The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 682

It would be an easy win for this group to fight a few young men and women! 

Even if Xin Ying thought Ye Lang and his bunch were no ordinary folk, she did not think that Ye Lang and the few could win. It would require them to be of at least Di level to win. 

The people before her did not look like they were of Di level- not just Di level, they didn’t even look like they were level 8. 

However, things took a surprising turn once again. If the little princess knocking Wei Xing out surprised them, then what happened next shocked them. They were slightly afraid now. 




Consecutive cries of agony could be heard as Coldblood Five used a dagger to kill several people in a row. They could not even see the dagger. It would suddenly appear at someone’s throat, or someone’s heart. Nowhere else. 

Every time, Coldblood Five would appear like a ghost behind her target, then slit their throat or thrust the dagger into their heart! 

This was her routine, she liked to kill from the shadows in one clean move! 

Both methods caused blood to splatter everywhere. Coldblood Five could kill without spilling blood but since Ye Lang said she could, then she decided to show them blood. 

A direct method like this had an intimidating effect on the rest. It was very effective in a group setting. 

Clang, clang, haargh… Clang, clang, haargh… 

Ye Lang leapt from place to place, posing in different stances with his sword. 

“Little jerk, what are you doing?” After Coldblood Five dealt with the last person, she looked at Ye Lang curiously. She didn’t know what he was doing either. 

“I’m setting the mood for you…” said Ye Lang. 


Too fast, they were too fast! 

It had just been a few moments and she’d already killed so many good fighters. Although they weren’t the most powerful warriors, it shouldn’t be this easy to kill them. 

Before this, they would have never believed that a young lady like her would be a killer. She did not hesitate at all when she killed. 

“Who… who are you all!” asked Sir Liu, utterly shaken. 

“You don’t need to know who we are! You just need to know that you can’t afford to offend us, you still can’t afford to offend us if all four major clans grouped together!” said Coldbood Five coldly. 

Even if they left Ye Lang out, the four major clans would not want to offend the Coldblood Group. 

“Alright, I’ll admit defeat this time!” declared Sir Liu angrily. It did not matter if what she said was true, it was a fact that he could not offend them right now. No one here could deal with Coldblood Five. 

He wasn’t sure if the boy who kept leaping about truly had the capabilities either. 

“You admit defeat, then you must admit that you were wrong too! We were having a nice breakfast and you all ruined it! Such a mood-ruiner, therefore, you must die!” as Ye Lang spoke, his expression changed abruptly. In a flash, he slashed his sword down at Sir Liu. 

Everyone was stunned, including Coldblood Five. She did not think Ye Lang would do something like that, or utter such words. He wouldn’t kill someone like that. 

“Ahh…” With a gasp, he moved immediately to block the swing. He was a bit too slow though. If Ye Lang really wanted to kill him, he just had to use a bit more force. 

In this moment, everyone realised Ye Lang could be as powerful as Coldblood Five, who was the cause of the bloody scene. 

Just as Sir Liu prepared to die, Ye Lang’s sword changed directions abruptly, now charging at Sir Ximen, who hadn’t done much up till then. 

The change was too sudden, his movements did not look like he was probing for Sir Ximen’s capability level. Instead, it looked like a slash meant to be fatal. 

What’s going on? Everyone, including Coldblood Five was confused. What was Ye Lang doing? 

Sir Ximen’s face changed and quickly blocked the attack. From his actions, he was obviously much more skilled than Sir Liu. At least he had some ability to defend himself. 

Very soon, Ye Lang broke through his defences and hit Sir Ximen, who was thrown in the air. 

“Pfft…” Sir Ximen spat out blood. 

“Ahhh…” The crowd gasped. 

“Hahaha, so you both really ARE working together!!” 

Ye Lang said something very weird. He was pointing at Xin Ying and looking at Sir Ximen, who had been thrown in the air. He was referring to them both. 

What? They hadn’t even talked to each other before. 

“Little jerk, what do you mean by this?” Coldblood Five was ecstatic, knowing that Ye Lang must have discovered something. She didn’t expect Wanhua Building to be working with the Ximen clan. This was something they hadn’t considered. 

After this incident, the Coldblood Group would slowly find that the Ximen clan was Wanhua Building’s true owner behind the curtains. The underground network was built by the Ximen family. While they were still far from being strong enough to rebel against the crown, they were definitely building a secret organisation. 

Then, Princess Longji would hug and kiss Ye Lang, praising that he was so smart to discover this secret! 

How did Ye Lang know? It was also an accident. What Ye Lang said was supposed to be irrelevant but it coincidentally revealed a secret. 

Within Dragon City’s Wanhua Building, it was silent…

“They’re working together? I don’t see it.” 

Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan stood in front, stunned. They looked at Ye Lang, then at Sir Ximen, who was wounded and struggling to support himself. They did not understand. 

Ye Lang’s sudden attack at Sir Ximen and the odd statement silenced everyone. 

Sir Ximen hadn’t spoken since the beginning so everyone treated him like he wasn’t there. 

Now, he was suddenly the focal point of attention! It raised many questions! 

“What nonsense is that! Don’t spread false news, Sir Ximen is unrelated to our Wanhua Building,” said Xin Ying. Her tone was very calm, she wasn’t shaken so no one was sure. 

If she were emotional, everyone would know that there was a problem here and Ye Lang was telling the truth. 

From this, one could tell that Xin Ying was a very capable woman. She did not panic and kept her cool. That was perhaps why she achieved the position she had now. 


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