The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 64

He took a seat. Ye Lang held his hands out as Zhen Xiaoyan stretched hers across the table, in front of Ye Lang. 

No one noticed it at first, until their hands touched. Ye Lang was holding Zhen Xiaoyan’s wrist very strangely, almost as if he was...taking her pulse?!

It was something that they both were used to, since Ye Lang would always take Zhen Xiaoyan’s pulse every morning. However, this was not common practice so no one knew what they were doing. To everyone else, this was a sign that these two were in an intimate relationship!

Rumours spread. The relationship between Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan raised suspicion. Poor Moya, were they doing this to embarrass him? 

Things were starting to get interesting…

“Ye Lang, you made Xiaoyan so beautiful, can you do it for us too?”

“Yeah but please don’t use the same methods on us, we wouldn’t be able to bear it! A little suffering is still alright though.” 

Teen girls flocked Ye Lang, their eyes bright with anticipation. They completely disregarded the ‘intimate contact’ between Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan.

Would he say yes? The girls realised that even if he did, Ye Lang would not treat them any differently. He was unique like that. He wouldn’t care if Sha Lan stepped on him. 

At the same time, they know it wouldn’t be easy to convince Ye Lang to help them. There was still a very slim chance though. What they did not expect, was Ye Lang’s reply.

“Yes!!” Ye Lang nodded, accepting their requests.

“What?! You agree?” The girls were taken aback, finding it hard to believe that Ye Lang said yes.

“Yes, I did. It’s not anything complicated. You won’t be bothering me anyway,” Ye Lang said blatantly. 

“Huh? Not bothering you?” questioned the girls.

“As for what you ask of me, I can’t help you. Look for Liu Feiyan, she’ll be able to help. Just tell her I sent you, and she’ll make you more beautiful,” Ye Lang said while continuing to check Zhen Xiaoyan’s pulse.

In this school, most of the girls were already young and gorgeous. Their posture and movements were of pure grace and elegance, seeing as they were from top aristocratic families. Zhen Xiaoyan was an extreme case, so Ye Lang’s methods of acupuncture and medications were of no use to them. In other words, the girls would not have benefitted from his treatment.

“Ask Liu Feiyan? We’d rather not! Can’t you just help us?” the girls pleaded.

“......” Ye Lang did not reply, and he seemed rather serious. He concentrated on checking Zhen Xiaoyan’s pulse to check her condition.

While Ye Lang did that, Zhen Xiaoyan explained on his behalf. “I’ve told you girls you have amazing figures already. The only thing you girls need is better temperament and makeup. Ye Lang doesn’t know anything about makeup, mine was done by Liu Feiyan and her team.”

That was a lie. The reality was that Liu Feiyan and her team had helped Ye Lang with her make up. Why did she say that? Maybe it was because she knew Ye Lang hated involving himself in matters like these. Or maybe it was because she didn’t want these girls to disturb Ye Lang.

“Fine, we’ll ask someone else,” the girls sighed and left. It was expected.

This was one of the reasons people avoided asking Ye Lang for help with anything. Ye Lang had sent them to learn from Liu Feiyan and her team- courtesans of the Romantic Floor. Would these snobbish rich girls be willing to take lessons from them? 


“All is well. Be careful, take care, eat more!” Ye Lang said after a long pause, withdrawing his hand. He often said confusing things at random, but that was just how he was. 

To others, suggesting that Zhen Xiaoyan eat more seemed redundant. After what had happened, Zhen Xiaoyan had a continuous increase in her appetite and it puzzled many people.

Why? Well, a person with a figure like Zhen Xiaoyan would usually cherish her body after going through hell for it and will never overeat.

Someone asked Zhen Xiaoyan about her increased appetite, to which she answered, “I won’t get fat because of eating, and I’ll die if I don’t eat more!”

This only confused everyone more but Zhen Xiaoyan was unable to explain. After all, only Ye Lang knew the answer. It became even stranger because this meant the amount Zhen Xiaoyan ate was still not enough for Ye Lang. He wanted her to eat more…

Did she have a secret to zero weight gain from food? Was it from Ye Lang?

“Oh, here’s your lunch today. Don’t steal mine, I didn’t prepare anything extra--Hmph! FINE!” Zhen Xiaoyan realized midway that Ye Lang completely ignored her words as he was eating while she spoke.

“What? What did you say?” Ye Lang said between mouthfuls of food. He hadn’t heard a single thing.

“Nothing! I said nothing!!” Zhen Xiaoyan huffed.

“Oh, then it must’ve been the fly…”

Looking at Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan’s antics, Sha Lan smiled from afar. It wasn’t a smile of envy, rather a triumphant yet resentful one. After all, she was slightly crazy.

However, it went unnoticed since the limelight was on Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan. Soon, when their teacher entered the classroom, everyone went back to their seats and the day carried on as usual.

During recess, as expected, everyone was having lunch but Zhen Xiaoyan. Ye Lang had stolen her lunch.

“Ye Lang, you idiot! I told you not to eat your lunch and now you’re eating mine…” Zhen Xiaoyan attempted to snatch her lunch back but wasn’t fast enough. 

“What’s the matter? Oomph...” Ye Lang said almost inaudibly, stuffing his face with food.

This bickering was a common sight for everyone who went to this school. However, while Zhen Xiaoyan would grumble, she still prepared the best meals for him every day. 


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