The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 675

Princess Longji felt like based on the Liu family’s abilities, it should be difficult to build such a huge network. There must be someone else in the shadows. She had to catch these people but never had the chance. 

Initially, she felt that since there were so many questions, the best method was to close Wanhua Building down. It was unfortunate she couldn’t do this because there were too many people involved so she could not give the order. 

Unless it was the last resort, she would not do anything to Wanhua Building. She only sent people to watch their every move. 

“Brother Liu, Brother Wei, we’re here for business. Let’s not keep the superiors waiting,” advised the gentleman. 

“Sir Chen, I know you’re a busy man and you don’t like shady places like this. If it wasn’t because all four major clans are working together this time, you would not treat me as your equivalent either! Alright, what about this- we’ve got you covered for your task, you don’t have to do anything. You can go home!” The man from the Liu family waved his hand as he spoke calmly. 

“Uh… Alright, then you all go ahead!” Sir Chen was angry but did not dare rebut him. With a wave of his sleeve, he left. 

The four major clans of the Vermilion Bird Empire were the Wei, Liu, Chen and Ximen family. They were the four largest families here. 

They did not have good relations with each other. This time, it was a special circumstance, hence they agreed to work together. If this happened on a normal day, they might be fighting already. 

At the same time, the Chen family was the weakest among the four, and the disparity between them and the other three families was huge too. That was why he did not dare refute. 

At the moment, Wei Xing and the rest looked at Ye Lang. They realised Ye Lang did not even look at them. 

They were insulted! 


Wei Xing slammed his hand down on Ye Lang’s table with a little douqi so it was especially loud. Everyone in the Wanhua Building turned towards Ye Lang. 

“Fuck! Little Five, that’s enough! If you do that again, I’ll throw you off the building!” 

Ye Lang glared at Coldblood Five. He had been enjoying his bird’s nest porridge when the slam caused all his food at splash unto his face. He thought only Coldblood Five would do something like that. 

“Hmmph!” Colbdlood Five huffed and looked away, ignoring him. 

“Boss, that was not Miss Little Five, it’s the people at the back!” Liu Feiyan said, pointing at Wei Xing and the rest of the people behind him as she wiped his face with her handkerchief. 

“Behind? Who was the one who slammed the table?” asked Ye Lang when he turned around to look at Wei Xing and the rest. 

“It was me! Kid, if you know better…” Wei Xing said arrogantly, about to advise Ye Lang to read the room and let him have Colblood Five and Liu Feiyan. He didn’t get to finish because…


Ye Lang directly flung his bowl of bird’s nest porridge at Wei Xing’s face. Wei Xing was stunned, drenched. 

No one expected Ye Lang to be this directed, retaliating without a word. This was going to be good. This kid had the guts to anger Wei Xing. 

“You! I’ll kill you, woman!” 

Wei Xing raged after a moment’s stunned silence. He felt like he had been utterly insulted, this barbarian had thrown food in his face. 

“Apologies! May I ask, who are you?” 

After Ye Lang splashed his face, he spoke very politely as if nothing had happened. Everyone was stunned by the sudden change. 

“I… I am Wei Xing, from the Wei family,” said Wei Xing. 

“I don’t think I know you, please leave,” said Ye Lang with an extended hand, a gesture for them to leave. 


“Hmmph! Since when did you have the right to tell me to leave!” roared Wei Xing. 

“Just a few moments ago!” said Ye Lang. 


Was this a prank? 

Everyone wondered. Ye Lang’s tone and actions seemed like he was playing with Wei Xing, completely disrespecting him. 

Actually, Ye Lang’s thoughts were very simple- if someone caused his face to be splattered with porridge, then he must take revenge! It was karma! 

As for asking for Wei Xing’s name- that was just basic etiquette among the nobles. After confirming that he did not know Wei Xing, Ye Lang answered very honestly. 


Everyone saw how Wei Xing raged, then pulled out his sword, about to charge at Ye Lang. At the last moment, he was stopped by the gentleman of the Liu family. 

“Brother Wei, it’s just a small matter. If you do this, how will you show your face here again?” he smiled. 

“Brother Liu, you’re right. It’s all this prat's fault. I lost my composure there!” Wei Xing rearranged his features and became composed again, as if nothing happened. 

“We’re all nobles, we do not mix with commoners!” Wei Xing looked at Ye Lang and the bunch with contempt. 

“Hey, Wei Xing, are you leaving the porridge on your face for supper? If you don’t mind, I have more here too,” said Ye Lang dumbly. 



It was hilarious. Wei Xing wanted to look like an intimidating, solemn man but forgot to wipe off the porridge on his face. The entire floor laughed. 

“You! That’s enough! Get the head lady here!” Wei Xing’s face turned from red to pale. Since it was not appropriate for him to do anything, he had to borrow someone else’s authority. 

For example, he wanted to get Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan through the head lady. He felt like these two must be new if they did not know the social rules here. The head lady would definitely make the girls leave Ye Lang. 

He was very wrong. Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan did not work here, even if the boss herself came, she wouldn’t be able to order the girls around. 

Liu Feiyan smiled. She wanted to watch the show. With Ye Lang here, she wasn’t afraid of anything. Ye Lang would help them out. 

Coldblood Five had a faint smile. She was not afraid of the four clans. She was backed by the Coldblood Group and this was an organisation backed by the empire. A family was just a family. 

The little princess continued eating, never asking questions or caring. She had a new habit- as long as Ye Lang was around, she completely ignored everything else. 

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