The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 645

“Follow me out first!” said Ye Lang as he left the scene. 

Everyone was stunned, why would she follow you out? What is he planning to do? 

Then, something else unimaginable happened -- 

The Lady actually followed him!! 

As she saw the Lady run out, Hu Mei shouted for her to come back. If she left, it would mean that they lost. 

People thought that the Lady was just chasing after Ye Lang for a battle. That she momentarily forgot that as long as she left, the red team would lose. 

“I know! You lost, I’m not helping you!!” 


“What the hell just happened?” Debbie and the rest were in utter confusion. 

Everyone was expecting an epic final battle but it seemed that the bride went off with their opponent willingly!! 

“Hurry! Go look! If there is a problem…” 

“Of course there’s a problem, how else would you explain that!” 

With that the crowd exited the building. The red team members looked defeated, their chance to win just flew away. 

“What is this?” The prince was confused too. 

“I don’t know. It seemed that they knew each other. Let’s go take a look!” said Hu Mei. 

“The blue team is the winner of today’s competition!!” 

The event was officially over with the exit of the duo but everyone felt that it wasn’t the end of things yet. 

Everyone looked on at Ye Lang and the Lady...

“I won! It ended! Fei, treat me to a meal!” said Ye Lang to the Lady. 

Everyone knew then that the two did know each other and were quite close for him to call her by her name. 

Everyone knew the Lady usually kept a distance to all males except her family members. When did she get such a close male friend? 

“I’ll treat you but tell me why are you here?” asked Fei. 

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you over the meal,” said Ye Lang with a smile. 

“Odd, you always fought to pay for the meal and now you want me to pay. Are you dumb now? Wait, you were always dumb…” said Fei with suspicion. 

“Shh, I’m disguising as a poor man now! Don’t leak my identity, it’s troublesome!!” said Ye Lang. 


With that sentence everyone now knew Ye Lang was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Which made sense for his eating etiquette. 

“Ye Lang, can you tell us what happened?” asked Debbie. Her friends caught up with him too. 

“Nothing much, I just met my friend. If I knew it was Fei all along I wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble. I could just call her to come out,” said Ye Lang. 

“What is your relationship with her? Is she very obedient with you?” Debbie was even more confused now. The Fei she knew was a scary lady. 

“No. She’ll want to come out to beat me up…” said Ye Lang. 


Beat him up? What is their relationship exactly? 

They weren’t close friends of course. Ye Lang once hit her across the face so every time they meet, she would try to get pay back. 

The Fei in question was the eldest daughter of the Yun Xing household. Her status and her skills were things people were envious of. 

“That being said, I never once succeeded! Ye Lang, come on, just once, for me to let off some steam.” After Sheng City, Fei had already forgiven Ye Lang but some of the despise stayed. He did cause irreversible mental trauma for her. 
That was the reason Fei couldn’t get close to any males now! 

“Screw off!” said Ye Lang. Everyone thought he was brave to speak in that tone to Fei. 

However, they only saw Fei biting on her lip and holding back herself from beating Ye Lang up. 

“Fei, I don't have anywhere to stay, can I go to your house?” asked Ye Lang. 

There’s no way Fei would let a man stay in her house!  

“Sure, for how long?” asked Fei without hesitation. Once again, everyone’s world was turned around. 

“Let’s go then, since it ended anyway!” said Ye Lang. 

“Yes, I’m hungry. I want to go back to have dinner!” said Fei. 

“Give me some too, I’m hungry!” 

“Didn’t you just have dinner?” 

“I just exercised. Don’t be like that, it’s just one meal. I can teach you some sword skills.” 

“Pfft, do I still need you to teach me?” 

“You said it yourself, don’t regret this. I won’t teach you later on even if you beg!” 

“..., is it that great?”

“Yes, better than yours!” 

“Then let’s try…” 

“I’ll show you what’s this one of a kind skill!!” 


With that, the crowd was left in shock and confusion as the duo slowly walked away. 

They were walking shoulder to shoulder which was a normal thing but highly abnormal for Fei. Everyone in Ai La City knew that Fei would keep a distance of five meters or more with a male, or else she would freak. 

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