The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 649

“Now? Look my ass!” said Ye Lang in an unpleasant tone. He’s exhausted from the day, he needed rest. 

“Not at your ass, it’s my sister!” said the third princess. 


Ye Lang was dumbfounded, she totally missed the point… 

“Fine, I’ll take a look, I’m leaving tomorrow.” He felt his responsibility as a doctor to help patients out there. Helping people was more important than his needs for now. 

If the princess had to resort to begging him, it probably was something uncommon! 

“You’re leaving tomorrow? What if my sister needs more time?” asked the third princess nervously. 

“It probably isn’t something that needs treatment for a long time, at most maybe a long resting period. Unless she got something rare,” said Ye Lang. 

“It shouldn’t be something rare…” Nervous sweat was dripping down her face, she didn’t want her sister to be in such pain. 

“Can’t you stay longer? Why do you need to leave tomorrow?” asked Princess Hyena in an upset tone. 

“I shouldn’t even be here, I have matters to attend to,” replied Ye Lang. 

“Are you going to Vermillion Bird Empire?” guessed the third princess. She heard that his grandmother was having a birthday party soon and invited the whole Ye family. 

“Yes! My mother asked me to go over for a meal,” said Ye Lang. For him, parties are just another meal. 

“Then you should leave, we shouldn’t be stopping you,” said the third princess. She knew that she couldn’t force Ye Lang to stay just for her sister. 

Ye Lang himself can’t do anything much but his attendance at this birthday party was very important. Everyone knew that the actual reason the empress dowager even planned a party was to invite Ye Lang’s family over. If Ye Lang was unable to attend it because he was stuck in Ai La Empire, it would be safe to assume the Vermillion Bird Empire would change their attitude towards the Ai La Empire.

“Let’s go look at your sister,” said Ye Lang. 

“Follow me, there’s a carriage outside. Fei, do you want to come too?” asked the third princess. 

“Yes, I want to take a look!” Fei nodded. 

“Why are you coming along?” asked Ye Lang bluntly. 

“Why not?” Fei turned red. 

“I didn’t say much, the moon tonight is beautiful. Your highness, let’s leave soon, don’t waste time,” said Ye Lang as he switched topics again. 

“Su...sure, of course…” The third princess looked at Ye Lang and Fei in confusion. 

With that, Ye Lang entered the palace…

What Ye Lang and the rest didn’t know was that people were discussing Ye Lang in the palace! 

“Interesting, thousands of players lost to one man,” said the emperor as he received the results of the bride snatching competition. He too like everyone else thought the outcome was unexpected. 

Everyone thought the red team had the win in the bad but who knew the appearance of Ye Lang was so critical. 

“It is hard to imagine the red team with the prince and his friends losing the win to one person!” said a minister. 
“Did you run a background check on Ye Lang? What type of sword skills did he use?” asked the emperor. 

However, no one was able to answer him. 

“We are still unsure! I have someone in mind but that man is an alchemist, I never heard about his sword skills before so it shouldn’t be him,” said another minister. 

“You are talking about that Ye Lang, yes, I suspected that too but it didn’t seem to match. This name is too common,” said the emperor as he nodded. 

“No matter who he is I think we should get him to join the empire,” said one of the ministers. 

“I’ve sent someone to follow him. He seemed to have gone to the Yun Xing house and has a history with the eldest daughter Fei. That was the reason for the shocking ending of the game,” said the emperor with a smile. 

Everyone knew about the red team’s last resort was Fei but she willingly left with Ye Lang. 

“It would be great to ask the eldest daughter to do that but I think we should think of another plan!” said a minister in an envious tone. He seemed to have a grudge against the Yun Xing family and was unwilling to let them gain credit for this. 

At the same time, he thought, ‘They just have a pretty daughter, I have one too. A much prettier one.’

“It is possible that the eldest daughter and Ye Lang had the same master. She’s an excellent swordsman,” said someone as he thought aloud. 

Both of them had excellent swordsmanship which made people question whether they had the same teacher. If such a teacher existed, they had to meet the teacher. 

However, they didn’t know that those two didn’t meet because of their sword skills. The skills that Ye Lang used were something that came naturally to him, if he used the skills that Ye Sheng planned to teach him, Ye Lang would be a true master. 

“Report, sir…” 


This was a common conversation. Every day, the emperor would listen to all sorts of reports, happy ones, sad ones, simple ones, complicated ones… 

“The third princess and Princess Hyena brought Ye Lang to the palace!” 

“What?! They did what?! Weren’t they at the Yun Xing House?” The emperor and his men were confused, did they bring him over to convenience him? 

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