The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 661

“Hehe, you must be surprised. He was in Ai La Empire’s carriage. And this is the little princess, she calls him ‘Big Brother’...” said Princess Longji with a smile. 

“Oh, give him to me, you don’t have to carry him!” replied Long Anqi distractedly, taking Ye Lang from her. Although Princess Longji was a little unwilling, she could not refuse. 

“...Anqi, don’t you think this is very odd?” The empress dowager thought it was very odd for Ye Lang to appear like that, with such a strange relationship to another empire’s little princess. They needed explanations. 

Right now, Long Anqi ignored everything upon taking Ye Lang into her arms. 

“What’s so odd about it? You know how anything’s possible with the kid,” said Long Anqi. 

“That’s right. We won’t even be surprised if he destroyed the entire Ai La Empire,” said Ye Chengtian with a smile. Although he wouldn’t believe that he could do that himself, if it was Ye Lang, anything was normal .

“..” The empress dowager was silent, not expecting everyone’s impression of Ye Lang to be like that. 

“Aunty, is there a way to wake him up?” asked Princess Longji as she leaned towards Long Anqi. 

“It’s difficult, unless… Forget it, tell us how you found him,” said Long Anqi. She didn’t find it odd but she did want to know what happened. 

“It’s kind of a coincidence…” 

Princess Longji started to tell the entire story briefly, though omitting the parts involving Coldblood Five. She just told them that it was the Coldblood Group. 

She did not have to keep the Coldblood Group a secret because Long Anqi was the princess of the Vermilion Bird Empire. It didn't matter if she was Ye Chengtian’s wife, she could still access this information. 

The existence of the Coldblood Group could be disclosed but not the specifics. Ye Chengtian and the rest understood. Every empire had its own secrets, they did not need to know too many details. 

“I see. This kid’s sleeping like a pig, we won’t be able to wake him. Little princess of Ai La, what sickness have you got that you need this kid to treat?” Long Anqi looked at the princess, thinking that she didn’t look sick at all. 

“Yeah, there were so many people outside so I couldn't ask. But if you don’t want to tell us, that’s fine too,” said Princess Longji. 

She had wanted to ask the princess just now but it would be bad if the answer was not appropriate to be heard by the public. 

“I…” The little princess clutched Ye Lang’s sleeve, looking timidly at everyone. She did not answer their questions, afraid of these strangers. 

“Little girl, don’t be afraid. You can tell us anything,” said the empress dowager kindly. 

“...” The little princess ignored her, leaning closer to Ye Lang. She seemed to be immune to the empress dowager’s kindness. 

“Hey kid, do I really look that scary?” The empress dowager touched her face glumly, as if her feelings had been hurt. 

“Mother, talking to children is a skill and you’ve lost touch… Let me do it…” said Long Anqi with a chuckle as she coaxed the princess. But…


The princess leaned closer towards Ye Lang, not speaking to Long Anqi. 

“Hehe, you should just let me do this. She called me ‘Sister’ too!” said Princess Longji a little proudly, though Long Anqi and the empress dowager wanted to smack her. 


Unfortunately, the little princess seemed to be ignoring Princess Longji too. 

“Haha…” The empress dowager and Long Anqi couldn’t help but laugh. They looked at each other, then laughed more. This laugh seemed to be more than just laughing at Princess Longji’s embarrassing moment. 

Before, the little princess only spoke to Princess Longji because Princess Longji was about to bring Ye Lang away. She only conversed with a stranger out of desperation. Now that it was not required, she returned to her original state. 

“What are you laughing about?” asked Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess when they heard the laughter as they arrived. 

“Ahhh…” screamed the seventh princess. 

“Little Seven, what the hell are you screaming… Ahh…” 

When Ye Lanyu saw who it was, she screamed too. 

“Brother? Mom, why is he sleeping here? When did he return?” 

“I brought him back. Why didn’t you come with me…” said Princess Longji, provoking them both on purpose. 

“What? What happened?” They were confused. 

When Princess Longji briefly explained it to them, they both regretted not going with her. 

Although they still met Ye Lang, they would’ve liked to meet him as soon as possible. They didn’t like being second to other people, especially not if that was Princess Longji. 

“Ye Lang, time to eat…” said Ye Lanyu, annoyed as she grabbed Ye Lang’s collar. 

“Oh, sister… What are we eating today…” 

Ye Lang slowly opened his eyes, muttering. 


No way, he’d slept through the commotion just now. Yet he opened his eyes the instant Ye Lanyu spoke! It was exasperating. 

He did not even wake when someone stepped on his face, yet he woke upon hearing about food. 

“Eh? That’s not right. My sister shouldn’t be here, I must be dreaming. Let me go back to sleep.” When Ye Lang noticed something was wrong, he lay down once more to sleep. 

“Get up! Tell me what the hell happened! Why were you at Ai LA Empire, why did you bring their princess here?” Ye Lanyu would never let him sleep, hence grabbing his ear. 

“Ah… Ouch…” yelled Ye Lang, finally awake. 

“Sis, let go… Eh, why are you all here? And you? That’s not right, I should ask why I’m here… Wasn’t I asleep in the carriage? Where’s little Kaline?” Ye Lang started to look around. 

Little Kaline? Who? You mean… 

“Big Brother, I’m here!” said the little princess. 

Everyone confirmed that she was little Kaline, at the same time confirming that he cared about her very much. 


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