The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 710



“This…. Dish is poisoned!” 

After a while, there was a commotion. Everyone who ate this dish clutched their stomachs and started to sweat. There was one conclusion-- the dish had been poisoned. 

Everyone now looked at the emperor because the emperor was the only one who could poison the food here. Perhaps the emperor wanted to kill everyone. 

Accompanying a king was as dangerous as accompanying a tiger. This was a concept everyone knew. They had all thought about a day when the emperor would kill them. 

However, they saw the emperor and the empress dowager doing the same thing. They were poisoned too. 

They started to look around for the culprit. The one who had no reaction would be the person who poisoned the food.
“Hahaha, this was so easy! Can’t believe a huge empire like Vermilion Bird could fall so easily, one small thing could kill all of you.” 

At this moment, Prince Wu Ji let out an evil laugh. He was obviously the culprit. He was the one who prepared this dish. It was no wonder he wanted Ye Lang to stay- he wanted to poison Ye Lang. 

“You! Why did you do this? I’m your uncle!” said the emperor weakly. 

“Why? So what if you’re my uncle? I’m the prince of Luse Kingdom, and we have always lived under the oppression of Vermilion Bird. If we want to become an empire, we must first eliminate you all!” scoffed Prince Wu Ji. 

“Anxi, is this what you think too?” said the emperor, looking at Long Anxi. 

“I’m sorry, brother. As the saying goes, you have to follow the one you marry…” Long Anxi gave a look of helplessness, though everyone could see she was delighted. 

“Sigh, can’t believe the daughter that marries out of the empire will turn into such scum!” the empress dowager sighed. 

“Can you blame me? I want power here in Vermilion Bird, would you give it to me?” said Long Anxi coldly. 

“You think you can get to the throne this easily? Even if we die? Vermilion Bird still wouldn’t fall into your hands. You’re all outsiders,” said the emperor. 

“We are outsiders but what about the three clans? They aren’t! If you want to find fault, then blame Longji. She was the one who forced them into rebellion,” said Wu Ji mildly. 

The people from the three clans stood up, showing no signs of illness. It looked like they were in on this too. Based on their power in the empire, if the people here all died, they would control the empire. 

“Forced into rebellion, or have you all been treasonous from the start? There are so many of you standing, can’t believe your roots have grown so deep,” said Princess Longji mildly. She looked at the people who were stnaind.g
The people of the three major clans, didn’t just mean their core family members. There were also officials in the palace. Their roots had been very deep, though all exposed at this moment. 

“We were just being prepared. If you all hadn’t brought harm to us, we wouldn’t have had to rebel!” said the Ximen clan. 

“I don’t think this was a recent plan. How long has it been since the Wanhua Building incident?!” scoffed Princess Longji. 

“It’s because we have always known you wanted to harm us. Hmmph, Wanhua Building… I will kill that guy… Why… Why is he alright?” 

When the Ximen clan remembered they had to kill Ye Lang, they realised he was still eating and enjoying himself. 

He displayed none of the symptoms. 

“...” Everyone was silent. 

“Is there no poison in his plate? That’s impossible, we put the poison in the ingredients! We’re only fine because we had the antidote!” Prince Wu Ji shook his head. “Why are you still alright? Unless you have the antidote too?”

“What? What poison? Is this poisoned? Maybe your poison is just of poor quality,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. 

“Poor quality? Anyone would die within ten minutes of eating this. This is the Heaven Ultimate Poison, how could it be poor quality,” said Wu Ji, shaking his head. 

“Die? Ah, sister, I hope you’re still alive? Do you want some antidote?” Ye Lang immediately yelled for Ye Lanyu. 

“Don’t worry, they won’t die! You little jerk, do you only care about your sister? What about me?” said Princess Longji. 

“Do you need any? Didn’t you take a lot of antidote from me a few days ago, saying the poison would linger a while before it dissipates? Did you already anticipate this to happen?” said Ye lang to Princess Longji. 


At this moment, the most surprised ones were Prince Wu Ji and the people of the three major clans. They realised something terrifying--- their plan was part of someone else’s plan! 

*The sparrow was watching as the mantis caught the cicada! 

[Note: *it’s an idiom, quite self-explanatory] 

“Hey! I was about to ask for more information and you troublemaker ruined it!” Princess Longji suddenly returned to normal and stood up. She didn’t look like she had been poisoned. 

Very soon, everyone’s symptoms seemed to disappear, including the emperor and empress dowager. 

Prince Wu Ji and the three major clans were shocked. They knew they were finished. They couldn’t believe their calculations had ended up with themselves getting caught. 

“Hmph! Such stupidity! You think an empire could fall just because of your small tricks? Also, Little Sister, why are you still so slow? What else do you have in your brain other than arrogance?” The emperor stood up. A gust of power radiated from him. He was obviously not a victim of poison. 

“So you all knew about it? Why didn’t you stop us? Why didn’t you catch us?” Long Anxi’s jaw had dropped. 

“If we didn’t act as if you’d won, how could we catch you all? It’s just some acting, it didn’t take much effort. Treat it as one of the performances of the night!” said the emperor mildly. 

“We already knew since the beginning. Thank goodness the little jerk was here, hence he made us some antidote so you’d think we were poisoned!” Princess Longji smiled, knocked Ye Lang’s head, then kissed it. 

“Why did you kiss me! You’ve lost all your composure, don’t forget you still need to marry someone!” Ye Lang wiped away her kiss. 

Thud! Princess Longji smacked him. 


“How is that possible? No one could do it, how could he?” Prince Wu Ji looked at Ye Lang, shaking his head in disbelief. 

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