The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 693

“Chase everyone out, get me the contracts and pay this to…” as Ye Lang spoke, he was about to retrieve his cheque. 

“Let me deal with this, don’t worry about the money. I’ll pay someone. I just don’t know if they’d want to accept it, that’d be none of my business.” Princess Longji snatched the cheque, smiling. 

She knew that if Ye Lang dealt with the money, the one million gold coins would be gone. If she dealt with it, perhaps she could get more back. 

These people surrounded Ye Lang and even tried to kill him. The several major clans must pay for this, it was not the end. 

She trusted the few major clans to know what to do too. They would definitely discuss how to compensate. The more they compensated, the more likely this matter would calm down. If they did not, the consequences could be disastrous. 

It was awesome. The little jerk was a lucky star. He helped solve this problem and even took over the place. Now she could do whatever she wanted. 

“Oh, that’s fine too. Hurry! Kick everyone out, don't let them come in!” urged Ye Lang. 

“Alright, immediately!” Princess Longji nodded. If he were someone else, she would’ve kicked them. She did things at her own pace, she didn’t need urging. 

“Little Five, find me the deeds. You all are better at this!” Ye Lang said to Coldblood Five. Regular people might not find them, for such important documents would definitely be hidden well. 

However, to the Coldblood Group, this was not a problem. They were professionals! 

“Alright, we’re on it!” Coldblood Five nodded and disappeared. She went off to work with other members to search for the deeds. 

“Feiyan, round up everyone working here, and get them to send over another plate of Osmanthus Jelly,” Ye Lang said to Liu Feiyan. If he had bought this place, he had to talk to the people here. 

“Yes boss1” Liu Feiyan nodded, understanding what he was about to do. She had experienced it before. 

When she saw everyone working, the little princess reached out to tug his sleeve with her little hand, as if to remind him of her presence. 

“Kaline, let’s go downstairs. I thought of a song that’ll be very suitable for Grandma’s birthday party,” said Ye Lang with a smile. He went to the performance stage and tried out their instruments. 

At this moment, there were many people nearby in charge of protecting Ye Lang. They did not disturb him, they were just guarding him silently. 

The rest of the people continued working and soon, the place was cleared. Other than a portion of people guarding important passageways, most guards surrounded the outside of the building, barring anyone from entry. 

At this point, outsiders knew that it was a conflict between Princess Longji and the few major clans. They didn’t know what it was about but they were sure that it was an unfortunate day for the major clans. 

From their depressed, gloomy expressions, one could guess the outcome of the conflict. Their departure along with Princess Longji’s mercenaries remaining behind was also solid proof. 

“Boss, what are you playing?” When Liu Feiyan completed her task, she saw Ye Lang sitting on the edge of the stage, both legs swaying mid-air, playing a peculiar tune on his pipa. 

“I’m playing the pipa, can’t you tell?” answered Ye Lang. 

“I know you’re playing the pipa, I meant what song are you playing, it sounds so weird…” said Liu Feiyan. 

“It’s weird but it isn’t bad at all. It’s a unique song when paired with other instruments. I’m planning to perform this at Grandma’s birthday party,” said Ye Lang as he played a few notes. 

“Perform…. Whatever, as long as she likes it. She just wants you to perform, doesn’t really matter what it is,” said Liu Feiyan, shaking her head. With the empress dowager’s thinking, Ye Lang should be fine. 

“Don’t worry, it suits the occasion! This is a very special song, you’ll understand when I perform it!” said Ye Lang with a smile. 

“Boss, I heard your pipa playing makes people sad and almost drove the Ye family crazy. After that, I wanted to hear your play but you refused. You should perform that.” Liu Feiyan looked at him with anticipation. The Ye family obviously remembered him playing the pipa, sometimes they’d mention it and hoped to hear him play again but Ye Lang wouldn’t. 

“It’s not appropriate for the event, that one’s too sad! This is better, makes the audience feel happy.” Ye Lang shook his head, refusing the suggestion. 

“Happy? It’s a little happy but it’s not enough! Making your audience sad is the same thing, it’s good as long as it’s a memorable performance.” Liu Feiyan looked at him expectantly. 

“It’ll be enough! I need a few more accompanying instruments, you’ll join me!” Ye Lang played a few notes on his pipa. 

“Me? That’s great! Then wouldn’t we be performing twice consecutively? We might need to change it up a little.”

“It’ll be fine, I want this effect. It will be an abrupt change, this will give a slight comedic effect,” he shrugged. 

“Right, are you done? Is everyone here?” Ye Lang looked below the stage to see a crowd of beautiful women. 

These ladies looked at him, puzzled. They didn’t know what was going on. Why did their boss change so suddenly? 

“Most of them are here. Some were unwilling so they left. Probably their people…” said Liu Feiyan. There were naturally people of special positions among the brothel’s girls. 

These girls with special positions were divided- one portion went with the flow, the other was loyal to Wanhua Building. These were the ones with more important positions. After knowing that the building had switched hands, they left. 

“Let them go, I don’t want them to stay anyway,” shrugged Ye Lang. “After Little Five and the rest get the contracts out, return their prostitution contracts to them, set them free!”


What?! What did he say? Did he say he’s returning our contracts to us? He’s setting us free? 

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