The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 684

This situation was definitely not normal. He must’ve been too afraid of showing that he was angry, too afraid of showing there was a tie between him and Wanhua building. That’s why he stopped himself. 

However, this backfired and made other people realise something was wrong! 

“That’s because this is Wanhua Building and the owner of this place, Xin Ying is here. Of course it’s not nice for me to attack you,” said Sir Ximen coldly, as if this was a valid reason. However, after what Ye Lang said, this reason became too much of a stretch. 

“Is that so? If it were me, I wouldn’t care. You think I’d hold myself back and do nothing after someone attacked me?” said Ye Lang with a grin. “Of course, if the other person was someone close, I’d let them settle the matter. But didn’t you say you and Xin Ying aren’t working together?” 


At this moment, Sir Ximen and the rest felt like Ye Lang wasn’t as simple as he looked. He could defeat everyone based on a minor observation. If the conversation continued, they would just expose themselves more and more. 

“Very good! So this means Wanhua Building is working with the Ximen clan. Looks like our visit today was fruitful,” said Coldblood Five. at the same time, she sent a message out for people to come deal with the situation. 

Now, Coldblood Five was sure that it didn’t matter if Ye Lang could clarify Sir Ximen’s relationship here. Wanhua Building would not let them go easily, there will definitely be a bloody war. 

Nonsense, she just killed so many people. Of course they wouldn’t let her go that easily! 

Of course, she wasn’t afraid of a bloody battle. If she were alone, she would not even call for reinforcements and merely send information out. However, Ye Lang was here and she did not want to risk his safety. Although she knew Ye Lang was also a madman, she still didn’t want to risk it. 

“Who the hell are you people?” Sir Ximen furrowed his brows, asking directly. His question implied that Ye Lang was right. 

At this moment, he did not waste more effort trying to cover up because everyone was already suspicious and the discovery of the truth was inevitable. 

“I’m… Passerby (Lu Renjia),” Ye Lang said, smiling. He did not have time for conversation. 

Although he had just exposed the truth, he did not think there was a problem. Ye Lang did not grasp how serious the situation was. 

“Lu Renjia? You must be Sir Lu.” Although Sir Ximen was confused and thought it was a very weird name, he still called Ye Lang a ‘sir’. 

“Lu Renjia, not Sir Lu. You can call me Sir or Passerby!” said Ye Lang with a smile. He was too lazy to explain. 

“Whatever, tell me what the hell you’re here for, who sent you here?” asked Sir Ximen. 

“I came here to eat Osmanthus Jelly, your jellies here are delicious! They’re here for breakfast with me too. Do I need someone to send me here? You are a weird man if you need someone to instruct you to eat breakfast,” said Ye Lang honestly. 

“Fine, I’ll take that as the truth!” Sir Ximen frown, not wanting to continue talking. Ye Lang answers were the same, it would be pointless. 

“You don’t have to take it, it IS the truth!” corrected Ye Lang. 

“...Then how did you notice something was wrong? I didn’t speak nor did I have any interaction with Xin Ying. We greeted each other like normal people, we did not avoid each other,” said Sir Ximen, looking at Ye Lang. He still wasn’t sure how. 

Everyone understood that Ye Lang had found a problem but they didn’t know why he went out of his way to prove himself right. 

If it was just a suspicion, that was still believable. Their behaviour was very normal though, they didn’t deliberately not talk to each other just because they had a secret. 

If that was the case, they would’ve understood. However, that was not what happened. 

“There wasn’t a problem with you both, I just noticed there was a problem because you’re acting like this! It’s just instinct, stop asking me for the reason. Perhaps I am wrong but I am sure that I am right!” Ye Lang shook his head and gave a very irresponsible answer. 

Many people were furious with his answer, especially Sir Ximen. He felt resentful because he’d done nothing wrong and suddenly, his relationship was exposed. 

It was just a feeling, Ye Lang wasn’t sure either. He just felt like Sir Ximen was too out of the spotlight. There was a saying that the more inconspicuous a person looked, the more suspicious they were. Especially during a situation like that. That was why he had to prove his theory. It turned out that he might be right. 

Of course, he was just lucky to be right this time. 

“Fine, fine, fine! Guards, take them down, kill them all!” 

Sir Ximen clenched his teeth, giving orders to kill Ye Lang and his bunch. At this point, he ignored everyone’s surprised- Wei Xing and Sir Liu seemed to not know about this either. Only a handful of Wanhua people knew. 

“What are you trying to do? Stop that, we’re not people you can afford to provoke!” Ye Lang reminded once again when a group of people surrounded Ye Lang. 

Unfortunately, no one cared. If they knew who Ye Lang was, they’d definitely listen and disappear immediately. So what if Ye Lang knew there was a relationship between Ximen and Wanhua? That did not equate to a death sentence, it might not even be a crime! 

At most, one of their cards would be exposed to the public. While it would be frustrating, it might not really be a problem. 

Fighting Ye Lang would definitely result in heavy losses, perhaps their clan might not even recover. 

That was why many people regret this day so much after knowing Ye Lang’s identity. They did not dare underestimate anyone in the future, they understood that there were indeed people they couldn’t afford to offend. 

If they did not treat Ye Lang as some barbarian, some minor character, this wouldn’t have happened. 

“You think I can’t afford to provoke you? You don’t know how many brutes like you I kill a year, killing one more won’t make a difference!” At this moment, Wei Xing charged ahead, underestimating Ye Lang and completely forgetting about Coldblood Five. 

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