little of what happened. He was told that they had a scuffle with people important in the city and was chased out because of it. 

Princess Hyena insisted that they did nothing wrong and Ye Lang was the wrong one but the emperor did not care for that. The fact that she wronged someone in the city was a fault already. 

“It’s nothing, just that they cut lines when they were entering Sheng City. This one said his father was Huang Guang, the other one said her father was the emperor. Then, the Light Riders came and kicked them out of the city,” replied Ye Lang. He omitted many things but people got the gist of it. 

It was that simple, Princess Hyena tried to abuse her power to get what she wanted but instead was kicked out by the guards. 

It was believable, Sheng City believed in equality for all so they wouldn’t let anyone roam around freely if they thought they were better than everyone else. The princess and her friends just embarrassed themselves while exposing who they were. 

“...” The third princess fell silent, she started to regret approaching Ye Lang now. 

“If it wasn't for you, the Light Riders wouldn’t even come, we wouldn’t be kicked out!” The third princess could feel her face heating up but she still insisted that she did nothing wrong. 

She wanted to argue some more but it didn’t matter… 
“Oh, it’s starting!” Ye Lang saw a map appear in the middle of the arena. It was cast with alchemy using a rather common trick. 

Ye Lang rushed to the map and completely ignored Princess Hyena, well he didn’t pay much attention to her in the first place. 

Debbie held back her laughter as Princess Hyena gritted her teeth even harder.

Ye Lang focused on the map, remembering each landmark on it. He didn’t want to remember each location of the brides but he wanted to form a map in his mind so that he wouldn’t get lost during the game. 

“Did you memorise it? Don’t get eliminated before even seeing me,” said Debbie to Ye Lang. 

“Relax, snatching the brides is easy. Do you want me to catch everyone?” asked Ye Lang without much thought. 

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