The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 705

“Your Luse Kingdom is also a large kingdom, as the queen, are you sure you haven’t heard of Ye Lang’s name?” said the emperor. 

“I have, isn’t he just a kid who runs around?” said Long Anxi. 

“Runs around? You’re right but everywhere he goes, he’d garner the support of various powers in the area! From Sheng City to the Tiger Tribe to the Ai La Empire, every major power has close ties with him. He also has unbelievable alchemy skills. Just for this point, no one dares take him as an enemy. 

“So what? It’s just alchemy. If it’s about ties, I have contacts too. I’m the queen of a kingdom, my Wu Ji is a true prince. He’s just a prince by name,” said Long Anxi indignantly. 

“Even my own son isn’t as impressive as that little troublemaker, you think your Wu Ji can compare? Whatever, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Even if you’re stupid, don’t you see why your siblings didn’t leave just now? They were here to try to get to know Ye Lang. Have you ever seen him try to talk to you? How many people went to visit Ye Lang these few days? How many visitors did your Wu Ji have?” The emperor had completely given up on the conversation, preparing to leave. 

“Sigh, whatever! Just reflect on yourselves!” At this point, the empress dowager didn’t want to dwell on it either. This wasn’t her daughter, she came from another concubine. It was already more than enough for her to have this conversation. 

If they wanted to talk to her, the emperor, as the oldest sibling, was the one who had the authority. If he had given up, what could she do? 

After they left, Long Anxi and her children did not seem to accept this reality, although they knew that no one seemed to take them seriously since they visited. One of her younger sisters even talked back to her before this, that was why she was so short-tempered today. 

As she thought about it, just based on the number of visitors, Ye Lang had beat them. They didn’t want to admit this, but they must. 

Long Ai, who was still tending her flowers, suddenly added, “Cousin Ye Lang has a thousand visitors per day but he never meets any of them. This is what Sister Longji said…” 

They must be blowing up the numbers! 

Long Anxi and her children felt like Princess Longji was just bragging. How could it be a thousand? Did the entire city visit? 

But even if there weren't a thousand, there should be hundreds. They didn’t even have ten. 

They didn’t know that Princess Longji wasn’t exaggerating. This number didn’t include random people. If she included everyone, the number would be bigger. 

They all visited every day because they still hadn’t met Ye Lang. With his attitude, he was likely going to disappoint a thousand people. 

Ye Lang’s excellence made Long Anxi and her children jealous and embarrassed! 

Some people with power were arrogant. They could not stand seeing another person better than them. They’d get jealous, they’d hate the person! 

Ye Lang ignored these people. People like that would never succeed in life, they won’t even be significant villains. A successful person, no matter good or bad, required a big heart to not react to every little thing. 

If you had a big heart, perhaps you wouldn’t be a villain, you’d be a hero! 

Jealous ones would just be angry all their lives! 

Very soon, the day of the empress dowager’s birthday came. Ye Lang, Liu Feiyan and the rest left early in the morning towards the palace to familiarise themselves with the place. 

Ye Lang was supposed to go with Ye Chengtian and the rest but they’d rehearsed until late at night. Hence, he decided to stay over at Wanhua and leave for the palace with them. 

Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi did not mind. Ye Lang would just attract many people trying to talk to them and they didn’t want that. 

Actually, even without him, people still came to talk to Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi. While they were still in the spotlight, Ye Lang continued enjoying life! 

At this point, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess, even Princess Longji agreed that Ye Lang avoided them on purpose. They all agreed to deal with him when this was over. 

Ye Chengtian led everyone into a large square in the palace. It was the courtyard in front of the main palace building. Most of the furniture had been set up recently. 

The space in front of the palace cannot be occupied like this for long periods of time, this was only allowed for a day. They set up the furniture the morning of the event, then they’d clean up on the same night. 

The seating arrangements were pre-planned. All the guests were sat further down while the emperor and empress dowager sat on an elevated platform nearer to the palace. They would look down on everyone. 

This was only natural. One was the main figure of the event while the other was the emperor. They must be on higher ground so everyone could see them. 

There must also be a certain distance between them and the guests for safety so no one could assassinate the royals! 

Ye Chengtian and his family stood in the middle of the square. It wasn’t because no one wanted to serve them, the event just hadn’t begun yet. Before the emperor and the empress dowager arrived, no one was allowed to sit. They could only chat in the area. 

“Sister Anqi, where’s your kid?” One of Long Anqi’s cousins gave them a warm greeting although they hadn’t met before. 

Not many people even knew Long Anqi existed before this. Even the royals heard of this princess recently. 

“He’s busy so he isn’t with us,” said Long Anqi with a smile. 

“Busy? Is he not coming today?” 

“No, he’s going to perform for Mother’s party.” 

“Really? I’ll be keeping an eye out for him!” 

“I’m looking forward too. The kids said he’s going to play an interesting song… 

“Hehe, then I must watch it…” 

Long Anqi smiled but did not continue talking. She could sense that the girl was only there for small talk. Everyone knew he was an alchemist but didn’t know he was also musically talented. 

They thought Ye Lang was only there because the empress dowager wanted to hear her grandson play, not because he was impressive. Even if he was mediocre, the grandmother would be happy. 

The empress dowager thought so too, but Ye Lang was no ordinary player… 

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