The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 652

“Follow me?” Ye Lang was stunned. 

The third princess’ eyes brightened and said loudly, “Yeah, she can follow you! You're just visiting your relatives in Vermilion Bird, it won’t be dangerous. Just bring my sister with you, it’ll be convenient for your observations too!” 

“Yeah, right!” Ye Lang did not want this burden at all. Bringing a child with him would just end up being a headache.

“Yes! Bring her!” The third princess knew he was being sarcastic but forced it anyway. 


“So it is decided! Sis, you need to follow him around, okay? Don’t let him run away, you hold on tight to him.” The third princess was smart enough to not negotiate with Ye Lang. She’d just let her little sister cling on to Ye Lang, she believed he would not refuse such an adorable child. 

The emperor smiled, as if also agreeing to this decision. Although Ye Lang was travelling alone, he was not worried about her. With his capabilities, she should be safe. 

His identity had been exposed, no one dared do anything to him! He was very safe! 

“Little sister, don’t listen to your older sister. Do you want candy? Let go and I’ll give you candy.” AT this point, Ye Lang took out a piece of candy. He did not need to fake anything so he could pull stuff out of his space ring now. 

Hey, hey! The princess was already fifteen, why are you talking to her like a child? Would it be useful? 

Of course it would! Sometimes, your body determines some personality characteristics. Since she had not hit puberty, her soul was a little more naive than other fifteen-year-olds. She still liked desserts and candy. 

“I want candy but I’m not letting go! Brother, can you give me candy…” She stared with her beautiful eyes. 

“Ugh! Fine, fine!” Ye Lang realised he had made a mistake and handed the sweets over. She grabbed the sweets with one hand and his shirt in the other 

“Little girl, we don’t know each other well! You have your sister, your father here, you should stay.” Ye Lang looked at her, trying to shake her off. 

Actually, no one really understood why this was happening either. Theoretically, the princess should not be clinging to him like that. 

“No, I like you!” The princess shook her head at the expectant third princess and emperor after taking one look, breaking their hearts. 

They weren’t as important to her as a stranger she’d just met! 

“Ugh, why? Because I’m too handsome?” yelled Ye Lang helplessly. Fei cringed. Are you THAT shameless? 

“You are handsome but that’s not why I like you. I like you, feels comfortable,” said the princess innocently. 

“...” Ye Lang was silent. 

If it was just the aura, then he really was speechless. Not sure if this was a gift from the heavens that his natural aura made other people at ease. 

The seventh princess had liked his aura too, plus some people like Arwen, the half-elf, also liked him because the elf race liked natural auras. 

He gave off a unique aura but that shouldn’t be enough to win her over, should it?! They did not understand. 

It was a special thing. No one could explain it. On the other hand, some people could not sense this peculiarity at all. 

However, it was a fact that people who liked this natural aura had pure, innocent hearts. 

“Fine, I’ll bring you along! I’ll be taking the carriage anyway! Your Majesty, why not you get a carriage for me? Also, prepare your daughter’s medical fees. If she gets cured, you have to pay up! We’re not very close so based on your family background, it’ll be one hundred thousand gold coins,” said Ye Lang flatly. 

“...” Everyone was silent. 

“A hundred thousand gold coins, why don’t you rob us instead?” scolded the third princess. 

“This method beats robbing. These are my terms, you can refuse if you want, then I will not treat her,” said Ye Lang casually. He had already answered this question too many times, he had a script ready. 


"Then why didn’t you take money from Fei too?” asked the third princess unwillingly. 

“My fees are according to my mood. If you continue talking, I will increase the price,” said Ye Lang. 


They had heard of how people both hated and loved his terms because he relied solely on mood and your family background. If you didn’t have money, he would not accept any payment. If you were rich, he’d charge more. The richer you were, the more expensive the fees! There was already a rich man who lost half his fortune to Ye Lang! 

However, Ye Lang knew boundaries. He would not force someone into a dead end. The guy who lost half his fortune had brought this to himself for arguing with Ye Lang and questioning his system. 

In the end, Ye Lang won because, in this world, there was no one else with better abilities than him.

“Alright, it’s a deal. If you cure my daughter, I’ll send someone to bring one hundred thousand gold coins to the Ye Residence immediately.” The emperor had nothing to say, immediately agreeing to the terms. 

“Hmmph!” The third princess rolled her eyes, frustrated. 

“Ye Lang, you should just stay here for the night. Look at her, you won’t’ be able to shake her off,” said the emperor, smiling. 

“That’s fine, it’s all the same anyway! Fei, you stay too!” nodded Ye Lang. 

“Me? Why, what do you want?” Fei blushed, looking at him cautiously. It was obvious what she was thinking. 

He did not notice her expression. “Didn’t I promise to teach you swordsmanship? Although I only have one night left, it should be enough. I’ll teach you a little bit.”

“Oh!” Fei relaxed, though she seemed to feel a little disappointed. 

What am I disappointed for? Do I want anything to happen? Ptui! Fei, you’re a good girl, don’t think about that! 

“Can I stay and watch?” asked the third princess smilingly. 

“No way! You all may leave, I don’t have much time,” he rejected directly, shooing them away. 

“Goodbye then!” 

Everyone bid farewell and left. Ye Lang, Fei and the princess remained.