The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 664

Everyone was silent. The ones who were confused before were now still confused. What Leng Xueling? Leng Xueqi? Not sure what he’s talking about. 

The ones who understood were speechless. The magnificent Coldblood Group had become the Cold Snow Group. 

“Leng Xuewu, not a bad name. Actually, Lengxue isn’t a bad family name at all. What if we…” muttered the empress dowager. She seemed to have an idea about the Coldblood Group, about their name. 

She thought the term ‘Lengxue’ sounded great. If they mentioned ‘Lengxue’ in terms of ‘Coldblood’, other people would figure it out. However, as a secret organisation, their name should be inconspicuous. 

Using numbers was too simple. In the future, they need a new code - Lengxue (Cold Snow) would be their surname while they could have any name they wanted. 

Of course, they would still have their own numbers, for that represented their rank! 

And just like that, the Coldblood Group suddenly had a peculiar transformation. The term ‘Coldblood Five’ would just be a rank now, and people would not use it much in the future. 

This allowed the Coldblood Group to be even more mysterious…

And since then, a new surname appeared… 

“Lengxue Wu, Little Wu! Very good name,” said Long Anqi with a smile. She also knew about Coldblood Five but as one of the people by Ye Lang’s side, she thought Coldblood Five had needed a more normal name too.” 

“I’m Coldblood Five!” corrected Coldblood Five. 

“Right, it is decided then. Little Five, next time, your name will be Lengxue Wu in public. Unless you want to announce publicly that you’re the King of Assassins in the Coldblood Group. 

“King of Assassins?!” 

Everyone was shocked when they saw how petite she was. Although she was cold, they did not know how this person could be a killer. 

“Alright, that will do! So this means I’ll be by your side in public, not in the shadows like in the past?” said Coldblood Five in a flat tone, as if it was a very normal thing. 

“Mm! You don’t have to. It’s different from last time and I don’t need that now,” said Ye Lang, nodding. 

“Alright, but I’m only in charge of your safety. I’m not doing anything else. If you want to get a girl, I won’t help you. At the same time, don’t ever say that I’m in your way,” said Coldblood Five. 

“Alright, we’re not scamming anyone now, okay? Why would I be getting any girls?” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“Little Seven, do you understand what they’re saying?” frowned Ye Lanyu. 

“A Little! First, Ye Lang says that Lengxue Wu is a killer, the King of Assassins too. Second, she has protected him before! Third, I think they said they’ve gone to get girls together before,” summarised the seventh princess. 

Ye Lanyu nodded. She made sense. Wait, what are you waiting for? 

“Ye Lang, tell me honestly, did you go flirting with other girls behind my back?!” the seventh princess demanded, rushing over to him. As his fiancee, she had the right to.
“No, I didn’t,” Ye Lang shook his head immediately. 

“Then what were you all talking about?” 

“I was pursuing Li Yue. At that time, Little Five was with me as my bodyguard. Athena and Coldblood Seven were the ones who came up with the idea,” said Ye Lang. 

“Athena? Who?” 

“A vixen… Uh, a girl from the fox race. She’s very smart. She helped me a lot.” 

“Right, tell me about that…”

“It’s like that…” 

Ye Lang started to tell his story. Although they had already received reports, it was best they heard from the person himself. 

The little princess stared with her huge eyes, listening intently as she sat next to him. 

“You mean, the thing Zhao Yarou has is the underground city?” 

“Mm! That’s the one.” 

“What’s inside?” 

“I checked. All the best work of the Tiangong people is inside. If they conduct research, it’ll only be a matter of time when she conquers the entire mainland!” 


Everyone fell silent. They did not want this to happen. Zhao Yarou was a maniac, with such a powerful tool in her hands, they didn’t know what she’d do. 

“But don’t worry!” added Ye Lang. 

“Why wouldn’t we worry?! You stupid, why didn’t you just kill Zhao Yarou off? There were just the three of you there, don’t tell me you couldn’t kill her.” Princess Longji pinched him to vent her frustration. 

“I didn’t have the chance to! Don’t underestimate her. Next time, if you ever meet her, do not ever try anything or you’ll suffer,” reminded Ye Lang. 

“You think she’ll eat me up? I really don’t know what relationship you have with her. Why didn’t she kill you? Why don’t you kill her? Are you both really enemies?” Princess Longji did not understand. 

Many people didn’t. They both looked like archnemesis but somehow, neither side seemed to want to kill the other person. Both had the chance, they just didn’t. 

“What use would it be, killing her? It would just cause chaos in Soaring Sky, the victims in the end would be the civilians. To the people, it doesn’t really matter who is on the throne as long as they’re a good ruler. And she’s a good ruler,” said Ye Lang. 


They reflected on his words. It was something they had never thought about. In the past, they only thought about power and competition, always about how they should destroy their enemies. They never thought about the people. 

To the people, it was all the same. As long as they did not make the people suffer, it did not matter who the ruler was. 

“Don’t worry, the knowledge in there isn’t something that can be processed in one year. From compiling the information to putting it to use, to preparation, it would be impossible to do anything within twenty years,” said Ye Lang casually. 

Conquering the world was still no simple feat. Even if she had the ruins, she must spend many years preparing. 

“Twenty years… Anything could happen…” Princess Longji and the rest heaved a sigh of relief. They also had to prepare to watch Zhao Yarou’s progress closely. 

“Then tell us, why did you go to Ai La? Why did you bring their princess here?” 

“Ah, that’s a coincidence…”

Ye Lang started to speak, feeling his mouth turn dry. Why did they have so many questions? At least they were all here so he wouldn’t have to tell the story again.


“I can’t believe you pretended to be poor, and you were so strict with yourself too…”


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