The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 667


That sword was as big as a dagger, a lot thinner than one too. It was a mini-sword. 

“Uh, wrong one! This is the right sword!” Ye Lang immediately changed his sword. Although it was smaller than a regular person’s sword, compared to before, it was giant. 

That was why Princess Longji and the rest did not comment on this one. 

“Alright, let’s begin! You first…” Princess Longji’s eyes darted at his sword as she spoke nonchalantly like she looked down on him. 

“You go ahead. Ladies first,” said Ye Lang politely. 

“Alright, as you wish!” Since he let her go first, she made her first move. However, it was a feign attack. 

At the beginning of a fight, she rarely attacked full-force to test her opponent’s abilities first. It was the same with Ye Lang. 

When she moved, he did too. At peculiar speeds, he thrust his blade right at her throat. 


Well, to everyone’s eyes, including Princess Longji, the sword was moving slowly. Unbelievably slow. 

Everyone thought it would be easy to dodge, including Princess Longji, who could do some random move and dodge effortlessly. 

The peculiar thing was, while the blade was slow, why did it suddenly appear in front of her? It seemed that no matter what she did, the blade was always close by. 

The time to react was too short. His blade was at her throat already. 

Everyone now realised that his movements weren’t slow at all. He had used a special tactic to create a mistaken feeling that his sword was moving slowly, that it was not threatening at all. 

In the end, even a person like Princess Longji was overpowered! 


At this moment, Ye Lanyu, Princess Longji and the seventh princess all fell silent, staring in shock. They could not believe that he had won. In one move. 

He quickly retracted his sword, leaving Princess Longji still in shock. He did not want to put his blade so close to a family member. 

“You.. you… you cheated!” yelled Princess Longji as she pointed a finger at him. She could not find anything else to say. 

“No, I didn’t! You’re the sore loser here,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head as he looked at her condescendingly. 

“Ah… You’re looking down on me! I’ll kill you.” Princess Longji was going insane. 

“Cousin Longji, calm down!” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess pounced to retrain her, fearing that she might attack him brashly. 

Although he had just won her with one move, they still thought Princess Longji was much stronger. If she wasn’t careful, if she unleashed her true powers, Ye Lang could be severely injured. 

“Calm down? You think I’m you? I’ll teach him a lesson but I know my boundaries,” huffed Princess Longji, annoyed. She shook them off gently. 

As a high-level martial artist, it was easy to shake off two magicians. 

“You little jerk, again!” Princess Longji cracked her whip, announcing that she was ready for another round. 

“Let’s not do this. We’ll get the same results, what’s the point?” said Ye Lang, shaking his head. 

He thought it was unnecessary if the result of another round would be the same. He was confident in his Nine Dugu Swords technique, that it’ll be easy to defeat Princess Longji. This was, of course, under the condition that they were not fighting to death. 

In a friendly spar like that, especially against Ye Lang, Princess Longji would not duel to their deaths. She would not unleash her full powers, and if she limited herself, she would not be able to beat Ye Lang. The same thing would happen. 

However, this was just what Ye Lang thought. Princess Longji would never believe that she would lose to him twice. 

“Stop that nonsense! Pick up your sword and we shall duel again!” said Princess Longji seriously. 

“About that… Little Five?” Just as Ye Lang spoke helplessly, he suddenly spoke at the spot behind Princess Longji, as if Coldblood Five was behind her. 

“Are you tricking me? That’s useless! Such an old trick!” Princess Longji thought he was distracting her for an ambush. Ye Lang had done this before.

“No, Little Five really is behind you…” He pointed behind her. 


Just as Princess Longji was about to say something, she felt a chill behind her and swung her whip back instinctively. 

There was the cold glint of a blade! 

Someone had drawn their sword! 

Everyone felt a strong killing intent at this moment…

“Little Five, no! We’re just sparring!” yelled Ye Lang. 

As he yelled, the kiling intent vanished as if it was never there. 

“Oh, it’s Princess Longji! Apologies!” 

Princess Longji turned around to see Coldblood Five standing there. She furrowed her brows. Princess Longji could not believe that she did not sense Coldblood Five’s presence at all. She only noticed because of Ye Lang’s reminder. 

If Coldblood Five truly wanted to kill her, she would have been in grave danger! 

They hadn’t met in a long time and Coldblood Five’s abilities had grown so much. She was the King of Assassins after all. With such progress, perhaps no one in the mainland could hide from her. 

At this moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess finally believed that the petite maiden called Coldblood Five could really kill. She was a terrifying killer too, they could tell from the killing intent they felt. 

They all guessed that Coldblood Five only cared about Ye Lang, mistaking Princess Longji for wanting to harm Ye Lang. She did not seem to have confirmed Princess Longji’s identity either. 

It was true that Coldblood Five had been careless. Perhaps she’d spent too much time with Ye Lang, hence she acted without hesitation. 

Perhaps she just cared about him, forgetting about everything else when she noticed he was in danger. 

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