The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 708

“No, she’s my younger sister! Why?” said Long Anqi. Many people were shocked. She looked more like a younger sister by a huge margin. 

Ye Lang thought so too. He suddenly realised his oldest brother and second sister were much older than Long Anxi’s son. This meant his mother shouldn’t be younger. 

“That’s weird, why does she look so much older than you? She must age very quickly,” said Ye Lang. 

“You troublemaker, that’s because I don’t age. When we stand together, we look more like siblings.” Long Anqi chuckled. 

“That’s true, she’s older than grandma… I know, she isn’t grandma’s biological daughter,” said Ye Lang suddenly. 


Everyone knew this but no one would ever say it out loud. 

“Yeah, we don’t have the same mother but we have the same father.” Long Anqi nodded and knocked his head. 

“What about the emperor? I used to think he was very old but after meeting her, I think he’s quite young,” said Ye Lang. 

“He’s your grandmother’s son, he’s just quite old, he’s already…”

“Cough cough!” 

A few dry coughs interrupted her. Everyone knew they could not talk about this any longer. 

“Your Majesty!” 

Yep, the emperor and the empress dowager had arrived. 

“Ye Lang, you little jerk, how dare you talk behind your uncle’s back.” The emperor looked like he was scolding him but it was obvious he was just joking.

Everyone now confirmed the closeness between Ye Lang and the emperor. 

“No, my mom was the one who talked about you,” said Ye Lang honestly. 

Thud! Long Anqi smacked him. 

“Hey, how could you sell out your mom?” 

“I didn’t, I’m just telling the truth!” Ye Lang was resentful. What had he done wrong? 

“Alright, that’s enough. Listen to the emperor and the empress dowager,” stopped Ye Chengtian. He had been too lazy to deal with the argument just now because he felt Ye Lang had the ability to fend for himself. 

Now, the event had begun. Other than the angry Long Anxi, everyone took their seats happily. 

Ye Lang and the ladies sat down in the section for the younger generation. There was still time. The dinner would last till night, there were many more performances before theirs. 

There was a row of small square tables for one or two people- people either sat alone or as a couple- these tables were the same as what the emperor and empress dowager used. 

The ones who could sit at these tables were important figures. Everyone else sat at round tables far away. Most of these were the royal family’s relatives. Ye lang was one of them. 

Ye Lang and the rest took up two tables. Liu Feiyan and the ten girls, plus Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu and her group took up one table! 

“Little jerk, come here!” Princess Longji dragged him away. She had space in front and did not want to sit alone. 

“No, I want to stay…” Ye Lang struggled. Princess Longji was violent enough to pull him away, so rough that even Ye Lanyu didn’t dare utter a word. 

“Why must Cousin Brother sit with Sister Longji? I can sit with her too! This is unfair!” said Long Ai, who was sitting with Ye Lanyu.

“It’s fine, he won’t be sitting with Longji,” said Ye Lanyu with a grin. This was also why she let him leave. 

“Why? Would father not allow it?” asked Long Ai. 

The seventh princess smiled. “Not your father. Ye Lang has to accompany another person who has a spot at their table!”

“Who?” Long Ai asked. 


“Ah, Cousin, I remember I have my own seat!” said Ye Lang, remembering something. 

“What seat? I didn’t arrange one for you on purpose,” said Princess Longji. This was what she arranged because of his special identity, he was supposed to have his own table.

However, she wanted to sit with Ye Lang because she was alone and to stop him from his antics. 

“Kaline’s place, have you forgotten?” Ye Lang pointed at the little princess. Of course she had an assigned seat. But Kaline definitely wanted to be with Ye Lang too. 

“...” Princess Longji had forgotten about this. 

“Cousin, you should get another boy and sit with you. There are so many handsome men here, you can marry any of them.” Ye Lang was looking at several good-looking men nearby. 

“Go away!” Princess Longji kicked him. It was best for him to go if he wasn’t going to stay.

“I’m going!” He brought the little princess to a table and sat down. It was very odd. 

Why was he sitting at her place? Was he representing the Ai La Empire. 

Although no one was sure why he was sitting there, people were sure that Ye Lang had ties with the Ai La Empire or he wouldn’t be able to walk around with their princess like that. 

This meant he had close ties with one more source of power, and this was one of the three major empires! 

It looked like all three empires had ties with Ye Lang. Other than Soaring Sky, which didn’t really like him, the other two were friendly with Ye Lang. 

“Don’t look at me, I’m not related to Ai La!” 

“What? Am I going to be the emperor of Ai La? Look at Kaline, do you think it’s possible? We’ll talk about this in twenty years…” 

Ye Lang started to answer everyone’s questions very honestly, though many did not believe him. 

Who would believe he didn’t have ties to Ai La? No one! Other than himself. 

At the same time, the performances were beginning soon. Although it had been built quickly, it was a good stage with excellent decorations. 

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