The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 687

“Killing enemies? They look fine but it’s weird… Why aren’t they moving?” Liu Feiyan looked around, puzzled. 

Liu Feiyan did not seem to be aware of the dangers around her. She could be wounded if any of these weapons touched her, perhaps even ide. 

Under normal circumstances, she may look calm but still feel afraid. Right now, she didn’t just look calm-- she felt no fear. 

There was only one reason for this- Ye Lang. Ye Lang gave her a sense of security, that she’d be safe even if the sky fell. 

“They aren’t moving because they can’t… Because they’re dead…” Ye Lang said coldly. 


How is that possible? In so few moves? These aren’t your average warriors, they can’t be killed so easily. And you didn’t do much either. 

This is impossible! You can brag but do it after the fight or you’ll become a joke! 

“Thud… thud…” 

Just as the crowd thought Ye Lang was bragging, just as they thought it was a funny joke, everyone around him collapsed. When some people went to check the bodies, they realised there were only faint wounds on their bodies. These wounds were in different places but they were all in fatal spots. 

If they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, no one would’ve believed that such faint wounds could kill. 

This kid was scary, he was scarier than that cold-blooded girl! 

Although that girl was an emotionless killer who performed violent kills, at least they saw blood. This kid killed without spilling blood. 

“Do you all want to do this again?” asked Ye Lang. 


“I don’t think we should. We can just talk it out, it’s not like I killed your family or parents, is this really necessary?” said Ye Lang. 

As he spoke, Coldblood Five was still clearing enemies. Lives were lost every second, this made Ye Lang’s speech lose its effect. No one was listening anyway. 

“What should we do? If this continues, we will run out of people!” Xin Ying looked towards Sir Ximen, frowning. 

“Call for help!” Sir Ximen clenched his teeth, regretting his decision to come today. 

He could not let this go now. These two troublemakers must be killed no matter the cost or their secret would be leaked. Most importantly, it would mean the lives they just sacrificed would be for nothing. 

Sometimes, the cause of an event could be very small but it could escalate out of hand. This was because either both or one side had already paid the cost, hence they had to spend more and more effort to justify what they did.

It was the same here. The few major clans and Wanhua Building could not give up now. If there weren’t enough people here, they would call for reinforcements. 

Very soon, Wanhua Building was the focus of the entire city. Many people knew that there were hoards rushing over as if something major happened. 

Both curious people and the ones who needed information for other motives all gathered around to observe. They did not enter because the compound was already blocked off. 

However, they knew there was intense fighting inside because they heard cries of agony and sometimes saw bodies thrown out of the window. 

But they didn’t understand who was fighting who. The people surrounding the area and entering the building seemed to be from the major clans. Unless the four clans were fighting each other? 

The audience would never know it was Ye Lang and Coldblood Five against the three major clans and Wanhua Building. 

If everyone knew, their jaws would drop. 

“Little Five, where are our people? These people are so annoying, I don’t want to do this any longer!” said Ye Lang, bored. As he spoke, there was a glint from his sword and a crowd of people collapsed. 

“They’re arriving soon. It’s a good opportunity now, I believe they know what to do!” said Coldblood Five, her hands still working. 


Xin Ying and the rest panicked. These two weren’t ordinary people. If they had reinforcements, would this mean Xin Ying and her bunch had fallen into their trap? 

If they knew Ye Lang was talking about the Coldblood Group, they would have called it off immediately. They would rather accept their losses than continue. 

Theoretically, the Coldblood Group should’ve arrived a lot sooner. Xin Ying’s reinforcements were already here, where were they? 

There was a reason not because they were slow to react. On the contrary, they assembled nearby very quickly. 

At this moment, there was already a portion of Coldblood Group members nearby, ready to help anytime. However, they were just prepared but did not take action. 

This was because the Coldblood Group was conducting investigations on the three major clans and Wanhua Building. This was a good opportunity to observe them. The more reinforcements the three clans sent, the more cards they showed. 

This was also why Princess Longji, who should’ve appeared sooner, deliberately waited. They all had safety measures in place. If Ye Lang was in danger, they would appear immediately. 

Princess Longji wasn’t worried at all. If Ye Lang could annihilate Tanlang Military Group’s elite team. This would be easy for him. 

At this moment, she was very excited because she was going to get many things she had longed for. Especially in handling the matter involving several major clans. This was all because of Ye Lang so she badly wanted to hug him and give him a big kiss. 

“Oh, carry on then…” said Ye Lang, indifferent. He continued guarding Liu Feiyan and the little princess. Actually, he was just protecting Liu Feiyan. 

Ye lang had already sent the little princess off to fight the enemy. Although she wasn’t very strong, she was very talented. She had a fighter’s instinct too, she could deal with one or two people alone. 

It was a great opportunity for actual fighting, Ye Lang would never let this opportunity for the little princess to fight go. Everything she learned could be used in real life and it would improve her foundation. 

In the end, everything looked off-balance because a little girl was involved in bloody fights against a hoard. Anyone would think it was unnatural. 

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