The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 690

At this moment, Sir Ximen and Xin Ying were relieved that Ye Lang and Coldblood Five were careless enough to forget about confiscating their stuff. This gave them a chance to retaliate! 

This would be the turning point against Ye Lang and Coldblood Five although they were not confident they could kill. 

However, they could also take someone as hostage, then blackmail them. They would surrender obediently then. 

However, in that moment, they realised there was something on their shoulders-- Ye Lang’s sword and Coldblood Five’s dagger. 

They now realised that they weren’t careless, they just didn’t care. Even if they had weapons, Ye Lang and Coldblood Five could easily defeat them. 

Just like that, Sir Ximen and Xin Ying kept their weapons and sat obediently.

“Stop all the killing, we should just talk business now. How much is Wanhua Building worth? I’ll buy it!” Ye Lang kept his sword in its sheath. 

“Hmph! Shut up, you can do whatever you want but we will never sell Wanhua Building to you,” said Sir Ximen, trying to counter Ye Lang’s lewd arrogance. 

“‘We’? So you’re not the one who can make decisions here,” Ye Lang frowned. “Bring me the one who can actually make the decision. Tell him I want to buy Wanhua Building, I’ll pay whatever price he offers.”


Are you trying to trick us into giving you information? Do you think we’re stupid enough to fall for your tricks? 

“There are no other people, we are the ones who make the decisions. I’m talking about us, me and Miss Xin Ying,” said Sir Ximen. He could still explain himself if he was exposed but he’d be in trouble if it involved other people. 

“I see. Then you both discuss and offer a price. Give the land and building deeds, as well as the ladies’ contracts to me,” said Ye Lang. He did not mind who was in charge, as long as he got the contracts. 

“ ...You’re so arrogant. Would you be able to afford my prices?” huffed Sir Ximen. Ye Lang implied that he could afford whatever they offered. 

“Don’t worry, as long as you are bold enough to name a number, I will pay!” said Ye Lang. 

“Haha, is that true? Then I want a million gold coins, can you afford that?” scoffed Sir Ximen. He thought Ye Lang would not be able to pay. 

There weren’t many people in this world who could pay a sum like that. Even if they could, they would not spend a million on a brothel. One hundred thousand gold coins was already quite expensive. 

“So it’s just a million! And I thought it’d be more… Hand over the deeds, I’m buying the places.” Ye Lang patted his chest, heaving a sigh of relief as if it was cheap. 

Who the hell was he? Did he say one million was low? Was he THAT rich? 

“I don’t believe you, show us the money first,” said Sir Ximen. He thought Ye Lang was just bragging, wanting to see the contracts without the money. 

“It’s just a million gold coins!” said Ye Lang casually. He took out a cheque for one million from his space ring nonchalantly. 

Everyone was stunned, realising that this wasn’t a regular brute, he was a rich brute. He could pay one million gold coins without hesitation. 

“...” Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan were stunned too. They knew he was rich, but not THAT rich. 

“Didn’t you spend all your money? Why do you have so much?!” asked Coldblood Five. Based on her reports, Ye Lang had once spent all of his money. 

“There are many sick rich people in this world,” said Ye Lang.


“Yeah, rich people are sick, like you…” Coldblood Five realised that Ye Lang had earned these back. She didn’t know he’d earned this much. 

However, she was wrong too. He didn’t just earn this from the clinic, a portion was from Tanlang. 

When he fought Tanlang, he raided many officer’s houses. Although most of it was donated to the poor, he had a portion unused. He decided to spend it for them. 

“Hey, my money’s here. Where’s your contract? Hurry, so I can rightfully kick them all out,” reminded Ye Lang, snapping them back to reality. 

“What?! No way, we’re not selling!” Xin Ying shook her head after a moment’s stunned silence. She would not dare sell this place even for ten million. 

“Hey, didn’t we have an agreement? You name the price, I pay you. It’s a trade. I don’t like people who break their promises. This place is already mine, take this one million, you must give me the deeds,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head. He must buy this place. 

“...” Sir Ximen fell silent. He did not expect this. 

Everyone was confused. Weren’t they supposed to fight? Why were they having a business deal now? And a huge deal too. 

Of course, they couldn’t sell this place. The value of this place could not be measured with money. They would not give this place up even for ten million gold coins. 

“I do not agree with this. I was joking just now,” said Sir Ximen.

“I’m serious about this!” Ye Lang looked at him solemnly. 

“Apologies then, you’ll have to kill us to get this place,” said Sir Ximen haughtily. 

“Oh. Little Five, kill them!” 



No one expected Ye Lang to say this, especially not Coldblood Five to obey him immediately. She moved instantly, giving them no time to stop her. 


Sir Ximen’s eyes were wide open in his last breath, in disbelief. He was just talking, he didn’t really intend for them to kill himself. He didn’t expect Ye Lang to really kill him. 

He did not expect Ye Lang to kill them under the current circumstances either. They’d lost their bargaining chip, lost their hostage. Then everyone else did not need to be cautious anymore. They would just attack at maximum capacity. 

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