The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 673

“Boss, you can just order more if you want, why do you have to fight a small child?” huffed Liu Feiyan after ordering more jelly. 

“Exactly! Kaline, if you want more, just go order some. Why did you have to fight with me? Don’t do that again or I won’t take you out.” Ye Lang shamelessly turned the conversation to the little princess, chiding her. 

“...” Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan were speechless. They really wanted to throw Ye Lang off the building for what he did to the princess. 

The little princess did not speak, merely looked at him, tugging at his clothes and swaying as if to say, ‘Brother, don’t be mad, I was wrong.” 

When they saw her, they grew even more furious. Ye Lang was evil! 

“Hmm! You’re bullying a child! I’ll fight you alone,” said Coldblood Five. 

“Tsk, could you? You can assassinate someone but you’re weak in face-to-face combat. I can squash you with one finger!” said Ye Lang with contempt. 

“Out! We will duel!” Coldblood Five shot up, banging the table loudly. The sound of plates shattering filled the skies. 

“We don’t have to go out, I’ll defeat you with one finger!” Ye Lang wiggled a finger and charged at Coldblood Five. 

“Hmm!” Coldblood Five huffed indignantly, thinking Ye Lang was exaggerating. Let me see what you can do with one finger! 

Coldblood Five had underestimated her opponent, though she would never do this to other people. She’d kill them first. But this was Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang poked her with one finger. She was about to laugh and mock him to prove that she was fine. 

However, she realised there was a small problem. She couldn’t move at all! 


What is going on? He merely prodded me with one finger, it didn’t even hurt. And I thought he was going soft on me. He must’ve done something! 

“You scum! What did you do to me?” She couldn’t move but she could still think and her lips could still move. 

“Nothing much, I just touched your meridian point,” shrugged Ye Lang. “Let’s see if you dare question my finger again! My finger can kill! I can just tap on your Death Meridian Point and you’ll die!” 

Coldblood Five asked, “Meridian point? What?” 

Ye Lang replied, “It’s a skill that can paralyse a person, like how you are right now. It can also kill silently, make the person laugh, cry or suffer in pain like he feels a thousand ants… It’s like being immortal…”

“I think you mean ‘living will be worse off than death…” Liu Feiyan corrected him. 

“Mm, you’re right. It’ll be worse than death,” Ye Lang nodded. “There are also other techniques, like stopping blood from flowing to an area…”

“Stop talking, can you teach me?” said Coldblood Five. 

“No!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Then stop your nonsense and let me go or I’ll kill you!” Coldblood Five demanded. She did not mind that he did not want to teach her. She just wanted to focus on improving her current skills. 

There was lots to learn. Tapping meridian points was not very useful to an assassin who killed from the shadows anyway. 

“Okay…” Ye Lang replied and unsealed her meridian point. 

She loosened her joints, then punched Ye Lang… 

“Ahh!” Ye Lang fell, though he did a flip and went back to his original state. He pointed at her angrily, “You ambushed me! Didn’t you say, if I let you go, you’d… Right, you didn’t say what would happen… I’m so stupid…”

“Good that you know you’re stupid, that means you still can be saved!” Coldblood Five waved her fists, then wiped them on a handkerchief and started eating the food that was just served. 

“Gulp gulp…” Ye Lang drank some shark fin soup, gargled, then spat it in the basket meant for food waste. 

“?? What are you doing?” Everyone was stunned. Liu Feiyan wondered if he was really gargling his mouth with shark fin. 

She was right. 

“Didn’t you say to gargle with it?” 


It was just a saying, who actually gargles with shark fin soup? An idiot! 

[Note: in Chinese, some food used to ‘gargle in one’s mouth’ is just an idiom for appetizers] 

“Ohh! I see what this is now, I haven’t seen anyone arrogant enough to wash their mouth with top-grade shark fin soup! I wonder what kind of barbarian you are, you’re obviously here to cause trouble!” 

Before Liu Feiyan could speak, an eerie voice came. This voice was filled with hostility, this person meant harm. 

Coldblood Five looked over, alert and thinking of a way to kill this person. 

If they knew what she was thinking, perhaps they would stay far, far away. 

However, these thoughts were not apparent on her cold face. At the same time, they treated Coldblood Five as an innocent maiden. 

All this hostility was half due to Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan. 

Within the brothel, it was common for jealousy to start fights. Ye Lang had two beautiful girls with him. This was bound to start a conflict. Anyone who didn't know better would act out a trope common in dramas. 

It was obvious this person with an eerie voice did not know any better! 

“... Little jerk, this is not an ordinary person. I remember he’s the prince of Vermilion Bird’s top clan, the Wei family. He is Wei Xing. Although he’s just a young master of one of their peripheral branches, he has already entered their inner circles and has massive power.” Coldblood Five immediately told Ye Lang everything about this person. As a member of the Coldblood Group, she knew both about her own empire and her empire’s enemies. 

That was why Coldblood Five knew that Wei Xing would not hurt Ye Lang. At least, he would not be here if he knew Ye Lang’s identity. 

The Wei family was top in the Vermilion Bird Empire so naturally, they had a good relationship with the royal family. Without such ties, how could they achieve such power? 

Then why would the Wei family want to offend Ye Lang? Especially Wei Xing, who was ambitious and hungry for power. He would never want to offend Ye Lang, for it would just throw him to rock bottom.