The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 71

"He's not taking revenge for me, is he?" sighed Zhen Xiaoyan. At least she knew now that Ye Lang wasn't going to kill them, even though she didn't have an idea what his motives were.

"Did Sha Lan offend my little brother?" frowned Ye Lanyu, wondering what could have possibly made Ye Lang want to slap Sha Lan.

"Hmph!" huffed the seventh princess. She was unhappy too. She had never seen Ye Lang openly slap someone else before. Sha Lan must've done something unforgivable.

And just like that, she disliked Sha Lan!

Everyone was curious. What did Sha Lan do? 

"Who the hell are you?!" yelled Moya coldly while grabbing Ye Lang's hand.

Right at that moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess's reflexes kicked in as they prepared to use their magic against Moya. They thought Ye Lang was just an ordinary person with no knowledge of martial arts or magic. They feared he might get hurt!

They didn't expect Ye Lang to get caught this easily, which made the scene look a lot more believable.

However, the most unexpected thing happened after this...

"How could you do this! How could you abort our child!" screamed Ye Lang while pointing at Sha Lan, in a voice filled with so much pain. With the sadness in his eyes, anyone would've pitied him just by looking at him.


Silence. Everyone was shocked by Ye Lang's words, especially the three girls and Moya.

Moya was so stunned he couldn't move. Ye Lang took this chance to release himself from the grip, running as fast as he could. Before anyone came back to their senses, he was gone with the wind.

A sentence was all you needed to catch Sha Lan and Moya off guard. And because Ye Lang ran immediately after speaking, Sha Lan had a much harder time proving her innocence to the people around her!


Everyone around them began whispering.

"It can't be true, can it?..."

"He had a child?!"

"Poor Moya... Zhen Xiaoyan might've been a brat but Sha Lan cheated..."

"Oh no, Moya's face is turning green..."



"This little brat, he's cruel!" exclaimed Ye Lanyu. She could only admire his little brother's ability to destroy another person's reputation.

"Where did he learn these tricks from?" asked the seventh princess curiously.

"Ye Lang, you truly aren't afraid to do anything, but that's what I like about you," smiled Zhen Xiaoyan, saying that to herself.


"No! This isn't what all of you think it is! I have never seen that person in my life! You..." shouted Sha Lan. Ye Lang had already disappeared when she came to her senses.

"Yeah, you don't know him, you only had a child with him!" exclaimed someone with a sharp tongue sarcastically.

"That's not true, I didn't have a child with him... Moya, you have to believe me!" defended Sha Lan, tears forming in her eyes while grabbing Moya's hand, shaking her head in denial.

"I believe you, you're not like that. We don't even know where this person came from," frowned Moya as if he saw Ye Lang's problem. Despite that, he didn't know whether he fully believed Sha Lan, he needed to investigate it to find out about the truth.

This would've remained a tiny problem if Ye Lang stopped here. But there was so much damage done in such short amount of time...

Of course, Ye Lang wasn't over with his plans. This was only the beginning...

During lunch, Ye Lang disguised himself as another person and entered the cafeteria. This time, much like the previous time, he was immediately recognized by Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. This time, they continued to pretend not to have noticed Ye Lang.

"I need to ask, a doctor told me that there was a girl here who got an abortion recently, any idea who she is?" gossiped Ye Lang with the others in line waiting to buy their lunch.

"There's no need to ask, the girl must be Sha Lan. This morning, someone talked about this as well. We only suspected it, but I guess it's true," replied one of them.

"So it is her. Well, doesn't matter if she was pregnant, does Moya not want the child?" said Ye Lang, pretending to be in shock.

"if the child was his, it wouldn't matter. Sadly, the child doesn't belong to him."

"It cannot be! Is Sha Lan seeing another guy outside?"

"That's right..."


At lunch, Ye Lang had found a group of girls gossiping, and these girls so happened to be gossiping about Sha Lan and Moya's problems. They even had the latest news, someone had 'confirmed' that Sha Lan did have an abortion.

"Who do you think Sha Lan's new guy is?" asked one of the girls.

"I know, I heard it was an emo prince whose dreamy eyes could kill any girl..." said Ye Lang, complimenting his own appearance, not talking about Sha Lan's abortion. 

"Really? No wonder..."


In the hallways...

In the fields...

In every corner of the school...

Ye Lang used different appearances each time, feeding different information to others, slowly making this a reality, until - 


Moya and Sha Lan's problem spiralled. Everyone could see what was happening. One was angry and not saying anything, while the other had tears in her eyes, begging her partner to believe her.

Sha Lan felt as if she were in hell. She was desperate, hoping the world would quiet down so no one would continue spreading lies!

She wanted to know who or what caused this to happen. She hadn't done anything wrong, but the rumours were spreading as if they were true, there even being 'proof'. Despite those 'proof' not being able to explain anything, no one could say for sure where the evidence came from.


That evening, in the hallways, students were rushing out of school. However, they slowed down when they saw the couple, even staring at them...

Moya and Sha Lan was the hot topic for today. Due to this, Zhen Xiaoyan's breakup problem was briefly ignored for the day.

Maybe, this was why Ye Lang was terribly busy for the entire day.

"Ye Lang..." said Zhen Xiaoyan, who was at the far end of the hallway. Her eyes flashed when she saw Ye Lang walk towards her.

"Hi, how are you two? Sha Lan, I heard you're pregnant, congratulations!" congratulated Ye Lang while looking at the both of them.

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