The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 643

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Ye Lang sat down without much care and started eating. Once again, his long trained etiquette started showing when he ate. 

Am I seeing this right? Is this poor man eating with such etiquette? 

Many were starting to suspect Ye Lang’s identity. He didn’t give off an aura of a commoner at the moment. 

“The eldest brother not that bad!” said Ye Lang to the third princess. 

“Yes!” The third princess nodded, in full agreement.

Ye Lang did some stretches after a satisfying meal. His movements were lazy but controlled like a cat. 

“Ye Lang be careful with this bride. She’s a special case. Also, she definitely is in cahoots with the red team!” said Debbie. 

“No problem. I guessed most of that, or else why did they move all the members there,” said Ye Lang with a smile. 

“She isn’t a normal person. She is nearly at the Tian heavenly level!” said Debbie. 

“Ugh!” Ye Lang expected the bride to be strong but not that strong. 

“Aren’t you scared? Give up then,” said Princess Hyena. 

“Scared my ass! It’s just more troublesome. I’ll just eliminate her at most, is that allowed?” asked Ye Lang. 

“...” No one actually knew the answer. Simply because no one had this idea before. 

“No one knows? Where’s the referee?” asked Ye Lang. 

The referees had cold sweat dripping down their backs after they heard what Ye Lang said. After some discussions, they decided that it was within the rules to eliminate the bride but both teams will not get any points. 

“That’s fine. I have one more point than them. I’ll win if I eliminate her!” said Ye Lang.


This guy was direct and maybe a little tactless. His journey here made it obvious enough but now he was taking it one step further! 

“Alright, let’s start! I’ll eliminate the bride!” shouted Ye Lang to the red team. His voice reached every ear of the city, including the bride. 


The prince looked at Hu Mei that stood next to him. His gaze had an added layer to it, it was his feelings towards Ye Lang. 

Hu Mei shook her head and smiled. She thought this Ye Lang guy was fascinating. The game today was out of anyone’s expectation. She felt grateful to be a part of it even though she may not win. 

“Hmmp! Who dares to eliminate me!” said the lady as she walked out. Her facial expressions are icy. 

“I told you about him. The number 5050 from the blue team, he’s a brave one,” said the prince, with slight admiration for Ye Lang. 

He wouldn’t know if he could be as relaxed as Ye Lang if he was in Ye Lang’s position. 

Adding on to it, Ye Lang had to face the near Tian heavenly level lady! 

“Why not I go after him. That would speed things up, I’m hungry,” said the lady. 

“Wait for us, we’ll check it out first. It should be fast …” said the prince politely. 

“Then hurry up! Tell me if there’s any problem,” said the lady. 

“Relax, I will!” said the prince. He continued, “Hu Mei, you stay here and … look after her.” The lady had returned into the building. 

“Yes!” Hu Mei nodded. 

“What’s going on?!” 

As the prince reached the door, a foot came flying towards him. 

The prince dodged it quickly. He didn’t have enough time to react to the attack before a referee appeared before him and said, “I’m sorry your highness, please pass me your token!” 

“What?!” The prince was in shock. Why was he eliminated? 

At that moment, the referee pointed at the prince’s sleeve. 


The prince looked at his sleeve and saw that it was neatly sliced off. It was done with a sharp tool, if the person added more force to the attack, the prince could have been amputated right then. 

The prince felt a shiver down his spine. He felt lucky that it was only a game. The person had absolute control of the blade and didn’t harm him at all. 

There was only one person that had a reason to attack like this. Was it… 

The prince spun around. He saw Ye Lang’s figure flash past him and into the building. 

How did he know I was coming out?  

In reality, Ye Lang didn’t know who he just attacked. As he was dashing into the building, he saw someone coming out and just reacted out of instinct. 

It was purely bad luck on the prince’s side. 

When the prince found out about this later on, he was gloomy for a while. He should have stayed inside and waited for him! 

The prince was still in awe of Ye Lang’s swordsmanship even though he was upset that he was eliminated. He didn’t even feel the blade until someone pointed it out to him.  

The prince looked at his fellow team members that tried their best to block Ye Lang and his respect for him only grew. There were many of them and Ye Lang managed to dodge them all.  


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