The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 648

“Sure…” The old man said awkwardly as he extended his arm. 

After a few moments, Ye Lang said, “Please stick out your tongue.” 

The old man didn’t understand what Ye Lang was doing but he followed Ye Lang’s instructions as Ye Lang was a legendary doctor. 

“This can be cured with a few needles and some medicine!” concluded Ye Lang as if it was a common illness. This wasn’t what the Yun Xing family expected. 

“Ye Lang, this problem has plagued grandfather for some time, are you sure you’re right?” asked Fei nervously. Their family went to many famous doctors but couldn’t find a cure for it. 

To that, Ye Lang replied, “It is only a simple illness to those who can cure it but those that don’t know it will never be able to fix it! You can actually head to the doctors in the House of Confusion to get it cured. They’re not too bad.” 

“‘It is only a simple illness to those who can cure it’, well said! The tough part of practising medicine is the prognosis, as long as one can recognise the illness, things are much simpler,” said one of the young ladies. 

“Do you study medicine?” asked Ye Lang as he looked at the young lady that spoke. She had a calm and gentle aura to her like Qi’er. 

“Yes, I’ve studied it before but it is not comparable to your expertise!” said the girl. 

“Don’t be so humble, you yourself are a great doctor,” said another young lady with a smile. 

“But I couldn’t diagnose the old gentleman. Compared to Sir Ye, I’m much worse than him,” said the young lady as she shook her head. 

“If you want to study medicine, I can introduce you to the House of Confusion. Tell him my name and someone will help you,” said Ye Lang with a smile. He was happy to help train another high-quality doctor, this would greatly benefit the world. 

“Really? I always wanted to go there but they don’t accept just anyone.” The young lady’s eyes twinkled with hope. She would prefer to have Ye Lang as her master but she knew that was impossible. The House of Confusion was a much more realistic goal and would benefit her more. 

“Sure, tell them I recommended you, they’ll probably accept you,” said Ye Lang. 

“Just tell them your name? Won’t they suspect that I’m lying…” asked the young girl weakly. 
“No worries, they’ll ask Xuan Yuanbing. I’ll inform her,” said Ye Lang with a smile, he continued, “Sir, find a clean area. I'll do some acupuncture on you! The rest can head back after your meal, change your clothes before you go…” 

The girl’s hearts warmed as they thought Ye Lang was worried that people would harass them if they walked around in such pretty clothes. They wanted to assure him that this was their area, he had nothing to worry about. 

Ye Lang being Ye Lang then said something to make them change their minds and even roll their eyes at him. 

“People might think you’re a ghost if you walk around with that white dress and messy hair in the middle of the night!! You’re even walking in a group… Imagine seeing a group of ghosts!” 


Ye Lang and the members of the Yun Xing family moved to the courtyard. It was a quiet place which was good. 

Under Fei and the other’s oversight, Ye Lang performed the acupuncture and used some alchemy. With that, the treatment was done. He explained to each step of the procedure the family members. 

The whole process didn’t take longer than an hour which impressed them. Ye Lang proved himself to be as skilled as the rumours described him to be. 

The old gentleman soon felt relief from the pain he felt before. This was a huge improvement! 

At that moment, Fei’s family members thanked Ye Lang for his help but he didn’t like it much as it felt too polite and insincere. 

Most importantly, Fei looked at Ye Lang with a docile expression on her face… 

“You, don’t show me that face. I don’t want you!!” said Ye Lang as he got as far away from Fei as possible. 


“Go die!!” Fei sent out a Flowing Cloud Blade in his direction. She didn’t need a sword to do it which made her dangerous even without a weapon. 

Ye Lang dodged the strike but the wall behind him was completely destroyed. He patted his chest in relief that he was still alive. 

“Hey, that was dangerous. Do you want me to die?” 



Seeing Fei in this state was much more normal for Ye Lang. 

“Fei, don’t be impolite, he is grandfather’s saviour.” 

“He made me do it!” Fei stared at Ye Lang with a face full of hatred. 

“I didn’t make you do it, I just didn’t want you!” said Ye Lang blankly. 

“It would be your honour for me to even think about you!!” said Fei. 
Ye Lang ignored Fei and changed the topic, “The moon is so beautiful tonight. Fei can you arrange a place for me to sleep. I’m tired.” 

“...” Fei quickly came to her senses and said, “Your room is above mine. It is the best room other than mine in this place.”  

Her family members caught on and knew that their little girl was really that close with Ye Lang to not reject him like the other males. 

“Hurry and bring me there!” urged Ye Lang. 

“Got it, follow me. Don’t get lost!” said Fei. 

“...” Ye Lang wanted to refute but he didn’t feel like he was in the position to. 

“Ye Lang, how did you not get lost while searching for the brides? Didn’t your sister say you have a bad sense of direction?” said Fei, biting into his insecurities. 

“I… memorised the whole map. I don’t have a sense of direction but my judgement is still fine.”

“So that was the case…” 


“Why are you all still here?” 

As Ye Lang and Fei walked to their rooms they met a few young ladies that hadn't left. The third princess, Debbie, Qi’er, the ever unlikeable Princess Hyena and the pretty Hu Mei. 

“Ye Lang can you take a look at this person, most preferably now?” The third princess pleaded with Ye Lang. Princess Hyena also looked at Ye Lang with anticipation. 

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