The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 640


Wait, he wants to challenge all of us? 

“If you aren’t coming then I’ll go first!” Ye Lang took a step forward with his sword out. He lightly pierced an enemy in one move, he wasn’t here to kill, he just wanted to injure them. 

“You…” The injured wanted to retaliate but he was quickly stopped by the referee. 

“You’re disqualified, give up your token!” 

“Hmmph!” The injured member of the red team was unsatisfied but he wasn’t going to break the rules. 

At that moment someone came to their senses and shouted, “Everyone, try to get him, even the smallest injury would mean our victory!!” 

“Yes, why didn’t I think of that! Charge!!” 

Suddenly, the red team was excited again. While killing someone seemed impossible, injuring them seemed much easier to achieve. 

Hence, everyone came full force at Ye Lang, randomly swinging their swords. 

“Why is he so dumb!! He could just snatch the brides away, why does he want to battle…” muttered Debbie, a little nervous for Ye Lang. 

“Exactly, even a sword god can’t guarantee a win in this case!” frowned the third princess. 


Everyone thought that Ye Lang would be defeated by the red team, they simply had too many members. 

As the red members attacked, Ye Lang easily navigated the crowd. He dodged all the attacks, avoiding any sort of contact with the members and their weapons. 

The onlookers thought it was pure luck at first but Ye Lang proved them wrong by maintaining his momentum.

Wh-what was this, even a sword god would be jealous of this skill!! 

Everyone was still worried, even if the worst has passed, if the red team put in more effort they could definitely get him. 

Of course, that was what the red team thought. However, their efforts were wasted. 

As Ye Lang weaved in and out of the chaos, the sword in his hand never stopped moving. With each light and precise movement, he eliminated the members of the red team one by one. 

His amazing speed led to the reduction of a hundred or so members of the red team in a few minutes!! 

It seemed that Ye Lang was not only very agile, but his swordsmanship was also amazing too! 

He lightly scratched his opponents, it was just a game, he didn’t want to put in much effort! 

Quickly, more and more red team members came to help, even those that were in charge of guarding the bride came out. Their only opponent was Ye Lang anyway, who else did they need to block? 

The rate of Ye Lang eliminating people wasn’t as quick as the number of red team members joining! 

Then, Ye Lang made an unexpected move, he pushed forward into the crowd, confusing his opponents momentarily. They didn’t expect him to break the circle they formed around him.  

He was a tiger in a herd of sheep, no one could stop or harm him!! 

Even the masters in the red team were afraid of Ye Lang’s swordsmanship. 

“Huh? Where is he?” 

In their confusion, the red team lost track of their only opponent. 

“No! The bride…” 

After the shout, some members ran in to check on the bride only to find her long gone from her original spot. She was taken away to another place by Ye Lang who was not seen anywhere nearby. 

They suddenly remembered that Ye Lang was here to snatch the bride in the first place, not show off his skills! With their lack of defence, Ye Lang easily took the bride away. 

“Another bride down, how many more are left? Ye Lang really has the possibility of winning,” said Debbie as she prepared to move to the next location. 

“It’s still hard, when it's down to one bride, it will be nearly impossible to snatch her away,” said the third princess as she looked at the list of names of brides left. She continued, “As long as the red team conveniences the bride to reject him, he won’t win!” 

“Who is it?” asked Debbie. 

“Someone even you are afraid of…” said the third princess with a smile. 

There weren't many people Debbie was afraid of, especially someone that was a bride. 

“I’m not afraid of anyone, wait are you talking about that woman?” said Debbie as she suddenly remembered someone. The person she was thinking of was a highly skilled warrior, someone she herself could never defeat. 

“That’s right. Her. He’ll definitely lose,” said the third princess. 

“If she is with the red team, Ye Lang will be in danger…” admitted Debbie.

“Well, he has done great up until now. No one expected him to come this far!” said the third princess with a smile, “Also, she may not side with the red team, the prince could fail to convenience her,” 

“He could. Don’t forget her good friend is in the red team,” said Qi’er. 

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