The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 638

Debbie sat on a bench and placed her chin on the table with a bored expression on her face. 

“Tell me, don’t act like a dead fish…” Qi’er nudged Debbie. 

“I don’t know what to say. He dragged me out and we jumped over a wall. His movements were so smooth and fast. A normal person wouldn’t be able to keep up with him,” said Debbie. She was still confused about how he got in and she had no idea where he was before this. 

“Oh, no wonder he could do all that. Being agile is very important in the given, he seems experienced too,” said Qi’er. 

Qi’er thought it was reasonable for Ye Lang to be agile enough to sneak past all the red team members. 

“Where is he now?” asked Qi’er. This was the question she wanted to answer the most, whatever he did next would decide the fate of the game. 

He was the only remaining member of the blue team… 

“I don’t know, he could have gone off to the third princess. He was coming here but people started following him so he ran off,” said Debbie. 

“Say, should I reject him if he comes here?” asked Qi’er.

“Don’t, he would knock you out.. Ah…” As she spoke, Debbie saw the appearance of a figure beside Qi’er. With one swift motion, Qi’er was knocked out cold. 

It was Ye Lang! 

“Ye Lang, how could you do this to her!” shouted Debbie, panic seeping into her voice. At that moment, she didn’t care about how he got here. 

Qi’er and Debbie were pretty skilled warriors. She didn’t expect Ye Lang to come here undetected by them. If he wanted to harm them, they would be in real danger. 

“She herself said she wanted to reject me. I just got rid of the problem!” said Ye Lang. 


Debbie had no reply to that. She knew Qi’er was just asking for her opinion, she didn’t have any real intention to reject him. 

When Qi’er eventually woke up and found out about what happened, she was so upset about it… 

“Aibe, do I need to snatch you again?” asked Ye Lang as he lifted Qi’er. He was still unsure about the rules of the game. 

“No, I… Ugh, can’t you wait until I’m done with my sentence…” Ye Lang disappeared the moment Debbie said what he needed to hear. 

Debbie shook her head and jumped up the roof to pursue Ye Lang. She was unable to imitate Ye Lang’s graceful movements as he fled the scene. 

Soon, Debbie found an unconscious Qi’er lying at the side of the road. Ye Lang was long gone and a few workers were tending to Qi’er. 

After getting a point from the referee,  Ye Lang dropped Qi’er at the place he was standing at without much thought. The onlookers were stunned, did he really just do that? Did he just throw away one of the four beauties of the empire like trash? 

“What happened? Why am I here?” asked Qi’er in a face of confusion. 

“About that… Ye Lang already snatched you… He knocked you out…” 


“Let’s go, I think he’s going to the third princess…”

“Yes, let’s go!” 


“What? He snatched Qi’er?” 

“Latest news, a few more were snatched, it seems like he's headed towards the third princess!"

"No way, I didn't expect him to be this good…"

"This guy is ridiculous. Did you know he knocked Qi'er cold to drag her out? Then he just threw her like trash at the side of the road after he got his point and left…' 



In the Ai La city, a once thought dead game was revived. It was the centre of everyone's attention, to be specific, Ye Lang became the centre of everyone's attention.

People started crowding around the brides, waiting for Ye Lang to appear, hoping to catch a glimpse of him snatching the brides. 

People started to gain hope that Ye Lang could turn this game around but of course, it was still a small chance of that happening. He was just only a man against four thousand others. 

If the four thousand of them worked together, no matter what skill he had, Ye Lang would never win against them. 

However, at that moment, everyone enjoyed watching the blue team’s scores go up one by one as Ye Lang snatched the brides.


“Who knew Ye Lang was so capable? I wonder when is he coming for me. Haha, I’m even a little excited now!” said the third princess with a smile. Ye Lang was really not what she expected him to be. 

“Don’t need to wonder, I’m here!” Ye Lang’s voice was heard before the third princess saw his figure. 

“You’re here!” The third princess wasn’t shocked by his appearance, she had already mentally prepared for it. From what she was told, Ye Lang was really good at making surprise entrances. 

“Yes, I’m here! Do you want me to carry you or do you want to walk?” asked Ye Lang. 

“I’ll walk!!” said the third princess. She knew what he meant by carrying her out. 

Most of the brides heard about Qi’er, they didn’t want to face the same fate as her. 

“Walk then!” 

Ye Lang grabbed her arm and rushed forward. He didn’t notice the blush on her cheeks. 

“Remember, you owe me a meal!” said Ye Lang when he reached his destination and prepared to leave. It was as if he didn’t notice the large crowd standing before him. 

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