The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 659

Coldblood Five did not speak, breaking the carriage door with her fist and entering at an unbelievable angle. 



When they heard the scream of a young girl, everyone outside panicked, especially the official who did not want anything to happen under his watch. 

Thank goodness he was already at Dragon City of Vermilion Bird Empire. Princess Longji was here too. If anything happened, the blame would be on the Vermilion Bird Empire, and a smaller portion of it on him. 

It would be best if none of the blame fell on him at all! 

What was Coldblood Five going to do? Assassinate the princess? She chose such a timing when Princess Longji was here to welcome the entourage. No one would suspect the Vermilion Bird Empire like that. 

But was this necessary? Who was the princess inside? 

“I’m… fine… Big sister, what are you doing? Don’t touch Brother!” 

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard her voice. At least this meant Coldblood Five wasn’t there for the princess. Now everyone wondered if the intruder was there for the boy. 

“Brother?” Coldblood Five stared at the princess incredulously, then at the person sleeping. She was very confused about their relationship. 

“Mm!” The princess nodded. 

“Excuse me!” Coldblood Five furrowed her brows and left immediately because she had already confirmed her suspicions. She didn’t expect to meet this person here. 

Since it was him, then everything was self-explanatory. She did not need to stay, for it would just attract attention. 

Coldblood Five also knew that this person, who was still sleeping, would never wake. With her identity, she could not meet him in broad daylight, they must meet in secret if she wanted. 

As she fled the scene, she stepped on his face! 

Fine, sleep then! 

“Apologies, I’ve made a mistake! I’m sorry!” Coldblood Five left everyone with an apology, then leapt into a crowd and disappeared. 

The people about to fight her were too stunned to move. They had no chance!

The official was very confused. What was going on? But he had more important things to attend to. He ran to the carriage, yelling frantically, “Your Highness, are you alright?!” 

“I’m… fine. Who was that mean girl?” asked the princess weakly, though with a hint of anger because Coldblood Five stepped on her ‘brother’. 

Although the princess hadn’t learned any martial arts, that was such an obvious move. 

“She… We don’t know either… She appeared suddenly… and then left without an explanation!” said the official, embarrassed. He wasn’t sure what just happened. 

What the hell was Coldblood Five doing? 

Princess Longji was equally confused, not sure what Coldblood Five was doing. However, just as she left, she sent a message to Princess Longji through a special channel. 

“Princess Longji, watch the person inside, don’t let him escape!” 

Who? Princess Longji was about to ask but Coldblood Five did not give her a chance. But she knew that after Coldblood Five disappeared, she would return and hide nearby. 

Princess Longji stepped forward. It was easy to check. Now that the door was broken, she could pretend to care about the princess to check out the person inside. 


Princess Longji peered inside the carriage, only to see the person still sleeping soundly inside. When she saw the face with a shoe mark, she understood. All her questions were answered. 

But a new question surfaced. Why was he here? 

“You jerk, wake up!!” 

Princess Longji turned and slapped the sleeping guy, stunning everyone. They didn’t understand why even their princess was acting weird. 

Especially the little princess, who looked at Princess Longji, terrified. However, while she was afraid, she tried to stand in front of the sleeping person, as if she wanted to block Princess Longji from harming him. 

At this moment, the center of attention, the person who was sleeping merely scratched his nose and mumbled, “Sister, that’s enough. Let me sleep…” 

And he carried on sleeping! 


“All you do is sleep! Guards, prepare a carriage!” As she spoke, Princess Longji picked up the sleeping person and exited the carriage. 

What was going on? Why was Princess Longji carrying a young man? They must know each other well. 

With her identity here, or more importantly, with her personality, would she pick up and carry just anyone? And this was a male. 

“Big sister, are you carrying Brother away?” asked the little princess weakly. 

“Yes!” nodded Princess Longji. 

“Princess Longji, that doesn’t seem appropriate… That gentleman belongs to us,” said the Ai La official softly. 

Princess Longji was a powerful figure here, he had lost all his confidence as a diplomatic officer. Even if she was the one being unreasonable here. 

“You are wrong, he belongs to us. Don’t you know who he is?” Princess Longji looked at the official and guessed that these people might not know, or they wouldn’t have said that. 

“?? Who is he? I don’t know this, the emperor didn’t tell us but we are supposed to bring him here,” the official explained, though he realised he definitely didn’t know. 

“It’s best you don’t know, then you don’t need any explanations. I will send my people to bring you to your accommodations, we have rooms for you! As for him, I’m taking him away!” Princess Longji grinned as if nothing they said would change her mind. 

That was right. No matter what they said, she would not change her mind. 

“Big sister, I want to follow him.” The little princess clutched at his sleeve. 

“Princess, you’re the princess of Ai La Empire, it won’t be appropriate for you to follow us,” said Princess Longji with a grin. 

“No, I have to follow Brother around! They’re not related to me, they can mind their own business! Brother has to treat my illness,” said the princess, shaking her head. She did not let go.