The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 655

Although Princess Longji only mentioned it briefly, the empress dowager understood. She had heard of the Ai La Empire’s princess. 

When the Ai La carriage entourage arrived, they received a message too. There was also a formal imperial document stating that the princess was here to wish the empress dowager as representative of the Ai La Empire. 

Usually, kings and their princes and princesses would represent each kingdom, though they might visit briefly. 

This time, the empress dowager thought the princess would be here for a brief visit too, though there seemed to be something different. 

If it was just for the sake of formalities, then Princess Longji would not have to go. Everyone knew that while Princess Longji was a princess, she was a very powerful figure, one of the potential successors of the Vermilion Bird throne. 

There was no need to send her to welcome a princess that was just passing by, even if she was from Ai La. Just as the empress dowager said, there were other princesses. They were all princesses so it was not inappropriate.
Then again, they did not even need one princess. They often sent ministers to meet these guests. To show that they took a guest seriously, they would send the princesses, also forging friendship along the way. 

“I heard that this time, Ai La Empire’s intentions will be different. They said the princess is a little special, we have to treat her well. From what we know, this princess IS special, apparently only eight years old… Also, Ai La even said that if possible, they want to forge marriage ties with Ai La to become family.” 

“She’s here for marriage?” asked the empress dowager in surprise, though she then shook her head. “Probably not. Even if they wanted her to marry early, eight years old is too…”

“It’s not impossible either, we are the royal family after all…” Princess Longji was also exasperated and gave a bitter smile, though very quickly changed her expression back to normal. 

Then, she shrugged it off, “We’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. No matter what, I’ll welcome them. I’ll see if I can get more information when I meet them!” 

“Yeah! I’m not worried with you there! I’ll go to Jilang Residence now.” The empress dowager nodded, she trusted Princess Longji the most. 

Anyone would know how the term ‘Jilang Residence’ came about. 

“You don’t have to. Their entourage will only arrive this afternoon, I can't just wait for them. I’ll follow you back…” Princess Longji grabbed the empress dowager’s arm and headed back to Jilang residence. 



At the time, Long Anqi and Ye Chengtian were chatting and sipping tea, even listening to music. It was a peaceful morning, they did not want to take in any guests today. 

However, it was not like they could ignore the empress dowager’s arrival either. 

“You both seem to be living well, the girl’s voice is great too,” said the empress dowager, nodding her head at the few girls performing. The most attractive girl was the lead singer. 

The lead singer was an impressive beauty. The Vermilion Bird’s empress dowager had met thousands of pretty girls, yet this girl left her shocked. This meant that the girl was no ordinary person. 

“Thank you, empress dowager! You both go ahead, we shall excuse ourselves,” said the girl with a polite curtsy and they left. 

She knew that staying behind would be a bad idea! 

“Who are they? They don’t look like they’re from our empire?” asked the empress dowager when they left, though she wasn’t too invested in the answer. 

“They came with us, they’re with Ye Lang,” answered Ye Chengtian. 

“Ye Lang?!” The empress dowager was surprised at this answer, though she seemed to have misunderstood. 

“Yep, it’s that kid’s friends but not the kind you’re thinking of! They’re from the Romantic Floor, though they escaped with the boy to Ye City. Now, they help Ye Lang manage a teahouse,” said Long Anqi. 

“A teahouse in Ye City? You mean that famous teahouse in Ye City with no name?” asked the empress dowager. 

She had heard of this teahouse but never got to go. Now, she didn’t just hear about it within Ye City, even people outside the teahouse talked about the place too. 

However, everyone knew of the place, just not its name- because the teahouse had no name! 

When Ye Lang set up the place, he did not name it, nor did he think it was important. He said calling it ‘the teahouse’ was fine, therefore the place ended up with no name. 

“Yeah!” Long Anqi nodded, “That kid is always so blur, he was even too lazy to pick a name for the place. Since no one dared give it a name, everyone still calls it ‘the teahouse’. But if they’re talking about a teahouse in Ye City, then everyone knows it’s his teahouse.” 

“I don’t think he’s blur at all, the kid still refuses to recognise me as his grandmother…” said the empress dowager, exasperated. 


Long Anqi fell silent. She was not sure why either. She wondered if it was because of his ‘slowness’ or he was thinking about her feelings. She felt like it was likely the latter. 

As a mother, of course she hoped her son cared about her feelings! 

“Right, where is he? Have you received any news?” asked the empress dowager. She was impatient to know the answer. 

“No, we don’t know where he is either, maybe he got lost again.” Long Anqi shook her head helplessly, though she was slightly smiling. 

“Will he even come? I’m waiting for him to wish me,” said the empress dowager but she knew the answer when she saw Long Anqi’s smile. Nothing mattered to her, as long as Ye Lang was happy. She did not mind if Ye Lang lost his way. 

Sometimes, a mother had to let her child be free…

“I don’t know. Theoretically, he will arrive. He always keeps his promises…” said Long Anqi. 

“That’s good, as long as he comes!” nodded the empress dowager. She did not notice that Long Anqi hadn’t finished speaking.