The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 641

“Right, that Hu Mei that follows the prince around, she’s one of her best friends,” said Debbie. 

Her hatred for him only deepened in the game. She refused to cooperate with Ye Lang and she was then knocked out cold by Ye Lang. He proceeded to throw her over a wall to get his point. 

Qi’er seemingly got a nicer treatment although she was already treated like trash. At least Ye Lang gently placed her on the ground before moving on, Princess Hyena was thrown out as hard as he could. The impact she faced when she landed made everyone watching flinch in pain. 


“Let’s go there now, I think the last battle will happen there!” said the third princess, completely ignoring Princess Hyena. 

Most thought the same, even the red team gathered at the same place, leaving their original posts empty. 

Ye Lang found it weird when he went to collect the last few brides but he continued on. He was now headed to the location of the last bride. 

At that point, Ye Lang had accumulated a hundred points. The red team had ninety-nine points. If Ye Lang managed to snatch the last bride, victory would be his. 

If that was the case, the Ai La city would have their most special victory in years, a competition completely won by the efforts of one participant. 

Even if Ye Lang couldn’t snatch the last bride, it would be a tie. In everyone’s eyes, Ye Lang would still be the winner. 

The red team can only eliminate Ye Lang to secure their crown but it would still be the same, Ye Lang has proved himself through this competition. In no scenario would he be a loser. 

At that moment, the prince was the most upset one. He never imagined the game to turn out like this. It was his big moment but now everyone is focused on Ye Lang. 

He couldn’t believe that he was stuck in this situation when he had so many team members!! 

He had to win! 

“Hu Mei, have you spoken to her?” asked the prince to the pretty young lady beside him. 

It was a known fact that Hu Mei was one of the prince’s people. They knew each other well, seen parts of the other person that others had never seen before. They trusted each other with their lives, which made sense since they were engaged to each other. 
Their wedding would be held the next year. Hu Mei, despite her beautiful looks was also a capable person in general, she acted as the prince’s right hand man, or woman in this case. 

The reason Hu Mei was selected as the prince’s betrothed was from the fact that he developed feelings for her while working with her. They wouldn't have a reason to talk to each other without their work. 

“I’ve told her!” said Hu Mei while a smile. Her beautiful smile could rob any heart out there! 
“How did she reply?” asked the prince. 

“She agreed, she’ll injure number 5050,” said Hu Mei. 

“Thank god for you. That lady wouldn’t give in to the looks of me with that feisty personality of hers!” said the prince as he mocked himself. 

He was speaking the truth, that lady inside was one of the most powerful warriors of the younger generation. She was one step away from the Tian Heavenly level. No one was sure when she would be able to cross that step. 

However, to reach where she is was already an achievement itself. That was the reason why people thought Ye Lang would definitely lose to her if she fought him!! 

In their eyes, although Ye Lang had amazing skills and agility, he was at most a beginner Di level warrior, far from where her skill level was. 

The prince and the others did have plans to defeat Ye Lang, they were smart players, but Ye Lang didn’t give them any chance to execute their plans. So, they can only turn to the brides for help. 

The last battle was starting… 

“Ye Lang, what are you planning to do?” 

Debbie was beside Ye Lang when she asked the question. 

“I’ll tell you later, third princess, you can do your part of the deal now!” said Ye Lang to the third princess, momentarily ignoring everyone else. 

“What? You want me to treat you to a meal now?” asked the third princess. 

“Yes! I don’t have any money and I’m hungry. Hurry and find a place to eat,” said Ye Lang with a pitiful expression on his face. 

Ye Lang had spent all his money on the bowl of beef noodles earlier. He wasn’t able to afford a meal now. 

“Finish the game first, then I’ll treat you to the meal. Everyone is waiting for you,” said the third princess. 

“Don’t you know food fuels the body?! I don’t have the energy to continue. Hurry and find a restaurant. The others are just here to watch, they won’t die from waiting for a while,” said Ye Lang. 


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