The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 683

“I didn’t say anything related to Wanhua Building, I just meant he’s with you. But looks like I’m not wrong,” said Ye Lang with a smile. 

“Sir, you can’t spread false news like that. What evidence do you have that Sir Ximen and I are… are doing it… Although I’d really like it, I don’t think Sir Ximen would like me, a girl from a brothel.” Xin Ying refuted gently, flirting with a smile. 

Her behaviour made everyone think that Ye Lang was telling a joke! 

“Stop pretending, I am sure you both are together!” Ye Lang ignored Xin Ying completely. 

“Boss, you can’t pair them up like that… How can you even prove that they’re working together? They’ve been acting very normal and this Sir Ximen hadn’t spoken or done anything. What makes you think there’s a secret relationship between them? Did they do something private that you saw?” interrupted Liu Feiyan. It was the question everyone had, including Xin Ying and Sir Ximen. 

However, Xin Ying and Sir Ximen wanted to say that ‘secret relationship’ was a very wrong description. 

Yeah, nothing happened. Everything came from Ye Lang. If you say ‘secret relationship’, then it would be announcing to everyone that there was a problem. 

The victims were sentenced guilty before court session! 

“No! They haven’t done anything suspicious so far!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Then why did you say they’re together?” said Liu Feiyan. 

“I don’t know, I just know that something’s going on with them,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head. 


Ye Lang’s words made them exasperated. Who would say such a thing without reason? It must be a joke. 

“Sir, you’re a funny man but certain jokes come with a price! It’s fine if you humiliated me but you humiliated my customers. We must retaliate or other people might think us Wanhua Building are weaklings that they can walk over!” said Xin Ying calmly. She clapped her hands and her men surrounded Ye Lang immediately. 

At this point, Ye Lang was standing near Xin Ying and the rest, somewhat far from Coldblood Five. That was why Coldblood Five wanted to step forward to protect him. 

However, she didn’t need to do that because, with his peculiar techniques, he left the circle of people and returned by Coldblood Five’s side. 

“Hahaha, you want to kill me just because I discovered your secret affair? Let me warn you, if you go through with this, the consequences would be huge!” Ye Lang mocked Sir Ximen. 

“Hmmph!” Sir Ximen only huffed, as if he was an outsider. 

Right now, Ye Lang was telling everyone that there was a problem with Sir Ximen but no one believed him. Sir Ximen and Xin Ying’s actions also proved that there wasn’t a problem. 

“What consequences? I don’t believe you, a savage, could do anything with us four major clans here!” At this moment, before Xin Ying spoke, Wei Xing spoke up. 

“Are you still not going to admit it?” Ye Lang wiggled his brows mischievously, as if he was teasing them. He completely ignored Wei Xing. 

“Sir, stop spreading nonsense!” scolded Xin Ying. 

“Little jerk, do you have proof?” asked Coldblood Five, her eyes sweeping across Xin Ying and Sir Ximen. While there was something off, she couldn’t really tell what exactly was wrong. 

“Of course, I was sure since the beginning!” said Ye Lang, nodded. 


After he spoke, Xin Ying and Sir Ximen were shocked. They did not think anything they did would be suspicious. 

They were so careful because they feared being exposed! Why? 

Actually, they didn’t know that their caution led to the problem! 

“Why are you so sure?” asked Coldblood Five. 

“First, when I hit him, those people were very anxious, even more anxious than when I was about to hit Sir Liu!” said Ye Lang, pointing at Sir Ximen. 

After his reminder, Coldblood Five recalled that this was true. When he wanted to hit Sir Liu, these people weren’t as anxious but when he was about to hit Sir Ximen, some of them had already rushed over. 

“That is because you’re hurting our customer. It’s fine if you hurt one of us, Wanhua Building will deal with it but if you hurt other people, the problem becomes more complicated!” Xin Ying replied calmly. 

It made sense, it was a common answer. Some shops thought their own reputation was more valuable than their own safety. Of course, some realised that Ye Lang could be right. 

“Alright, that makes sense but after that? Sir Ximen never showed any reaction. This is a problem, I believe he’s hiding something,” said Ye Lang, looking at Sir Ximen. 

“What? I didn’t react? What reaction do you want me to have? Do I really have to react whenever someone spreads false rumours about me? I did not respond because you’re not worth my attention,” scoffed Sir Ximen with contempt. 

Yeah, why did he have to react? It’s not even the truth, so let them talk! 

That’s right. Many people agreed. Even if someone else insulted them, they did not have to respond either. Responding to people like that just meant more trouble. 

With his position in the Ximen clan, he did not need to care about a small, rude boy like that. He did not need to respond. 

“Is that so? I hurt you and yet, you did not react at all. Are you really THAT even-tempered?” asked Ye Lang, stunned. “Then I should continue hitting you, and you’ll be fine with it?” 


AT this moment, everyone realised that Ye Lang’s response meant this, not about the ‘rumours’. 

There was indeed a problem! 

There were even-tempered people in the four major clans. However, although Sir Ximen was quiet, he wasn’t the kind who wouldn’t retaliate after getting hit. Not just Ye Lang, a savage- he might even hit back if the emperor hit him. 

Coldblood Five now realised what was so wrong. According to reports, Sir Ximen was a cold tiger. He was calm but still a tiger-- no one can touch a tiger without its permission. 

Under normal circumstances, he should be fighting Ye Lang by now! 

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