The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 656

“He’ll come, we just don’t know when…”

“...” The empress dowager fell silent. 

“Perhaps, he has already arrived, perhaps, he needs another year…”


“Mother, don’t worry about him! He’ll definitely come for next year’s ceremony!” 


“Are Lanyu and the rest here?” The empress dowager let go of this subject and asked about her granddaughter, Ye Lanyu. 

“She left with Seven, both of them can’t sit still. All they do is play outside, though it’s good they don’t get into trouble,” said Long Anqi with a loving smile. 

“They won’t get YOU into trouble because both of them can solve any problem…” added Princess Longji, though there were many meanings to all of this. 


“Are you all comfortable here?” asked the empress dowager suddenly. 

“Huh? Uh… we're fine,” said Long Anqi, stunned. 

“As long as you’re alright…” said the empress dowager gently. 

Long Anqi was not used to this at all. She clutched Ye Chengtian’s hand nervously.


Suddenly, the atmosphere turned awkward. No one knew what to say. There was a wall between mother and daughter, and it was inappropriate for anyone else to talk about it. All they could do now was to wait for the seconds to go by! 

This was still very normal and everyone was sort of used to it. 

Ye Chengtian looked up at the skies while Princess Longji took out a book. Both Long Anqi and the empress dowager looked at each other while everyone else waited for them to break the silence. 

However, after so long, there was still not a sound in the yard, as if there was no one. 

“Is everyone gone already? Ugh, that stupid boss still isn’t here yet, did he want to amend my performances? Ah? I’m so sorry, I thought there wasn’t anyone here…”

At this moment, the lead singer walked in with furrowed brows, complaining. Her voice broke the silence so everyone’s eyes were on her. 

She was the breaking point! 

When the girl realised her mistake and was about to leave, the empress dowager stopped her! 

“Don’t go, girl! Your singing is great, who taught you?” The empress dowager was desperate for a conversation topic. 

“My boss taught me, empress dowager!” answered the girl. 

“Your boss? Who’s your boss?” she asked. She was the only one who didn’t know who, though she had her guesses. 

“The boss is Master Ye Lang, he’s our boss,” said the girl. 

Everyone from Romantic Floor seemed to call him boss, they agreed that it was the best name for him! 

“So it’s the kid!” the empress dowager smiled. “What performances will there be? I can watch them if you want.”

“About that… You can’t…” said the girl awkwardly. 

“Why can’t I watch it?” The empress dowager was surprised. She was the empress dowager of the empire, ‘watching’ anything was already an honour for the other person. Yet she was declined just like that. 

“Mother, you’re the only one who can’t watch…” said Long Anqi with an odd expression. The girl was begging with her eyes. 

“?? Why?” 

“Because the performance was prepared for you! They’re here to perform for your birthday,” said Long Anqi. 

She finally understood. It was for her, so there must be an element of surprise. 

“I see, then I am not a suitable candidate indeed! Hehe…” The empress dowager smiled. “Girl, what is your name?”

“Liu Feiyan!” said the girl. Yep, it was an important occasion so Liu Feiyan, their main card, had to be present. 

“Liu Feiyan? I’ve heard of this name, you’re the most famous girl at the teahouse.” The empress dowager remembered someone mentioning this name at Ye City, she had a close relationship with Ye Lang. 

Of course, the ‘closeness’ she heard about in rumours were false, she later found out that they were just employer and employee. There was nothing odd about it. 

The only thing odd was that they were very close! 

“I’m not sure about that, empress dowager!” 

“You’re beautiful, the kid has good taste,” said the empress dowager with a smile. Although she had been very mild with Liu Feiyan, she was still honest despite her title. 

Liu Feiyan had a talent in making other people at ease. 

“Yeah, my boss has good taste but he’s a liar! We all came, yet he’s off galavanting somewhere! Hmmph!” huffed Liu Feiyan. Her adorable outburst showed that she had already forgotten where she was and who these people were. She was just complaining about Ye Lang. 

“Hehe, it’s good to be young. All these young ones don’t play by any rules,” said Long Anqi smilingly, as if to remind Liu Feiyan that these people were different, also to remind the empress dowager not to dwell on small things with the young ones. 

“Hehe, Madam, I shall excuse myself first! And I have to reflect on my mistakes.” Liu Feiyan stuck out her tongue and ran off. 

Although she was just a commoner, she treated everyone the same. 

Perhaps also because of Ye Lang’s influence… 

“This Liu Feiyan isn’t bad at all… It’s a pity her background is lacking or I would consider her for the prince,” said the empress dowager, as if it was a pity. 

Although she considered herself open-minded, she still hesitated with such a large gap in background. She might like the girl but some things were just impossible. 

“As long as they are happy, I wouldn’t mind what background they were from. Ye Lang wouldn’t care either, he never did,” said Long Anqi flatly, though she sighed in her heart. The empress dowager was THE empress dowager after all, she was different from anyone else.