The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 685

At this moment, Wei Xing only yelled, “Don’t worry, Brother Ximen! I will kill this prat, I will avenge you!” 

“Brute? I am not, I’m just a little prodigal son!” Ye Lang smiled as he spoke. In a flash, he dodged Wei Xing, who’d charged at him, then picked Wei Xing up effortlessly and tossed him out. 

No one saw what Ye Lang did. All they knew was that after Wei Xing charged, he was thrown in the air. Ye Lang was on the edge of the second floor so Wei Xing was likely going to fall downstairs. 




Wei Xing fell heavily on the tables and chairs, causing a huge mess. He was slightly wounded too. 

Just slightly. As a very capable descendant of a major clan, Wei Xing did a flip the moment he landed and yelled at Ye Lang, pointing a finger at him. 

“What’s he yelling about?” asked Ye Lang, confused. 

“Just treat it like a crazy dog barking, ignore him!” said Coldblood Five as she glared at Wei Xing. A strong gust of killing intent shot from her eyes into Wei Xing’s. 

Wei Xing felt a sudden chill, his body shivered involuntarily. Since that moment, he did not dare look into her eyes, as if he was terrified of her. 

However, he didn’t notice it himself. It was ridiculous, someone looked at him and it scared him? Such nonsense! 

However, he did not know who his opponent was. Coldblood Five was the most terrifying assassin in the world, she was qualified to scare anyone. 

“I guess, he’s just a random guy. I’ll ignore him!” Ye Lang nodded and agreed with Coldblood Five. 

“Who are you calling a random guy? I’m the main character!” yelled Wei Xing, jumping in rage downstairs. 

“You may be the main character of your life but in this world, you’re just a supporting character, no, an extra!” said Ye Lang, laughing. 

“If I’m an extra, what are you?!” roared Wei Xing. He felt deeply insulted. 

“Me? I’m nothing, I’m just a passerby.”


No one expected Ye Lang to reply like that. They were expecting him to say something ridiculous. If he said he was an important figure, then it gave them permission to look down on him.

No one can be the main character of this world, not even if you conquered the world! 

Right now, Ye Lang effortlessly declared that he was just a passerby. His nonchalance made them think that he had already won because no one could refute that. 

An open-minded person like that would never lose because he never wanted to win. 

“Brother Wei, calm down. You don’t have to fight him yourself, just get your men to do it!” said Sir Liu. 

“That’s right. You gentlemen don’t have to do it yourselves, I have enough people here!” Xin Ying clapped. The crisp clap echoed across the building. 

Very soon, a crowd of armed warriors appeared before Ye Lang, looking intimidating. These warriors covered the entire two floors. 

“Looks like Wanhua Building’s more powerful than what we knew, these people aren’t average fighters.” Coldblood Five frowned slightly but her tone was still calm without a hint of fear. 

“Looks like you all really have a separate motive for being here. Then killing you all will be the right decision after all!” said Xin Ying coldly. She had been suspicious of them since the beginning. Coldblood Five confirmed her suspicions. 

If they didn’t have other intentions, why would they conduct investigations to check her military power? 

“We never had any motives. Knowing something about you doesn’t even mean anything. We run checks on everyone, you’re just one of them. Not even an important one,” said Coldblood Five. She knew what Xin Ying was thinking so she told them the truth. 

“Your lies are useless. If you didn’t want to attack us, why would you run checks?” spat Xin Ying. She thought of herself to be more important than she really was. 

To her, Wanhua Building was a very important organisation. Many tried to expose their secrets. There were many people trying to take them down, how could she not be important? 

The only explanation was that these people were still hiding their true intentions. 

However, she would never expect that this person was Coldblood Five of the Coldblood Group. Of course the Coldblood Group knew many things, investigating Wanhua Building was just part of their job. An unimportant part too. 

“You’re right, although you’re not very important, we are prepared to take you down if we need to. Since we now know you belong to the Ximen clan, then your existence is no longer valuable to us!” said Coldblood Five. 

They kept Wanhua Building because there were many powers connected to this place; but there was a more important reason- they were trying to figure out the true boss behind the curtains. 

Now that Ye Lang had figured out the part related to the Ximen clan, then there was no need for more investigations. Previously, they didn’t have enough reasons to take Wanhua Building down. There was a reason now. 

What reason? 

They were trying to harm Ye Lang, this was reason enough. They were just a brothel, yet they dared touch Ye Lang, who was the equivalent of a little prince. 

Ye Lang was Long Anqi’s son, he could be counted as a prince. Ye Lanyu was also technically a princess. This was a rule in the mainland. 

Sons and daughters of true princes and princesses could still enjoy some of the benefits of royalty. These were just superficial benefits, they did not have any substantial power. 

For example, they could not compete for the throne. These descendants and their children had no right to claim the throne either. 

Although they were technically princes and princesses, they still required a coronation for a formal title. Usually, they were still treated as royalty in a common setting. For example, if someone surrounded and killed royalty, these people could be sentenced to death. 

That was why there was already enough reasons for Vermilion Bird Empire to demolish Wanhua Building. Even if the empire did not do it, Princess Longji would. 

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