The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 670

Ye Lang’s swordsmanship had touched her deeply. She felt like there was something she must comprehend from this. Once she fully understood it, she would achieve a breakthrough in her martial arts. 

“What’s Longji doing? Daydreaming?” 

After a while, Long Anqi arrived, thinking of having a chat with Ye Lang. She was surprised to see Princess Longji standing in the middle of the yard. 

“She must be reflecting on herself. She lost to little brother twice, both in one move. She’s got a lot of reflecting to do,” laughed Ye Lanyu. She took this light-heartedly. Ye Lang was more powerful now, this made her less worried about him. 

“Defeated in one move? Princess Longji is no ordinary person, could she be defeated in one move?” asked Long Anqi, surprised. 

“It’s true, it was very weird but he won!” said Ye Lanyu. 

“Oh, then where is he now?” Long Anqi did not ask again, only wanting to know where he was. She could get a direct answer from him. 

“He went to eat Osmanthus Jelly at Wanhua!” answered Ye Lanyu casually. 

“Eh, why didn’t you two go with him? Don’t you both like to follow him around?” asked Long Anqi. 

“I’m just his sister, not his wife. I don’t want to follow him all day. You should ask Little Seven!” Ye Lanyu turned to look at the seventh princess next to her. The seventh princess was drinking tea calmly. 

“Why me? You’re not following only because it’s not appropriate to go. Or you’d be with him now,” added the seventh princess since Long Anqi was looking at her. 

“Not appropriate?” asked Long Anqi, puzzled. “Is there a problem with Wanhua?”

“Yeah, it’s a brothel!” said Ye Lanyu directly. There was no need to beat around the bush with her own mother. 

“What? A brothel?! Why is he going to a brothel again? What’s wrong with you all, why didn’t you stop him?” scolded Long Anqi. 

“Mother, how could you blame us? He’s grown now, and he had already been hanging out at Romantic Floor before he was grown. He couldn’t control him when he was a child, do you think we can now? Also, he isn’t going there for the women, he just wants Osmanthus Jelly,” said Ye Lanyu resentfully. 

“...” Long Anqi fell silent. Ye Lanyu made sense. Who could stop Ye Lang? 

Although she was his older sister, she could not control him all the time. Although the seventh princess was his fiancee, they weren’t like a couple at all. They were more like childhood friends.  

Even as his fiancee, it was impossible for her to control everything he did. 

Plus Ye Lanyu had already told her the reason- Ye Lang was there for their Osmanthus Jelly. While for other people, this was a very stupid excuse, Ye Lang was likely actually there for their food only. 

Although it was a brothel, they were a luxurious restaurant too. Brothels could have unforgettable signature dishes too. 

“Fine, let him go. We have to stay here for a month anyway. He told us he’ll be returning with us to Ye City after this,” shrugged Long Anqi. 

They all knew about Ye Lang returning to Ye City and were excited about it. He’d been away for so long, they really wanted him to stay close for a while. 

That was also why Ye Lanyu did not go. If she only had one month with him, she would have sucked it up and got a few girlfriends to go with her. 

Who said maidens could not enter a brothel and remain maidens? 

“What? You said girls cannot enter a brothel? Especially not children? Who wrote these rules? Do you have such a law here?!”

When Ye Lang arrived at Wanhua Building along with Coldblood FIve, Liu Feiyan and the little princess, they were stopped by the bouncer outside.  

This was only natural. Who would bring girls and a child to a brothel? And these girls were beautiful, they’d shift attention away from their main girls working there. It’s bad for business. 

“Yeah, I’m always at brothels and I’ve never seen such a rule before!” said Liu Feiyan in a very matter-of-fact tone, as if there was nothing wrong with what she said. 

You’re ALWAYS at brothels? Who are you? 

Everyone looked over in surprise, for what she said was curious indeed. This girl had an innocent beauty, plus she was cold. It was unbelievable. 

A girl who would always be in a brothel must either be a brothel’s boss or one of the girls inside. And based on her age, it was unlikely that she was a boss. That meant…

No, it couldn’t be! She looked so innocent, she was very different. 

“Miss, although we do not have a law like that, it’s unspoken. And it’s… it won’t be appropriate for you to enter.” The bouncer softened when he saw Liu Feiyan’s face. 

“We’re just here to eat and listen to music. We’ll tip you! We won’t cause trouble. You’re open for business, how could you turn away customers?” said Liu Feiyan. She was very familiar with conversations like that. 

However, in the past, she was on the brothel’s side of the conversation. Now, she was in the customer’s shoes. 

That was also why she knew that Ye Lang and the girls would definitely not affect their business at all. All they could do was benefit the business. 

Liu Feiyan knew that with Ye Lang’s personality, he definitely would reward them with a lot of money. They would be all smiles with the money they were about to receive. 


“What? Just treat them like men. When we go inside, we’ll get ladies to accompany them too, will that work?” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. 


At this moment, Liu Feiyan and Coldblood Five glared at him. What are you implying by this?! 

Some of the bystanders felt their impression of these people changing. It was turning slightly awkward as their minds went into the gutter. 

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