The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 646

"Follow him!!"

The third princess decided to drag Debbie and her other friends to follow the duo. 

"You go after them too. I don't think I should, Lady Yun Xing doesn't like men," said the prince. He wanted to find out more about Ye Lang and Fei’s relationship so he could only let Hu Mei go with them instead. 

“Why are you all following us? Do you want to get a free meal too?” asked Ye Lang bluntly. 


“I’m just hungry, why not we get a meal together and you can tell us who you are exactly. You can also explain how you got so close with Fei” said Debbie, not bothering to lie about her intentions. 

“Look closer, how are we close?” rebutted Ye Lang immediately. 

“If you aren’t close then why are you staying over at her house and not mine? Our families have history!” asked Debbie. 

“History?” Fei looked at Ye Lang in confusion. She hadn’t heard about any sort of relations between the Ye household and the Ha De household. 

“A misunderstanding! The explanation is easy, she knows about my identity and won’t take advantage of that,” said Ye Lang. 


“Then you think the Ha De household will take advantage of that?” asked Fei curiously. 

“I brought half of a jade pendant to return to Migen. With that I can marry anyone I wanted in the family, Aibi (“Debbie,” someone corrected him) and Qi’er included,” explained Ye Lang. 

“However, I rejected it so I got three wishes in return, which I rejected too.” 

“Oh, I understand! They were scared that you were here to extort them or something but you didn’t want anything! Haha, they’re so dumb. People beg for you to show up at their place but they look down on you… Haha, even if they gave you their whole fortune you wouldn’t want it…” 

Fei could piece together the picture with the few sentences Ye Lang said. She found the way the Ha De household reacted funny.

“Of course, I’m not even done with my money!” said Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

“..., Ye Lang, who are you?” asked the third princess. 

“I’m Ye Lang,” answered Ye Lang as he looked at the thrid princess as if she was dumb. 

“..., Fei, tell us, who is he?” 

“He is Ye Lang!” 


Well, everyone knew that. 

“Fei, the third princess meant to ask how is he as a person, his status and all that. If you can’t say it then it’s fine!!” said Hu Mei, out of frustration. 

“I already said it, he is Ye Lang, that’s his whole identity. You only need that to understand,” said Fei, her tone respectful. 

“??” No one could understand her. 

His name is his whole identity? 

Then, at that moment, a certain person popped into their minds. 

“Are you saying that he is that Ye Lang? The thirteenth son of the Ye family, the prodigy alchemist, the one that spends a lot of money… Oh, that’s why Princess Hyena was kicked out of Sheng City…” muttered the third princess.

Everyone’s gaze started to change. No one imagined the Ye Lang standing before them to be the Ye Lang they heard countless stories about.

“What? Are you all done yet? Fei, let’s go. Do you all really want to get a free meal?”  asked Ye Lang without much thought.

The group had figured out Ye Lang’s identity, there was no point for them to continue tagging along but Debbie being the oddball that she was, said, “Yes! I’m hungry too!” 

“We have nothing to do now, we’ll go too,” said the third princess and Qi’er. 

With that, Ye Lang brought along his beautiful friends dressed in wedding gowns to the Yun Xing family house.
“Young mistress you’re back.. And they are?”

At the gate of the house, the guards were confused by the group but they came to their senses when they noticed Fei leading the group. 

They weren't fazed by the dressed clad girls; they were confused by the man standing beside her.

The young mistress brought back a man… They seemed close too, better inform the head of the household...

As soon as they were informed, the head of the household, as well as Fei's grandparents came to see things themselves. The group hadn't had the chance to eat yet. 

"Fei, you brought you friends over, remember to treat them well," said Fei's mother. As soon as she saw Ye Lang seated beside Fei, her gaze changed.

Fei's marriage was a big problem in the Yun Xing household. Fei's inability to physically be close to any males made it difficult for her to have a love life. 

With Ye Lang being so close to their little girl without her protesting, the elders got excited. 

"Looks like an interrogation is about to happen," said the third princess quietly to the person beside her. 

"Who?" Asked the confused Debbie.

"Ye Lang of course, he won't be able to escape this. The elders probably see him as a potential son-in-law," said the third princess.

"Potential son-in-law?" 

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