The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 665

“You jerk, you’re impossible…”

“Can’t believe Fei was a bride, interesting…” 

As Ye Lang spoke, everyone reacted accordingly, smiling. They thought Ye Lang’s life was very interesting, he’d been to many places. 

After a while, he finally finished his story of what he did at Ai La Empire. However, there was one important question too. 

And that was… 

“Why did you bring the princess here? What sickness does she have? “

That’s right, they still didn’t know what sickness she had and why she followed him around. 

“This is a little complicated… Let me ask you a question, how old do you think she is?” Ye Lang frowned. It was a complex problem, so he asked them a question instead. 

“Seven or eight?”

“Eight, at most.” 

Everyone said their answers, none of them more than ten years old. 

“Ye Lang smiled and shook his head. “

“Ye Lang, you mean she’s not seven or eight? You mean she’s only five? She’s growing too quickly?” When Ye Lang saw his expression, she knew they were all wrong. 

Ye Lang shook his head, saying, “No! It’s actually the reverse. It’s not that she grew too fast but that she stopped growing. She’s already fifteen, she’ll be sixteen in a few months.” 


“How is that possible?” 

“Are you kidding?” 

Everyone gasped, including the empress dowager, who had lost her composure staring at the little princess. No one believed him. 

“That’s her sickness- the No-Aging Disease!” said Ye Lang. 

“What kind of sickness is that? That’s so weird?” The seventh princess squatted down, though the little princess quickly hid behind Ye Lang, peeking two timid eyes from his hip. 

“She’s already fifteen. Why does she look like a child, a very shy one too?” asked Ye Lanyu. 

“That’s her personality, I can’t explain it! Alright, we’re done here. I’m going back to sleep. Call me when it’s time for food.” Ye Lang got up. He was too lazy to explain. 

“You’re sleeping again? Are you still tired? Also, do you know where your room is?” 

“Of course! It’s not like this is my first time here…”

As he spoke, he led the princess away and did not stay to talk. He did not care. 

Coldblood Five bowed and left with him. 

“Grandma, we’re leaving!” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess left too. They did not want to let go of this opportunity to spend time with Ye Lang. 

“Grandma, Auntie, Uncle, you all go ahead. I’ll go check on his quarters.” Princess Longji quickly found an excuse to leave. Before they could respond, she left too. 

“Why are you all following me? Don’t worry, I know how to get there,” said Ye Lang immediately after seeing Ye Lanyu and the rest. 

“We just want to come with you, can’t we do that?” said Ye Lanyu with a smile. 

“You can!” said Ye Lang immediately. 

Although she was smiling, he knew that if he did not say yes, she would make him suffer. 

It had been twenty years, they knew each other well. 

As the noisy ones left with Ye Lang, things grew much quieter on the empress and Long Anqi’s side. 

And just like that, in the middle of it all, Ye Chengtian also slipped away to talk to his son. 

The father and son had not seen each other in so long, he had lots to say too. The girls immediately shut up, not daring to offend Ye Chengtian. At the same time, they understood that they should give some time to the father. 

That night, after their father-and-son time, it was the mother’s turn. That, they could not deny either. 


On the next morning, Ye Lang washed up after rising and sat in the yard to watch a show… No, more like watching someone train in martial arts. 

This person was very, very small. Like a child…

“Eh, isn’t that the little princess? She does sword fighting?” 

Princess Longji rose early too. She was surprised to see the little princess, and at the same time noticed that her style was very unconventional.

“Yeah, not sure what’s up with her. She seems to like sword fighting. But it’s healthy and trains the body, perhaps she’ll grow,” said Ye Lang, nodding. 

“Actually, I admire her a lot. Being a child forever seems so nice, you don’t have to worry about anything,” said Princess Longji gently. 

“Everyone admires everyone else’s life but you will never know their sufferings. If she lives like that forever, she’ll be cared for too. Yes, she doesn’t need to be worried about anything, but how will she experience the wonders of life?” said Ye Lang wistfully. This was something he did sometimes. 

“The wonders of life. I guess. Should a person live an exciting life or a quiet, stable one? No one can say for sure, everyone has their own answer,” said Princess Longji, also getting philosophical. 

“If I could choose, I would choose a quiet and stable life. But I wouldn’t want to be a child forever, a child can’t do many things,” said Ye Lang. 

“Can’t do what?” said Princess Longji with equal nonchalance. 

“There are so many things, for example, something between a man and a woman... “ 

“Stop there! You jerk, I can’t believe you think like that! I’ve underestimated you!” 

“What? It’s the truth…”

“Stop it!” 

“Fine, and I thought girls liked talking about romantic love. Why are you so repulsed by it? No wonder you can’t marry anyone!” 


Princess Longji fell silent. She didn’t expect him to be referring to that as something only adults can do. Anyone’ would’ve misunderstood, with the way he worded his sentence. 

“Cough cough, her swordsmanship isn’t bad at all, though I haven’t seen this style before. What style is this? Who taught her?” Princess Longji changed the topic. Although she was curious, she didn’t really care. This was just to change the topic. 

“My style. It’s called the Nine Dugu Swords,” said Ye Lang. 

“What?! You? You know swordsmanship?!” 

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