The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 658

“Finally, they’re here!” 

When the line of carriages appeared outside the east gates, Princess Longji knew she was at the right place. There weren’t many carriages entering the gates today, only the Ai La entourage travelled on this scale. 

At the same time, they all bore flags belonging to the Ai La Empire. 

“Hi, are you all the entourage of the Ai La princess?” 

Princess Longji decided to confirm with them, it was better to be careful. 

“Yes we are! And you are…” asked someone who looked like a palace official from the entourage. 

“I am Longji of Vermilion Bird, I am here to welcome the princess to our empire,” said Princess Longji with a bow. 

Longji? Could it be… 

“Are you Princess Longji? I can’t believe you came to greet us, we are absolutely honored!” said the official immediately, a little panic in his tone. 

It was obvious this official had heard Princess Longji’s name. He heard she was a very powerful figure at Vermilion Bird, very different from the ordinary princess. He was shocked to see her here to personally welcome his people. 

The official thought it must be a coincidence. She might just be staying for a moment, he didn’t think his people were that significant. 

The princess? That’s impossible, she never left her home. Even the people of their own empire didn’t know of the little princess. If she hadn’t been sent on this trip, some of their people might not know of her existence. 

Unless our princess is different? 

No way, she’s just a child. She’s always sticking to that mysterious gentleman. 

What about the gentleman? Unless she’s here for him? No, if Princess Longji was here for him, she would have mentioned him already. 

Within this entourage, the princess was the only one who knew Ye Lang’s identity, everyone else just called him Master or Sir while the princess called him Brother. 

The emperor told them not to ask questions about him, they should just do their jobs well! 

The Ai La emperor did not announce Ye Lang’s identity, thinking that it would attract unnecessary trouble. Plus there would be no benefit to him, that was why he decided it should be a secret. 

That was probably also why almost no one knew that Ye Lang had been to Ai La. 

If news got out, Princess Longji and Coldblood Five would guess that Ye Lang was among this entourage. At the same time, they would send their forces looking for Ye Lang  to the south of their border, not north. 

“It is my duty to be here, this is very normal! May I ask, is Her Highness in the carriage?” asked PRincess Longji. 

“Yes!” said the official. 

“Could you invite her out please? I need to be sure,” said Princess Longji. 

“About that… I’ll try…” said the official, sweating. 

“Try?” Princess Longji was puzzled. He could’ve said yes or no, why try? 

“Your Highness…” The official yelled as he rapped on the luxurious carriage door. 

“What… What do you want?” came the princess’ timid voice. 

“Your Highness, can you step out for a moment? PRincess Longji of Vermilion Bird is here,” said the official. 

“No, Brother is sleeping. She can talk to you if there are any matters,” refused the princess, just as the official feared. She would never step out alone unless the mysterious gentleman was here. 

She had stuck to him throughout their journey. Without him, she would never meet an outsider. 


“Princess Longji, apologies, our princess is very shy and she is afraid of strangers. Why don’t we wait for the gentleman inside to wake, then we’ll get them both to meet you,” said the official, embarrassed. 

Princess Longji furrowed her brows, annoyed, thinking that the official was not taking her seriously and the princess was too arrogant to meet her. 

One cannot blame her either. If Ai La sent a princess here, that meant the princess must be an important political figure. How could you say this princess was too timid to meet strangers? 

Also, if the guy is sleeping, can’t you just wake him up? 

Princess Longji naturally did not know that the little princess was just here to accompany Ye Lang, she wasn’t here for the ceremony. No one knew about this. 

At the same time, if Princess Longji knew that the person was Ye Lang, she would not mind because she knew no one could wake him up. Usually, everyone could only wait. 

At this point, when Princess Longji and the rest wondered how they could break this stalemate, something surprising happened. 

A girl suddenly flew across, breaking the carriage’s window. 

It was an abrupt move, and this girl was an exceptional fighter. Even Princess Longji could not stop her. Plus there were no high-level warriors in this entourage. 

Who was this girl? What did she want to do? 

At this moment, everyone had two questions. Most of them thought this must be a bad person about to harm the Ai La princess to trigger a war between two nations. 

However, Princess Longji knew that this was not true. She knew this girl. Then what was this girl doing? 

Who was she? 

“Coldblood Five?” Princess Longji almost yelled but stopped herself because she knew she had to act like an outsider no matter what Coldblood Five did. 

She had to pretend not to know Coldblood Five! 

“What are you doing?! Guards! There’s an assassin!” yelled the official. At once, the soldiers surrounded the carriage. Although there were no high-level fighters, they were still trained. 

“Attack! Protect our guest!” 

Princess Longji gave the same orders so her bodyguards rushed forward. On the surface, this was to look like she wanted to protect the princess and so no one would think this was related to her. At the same time, she wanted to know what Coldblood Five was doing. 

“Miss, what do you want? You can talk to us if you have a problem, please do not do this,” said the official very diplomatically.