The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 679

“Little idiot, a woman’s age is a secret. You can’t say that.” Coldblood Five knocked Ye Lang’s head. “I’m sorry, Mrs Xin Ying, he’s a little stupid. It was wrong of him to say you were forty-three.” 


Was that even an apology? Ye Lang only said ‘in her forties’ and you told everyone she was forty-three. 

Xin Ying grew more and more suspicious of these people. Forty-plus was just a guess but if she could give such an accurate number, it meant it wasn’t just a guess. They must have investigated this place. 

It was true. The Coldblood Group had run investigations on this place. That was why Coldblood Five knew her age from the documents. Initially, she didn’t believe it but now, it was confirmed. 

Before this, Coldblood Five was fifty percent sure when Ye Lang said she was in her forties because Ye Lang wouldn’t lie. He must’ve seen through her using some method. 

“Hehe, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s just an age, it doesn’t matter. I’m not one of the girls working here,” said Xin Ying with a smile. It was a very forced smile, her feelings had been hurt. 

“Xin Ying, is that true? Are you really forty-three? That’s impossible, you’re so young…” Wei Xing did not believe what they said. 

“It’s true! Only very few people know. I wonder how you all know my age? Right, I forgot, what’s your name?” said Xin Ying with a smile. 

Shit, can’t you shut up? Wei Xing’s being so annoying. I know he was just conned of one thousand coins but if I knew he was like this, I would’ve made him pay more. 

“I’m Xue Wu, she’s Feiyan, the maid we hired. (At this point, Liu Feiyan was very upset but she had to keep it to herself!) This is my little brother, you can call him young master. He prefers everyone call him that. Also, this is our little sister, she doesn’t like talking to strangers!” Coldblood Five fought to speak first. She did not want Ye Lang to expose himself here. There was nothing wrong with eating breakfast but other people might overthink this. Ye Lang’s identity was a sensitive one too. 

Since Coldblood FIve said he was her sister, everyone also misunderstood that Ye Lang’s family name would be Xue. Naturally, they could not think of anyone. 

“Young Master Xue, what are you all here for?” asked Xin Ying. She had to probe for a reason why they were here. There must be a reason. 

“We’re here for breakfast!” Coldblood Five answered. 

“Mm, I came here to eat your Osmanthus Jelly. Your jelly’s delicious, I love it!” added Ye Lang. 

Breakfast? Osmanthus Jelly? 

Don’t you think no one would believe your story? Who comes to the brothel for breakfast? Why, because it’s quiet here? 

No one, especially not Xin Ying, believed them. She grew more suspicious of them. 

“I see! Thank you for supporting us!” smiled Xin Ying. It didn’t matter what she thought, she couldn’t show it. 

“Sister Xin Ying, do you really believe such bullshit? They’re here to cause trouble, why don’t you pass them to us!” said Wei Xing at this moment. At this moment, Xin Ying liked Wei Xing. She was just looking for someone to help. 

“They’re customers, you’re all customers. You’re all equal, I can’t pass them to you!” she said helplessly- obviously, this was all fake. 

“If that is the case, Xin Ying, you just wait on the side! I’m also one of your guests, you cannot stop me,” said Wei Xing immediately. 

“But…” she said hesitantly, thought deep down, she rejoiced. 

Brother Liu looked at Xin Ying and figured it out. She was using that idiot Wei Xing to test the waters. 

The bunch looked like very weird people, he did not believe they were here for breakfast! 

If Ye Lang knew no one believed him, he would’ve been so frustrated. What the hell are you all thinking? Why don’t you believe me? Does no one believe the truth these days? 

“Mrs Xin Ying, is this how you treat guests? By allowing other people to disturb us?” said Liu Feiyan coldly. 

“I have no choice! They’re my guests, it’s two sides of the same hand. I don’t know who to help, so all I can do is step aside!” said Xin Ying helplessly. 

Everyone could tell that she wanted to watch the show. She did not mind if they knew. She just wanted to use this to remind Ye Lang and the bunch that she knew they had other intentions. 

It wasn’t really her fault either. This was an odd bunch. They were already suspicious people, yet they accurately revealed Xin Ying’s age. 

“It’d be great if you stepped aside and just watched, I just fear that you might be on their side!” said Liu Feiyan coldly. 


At this moment, Coldblood Five noticed Xin Ying’s expression change. Did she guess right? 

Coldblood Five had already noticed that the relationship between Xin Ying and Sir Liu looked more like master and servant. However, it also looked like they were in a partnership, and Xin Ying was taking the more dominant role. 

Of course, this was just a guess. She must investigate further! 

Xin Ying’s face changed. Their objective for being here was getting clearer. They aren’t just here for breakfast if they know about that. 

Liu Feiyan was just speaking casually, it didn’t mean anything. Unfortunately, it was actually true so Xin Ying thought these few people must know something. 

Just like that, Xin Ying gave a subtle signal for her people to be prepared. They were in hiding, ready to attack at any moment. 

“Kid, I will make you pay today! Leave both your women here, and don’t worry, I’ll be kind to them. I’ve always been kind to pretty girls.” Wei Xing pulled out his sword. This time, no one stopped him. 


Wei Xing’s sword slashed down on Ye Lang’s table. He did not plan to deliver any fatal blows in the beginning. He would first intimidate them by cutting the table in half! 

Just as he slashed down, Ye Lang and the few moved quickly to save all their favourite food on the table. 

Everyone watched as four people balanced like circus acts with plates in their hands… 

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