The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 691

“You, how could you kill them……”

Wei Xing stared at Ye Lang in panic. He thought that Ye Lang was such a dreadful person that he’d kill without blinking an eye. He would have been dead if he was in Ye Lang’s possession. 

 ”What’s wrong with this?” Ye Lang said casually, “It was him who said that I’d have to kill them in order to get this place.” He continued, “I wanted this place, so I had no other choice but to kill them. Besides, they are neither good people nor trustworthy, so why wouldn’t I kill them?

 Everyone went silent after hearing Ye Lang. Sir Ximen and Xin Ying would have regretted provoking Ye Lang if they could still hear him. Ye Lang wasn’t someone to be defeated with a rational mind. 

“And you killed them because of this?” Sir Liu and others couldn’t accept his statement. 

 “What else? We must show no mercy to our enemy.” He said with a dull voice. Didn’t  Sir Ximen and Xin Ying want to kill them too? He didn’t need much reason to kill Sir Ximen and Xin Ying.

”Have you ever thought about the fact that you’re surrounded?” Liu said with a frown. In the meantime, he was also maintaining a certain distance between himself and Ye Lang. 

 ”So what? All you do is scoff at me. You will only suffer if you pissed me off,” said Ye Lang without care. 

 “I’m going to kill all of you no matter who you are!! Charge....”



As both sides were prepared to slaughter each other, the door that should have been tightly closed was knocked down ruthlessly. Then, a bunch of people rushed inside to the place, making a huge scene. 

They killed anyone in their way who tried to stop them. Such ruthlessness reminded the people that they are neither people from the clans nor Wanhua. 

At the same time, this also indicated that these people were very well-trained elites, even better than those from the clans. These men were definitely the best of the best!

These men entered and the scene descended into chaos once more, like they were the predators on top of the chain. 

These men opened up a path from the door to Ye Lang while the people did not have sufficient time to respond. They also separated Ye Lang from those who surrounded him. 

These men were wearing the same uniform and had the same weapons. Based on their uniform and weapon, they were a mercenary group. And they were...

“This…. this looks like…..”

“It’s Princess Longji’s Mercenary Group.”

Why is Princess Longji’s Mercenary Group here? What the hell? Could it be because of these people inside, or was it something else….

Those questions were answered as soon as Princess Longji showed up. 

“Silly, do you know how dangerous this is? You naughty boy,” Princess Longji said as she strode towards Ye Lang down the path divided just now. 

“This isn’t dangerous! And they had to trouble me even when I was minding my own business. You can’t blame me.” Ye Lang showed his innocence by shaking his head. 

“You are such a silly boy. But you’re right this time. Come, let me hug you!”  She hugged Ye Lang and kissed him on his cheek as he struggled.

“What are you doing? Why did you kiss me?”  He asked cluelessly. Princess Longji couldn’t help but kiss him again.

 “??”  Ye Lang was so confused. Why was she acting so weird? Then again, weird was her normal.

…Princess Longji would be so, so mad if she knew what Ye Lang was thinking about 

“You weren’t the one playing the guqin just now? I thought you were playing and didn’t want to come in.” Princess Longji now realised that everyone was alright and spotted Liu Feiyan was sitting in front of guqin.

“What, what’s wrong with me playing guqin? Why were you scared?” asked the clueless Ye Lang.  

“No, nothing!” Princess Longji knocked his head and did not dwell on the subject.

“Princess Longji, this is...?” Sir Liu approached and asked her. At this point, killing Ye Lang would not be possible. All wanted was to know who this person was.

 “He's my little brother. All of you should have heard of him. His name is Ye Lang,” Princess Longji said with a smile. She knew that this would not happen if they knew. 

Princess Longji wanted to watch their reaction. She believed that the reaction would be truly fantastic after they knew Ye Lang’s true identity. 

“What?! Impossible!”

 As expected, they were shocked. Some were regretful of their actions but some of them turned gloomy…...

What now? So it really is Ye Lang. We’re in such big trouble now! Not only do we have to bear the blame, but we also have to apologize and explain all of it as well... 

“How is that not possible? He’s just having food here. I never thought that all of you would treat him with such kindness. I’m so thankful. I’m sure the empress dowager would thank you personally because this silly is currently her favourite,” Princess Longji smiled and said, like she was being polite. 

 However, anyone could hear that was being sarcastic. This would go on and on if they did not provide any reasonable explanation. 

“Why should you be thankful? I was surrounded! Have you gone mad?” Ye Lang moved his hand towards her forehead, making sure that she wasn’t sick. 

 Princess Longji swatted his hand and said, “You are so stupid. Do you know what’s happening?”

 “What happened? They wanted to harm Little Five and Feiyan. I've seen many perverts and killed many. It's not a big deal,” said Ye Lang. 


Ye Lang, obviously, did not understand the real situation. He just thought they were a bunch of perverts, treating them the same as Tanlang Military Group. 

Everyone was frustrated. They felt like they were digging their own graves. It could have been a normal day, if they had chosen to stay put. 

If it really was Ye Lang, perhaps it was true that all he wanted to do was eat there. He had always been strange. It would also have been normal if he wanted to eat in a place full of enemies!

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