The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 637

“Did you two forget about my existence? I won’t let you go!!” said the prince coldly. He didn’t call for help because he was confident that he could handle Ye Lang alone. 

“Excuse me but I don’t have so much time. Let’s go Debbie!” said Ye Lang apologetically as he dragged Debbie out. 

Ye Lang was way too fast for the prince to catch up to. The prince could only call for help but when they got here, the blue team had already gained two points. 

The prince was stunned, it was as if this was his first time facing failure. He was unsatisfied with how things went!! 

Soon, the news about Ye Lang single-handedly snatching a bride spread throughout the town. For many, this got their attention back to the game. 

Ye Lang revived the once dead game, capturing the city’s attention. 

“Ye Lang, you idiot!” roared Debbie. 

“What now…” Ye Lang scratched his ear. 

“You obviously are so fit, why did you need me to pull you up the stage!!” said Debbie as she looked at Ye Lang’s nearly perfect physique. She was filled with bitter jealousy. 

“Well, it was much easier for me. I need to save my energy to snatch you all!” said Ye Lang. 

“Go die!” hollered Debbie. 

“I can’t die now. I need to continue snatching people. Aren’t you supposed to leave now? Why are you following me?” said Ye Lang as he realised Debbie was not too far behind from him. 

“I have nothing to do now. I’m done with what I have to do so I can follow you and see how things go. You’re the only member of the blue team, who else am I going to follow if not you?” said Debbie. She knew she would get good entertainment from following him around. 

“What?! I’m the only one left? Where are the others?” asked Ye Lang. 

“They were eliminated by the red team. They have ninety-nine points now so if you snatch all the brides you can still win with a hundred and one points. You’ll lose if they manage to protect one bride,” updated Debbie. 

“The blue team will lose, not me!” corrected Ye Lang. 

“You’re the only one on the team now, so it’s on you!” argued Debbie. 

“...” Ye Lang was silent for a while. He nodded then said, “Makes sense, it’s my solo battle now! Ugh, what happened, do I really need to snatch all the brides now…” 

“Yes! Isn't it fun for you? You can go wild, everyone has their eyes one you!” Debbie smiled as she noticed Ye Lang’s gaze was different now. 

“Don’t you think I’m so mighty?” asked Ye Lang as he looked at Debbie. 
“Nope!!” said Debbie. 

“5050, good luck, we’re rooting for you!!” A group of onlookers cheered for Ye Lang. 

The crowd consisted of members of the blue team, some onlookers and a few referees. They hoped that Ye Lang could continue on in the game. They knew realistically he had a very slim chance of winning but they wished that he could make the game more entertaining and lose proudly at least. 

“Hey, you’re going to expose my location if you follow me like this!!” said Ye Lang bluntly. 

“Doesn’t matter, the red team won’t attack you anyway, they’re just waiting for you…” said someone half-heartedly. 

He was right, the red team wouldn’t chase after Ye Lang right now, they only needed to up their defence to stop Ye Lang from winning. 

Debbie’s case was just a mistake, it was just carelessness!! 

“This is different, they know my route so they already definitely targeted the locations I’m headed to. If they catch me then I would have just wasted my energy! Stay here, I’m changing my route, don’t follow me!” said Ye Lang as he ran away, leaving the crowd behind, including Debbie. 

To Ye Lang, Debbie was no different than the people in the crowd!! 

“Don’t run…” The crowd called after Ye Lang and tried to pursue him but in a moment of seconds, he disappeared into the buildings. 

“What now?” 

“Wait nearby, he has to show up to snatch the brides.” 

The crowd dispersed, grouping off to go to a different brides’ locations, wishing that Ye Lang would show up in where they were headed. 

Debbie stood in there and thought for a while. When she came out from the train of thought she headed to Qi’er’s location. Other than wanting to let Qi’er, Debbie knew that Ye Lang was headed in that direction before he stopped. 

Many thought Ye Lang wouldn’t head to Qi’er since he was already exposed for heading in that direction. Debbie knew that with Ye Lang’s tend to not over complicate things, he was probably still headed to his original destination. 

Going to Qi’er’s location at that time was a good choice too, since most people wouldn't go there now, she would have some peace and quiet. 

Ye Lang would eventually show up there anyway, might as well wait for him together with Qi’er. 

“Debbie, why are you here? Don’t you know before the event ends, the brides can’t move around?” asked the shocked Qi’er. 

“No, I was already snatched by Ye Lang, I’m free to go!” said Debbie. 

“What?! He really did that? Didn’t they say he was alone? How could he do that with the prince and everyone else there?” asked Qi’er, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

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