The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 711

“Like what I mentioned earlier, you cannot fathom his abilities!” said the Vermilion Bird Emperor. “Ye Lang, you’ve helped us a lot this time. If there’s anything you want, just tell me.” 

At this moment, the emperor was utterly disappointed. Or perhaps he’d always been disappointed, this was just a confirmation. 

“What do I want? Right, I am lacking some things. Let me into the national reserves these few days, I’ll check if you have it,” said Ye Lang shamelessly. 

The national reserves? There were many valuable items in there after so many years. Everyone knew that no ordinary person could enter. At the same time, no ordinary person would even think of it. 

Ye Lang was very shameless to demand such a thing! 

“...Kid, you’re a shameless one indeed! Fine, you can pick something but don’t overdo it. You can have whatever you want!” The emperor shook his head helplessly. Ye Lang had indeed helped them and he’d already promised. 

At the same time, he realised he’d never offered Ye Lang anything after his previous help. He could just reward him this time. 

“Hmmph! Do you think this ends here? Let me tell you this, it isn’t over yet!” declared Ximen Qing’s father. He clenched his teeth at the thought of such casual conversation between Ye Lang and the emperor. 

He looked like he had a backup plan? 

“Let me tell you this. We had already anticipated this plan to fail so we have a second plan. We will all die together! The people outside will execute my plan soon, hahaha----” Ximen Qing’s father let out hysterical laughter. Everyone realised this matter was not as simple as they thought. 

“What did you do?” Princess Longji frowned. This problem was going to be more troublesome. 

“Haha, let me tell you this. Half an hour ago, we activated the alchemy formations here that will blow up the entire palace! We spent decades preparing for this moment!” 


Everyone fell silent. 

The three major clans had prepared this for decades. Princess Longji and the rest hadn’t expected this. They paled, ready to escape. 

At this moment, no one doubted him. If it weren’t true, what was the point of him saying that? The Ximen clan wouldn’t waste their time. 

“It’ll be useless! You don’t have time! I am only telling you this now so that you won’t have time to run. We were supposed to retreat before this too!” 

It was a suicide bomb. If their plan failed, they knew they would burden their entire clan. Might as well die together with the enemy. 

As long as they all died, then their other clan members outside could still reap the rewards! 


Everyone started to evacuate but someone noticed Ye Lang was spacing out. 

It was normal because he was always so clueless. 

Though he could sometimes be surprising too! 

“Ye Lang…”

“What!” answered Ye Lang, like he’d just woken up. 

“What are you doing! Run!” Princess Longji and the rest quickly came to Ye Lang, prepared to carry him. 

“Ah! I remember! You all don’t have to run!” yelled Ye Lang loudly. Princess Longji stopped. Everyone looked at him. 

“Oh yeah, we have this guy. Staying with this guy will be very safe! He’s an alchemy genius, he knows how to generate his legendary defensive alchemy formations.” 

Everyone’s eyes brightened, approaching him because they remembered his Water Moon Mirror. He had the ultimate defence. 

Under such circumstances, they weren’t likely to make it out. However, they could definitely live under his protection. 

“Ye Lang, use your defensive alchemy formation now!” yelled the seventh princess immediately.
“Why? That’s unnecessary!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“What? They’re not joking, they don’t need too. Look at them, they’re not moving. They’re all waiting to die.” Princess Longji pointed at the three clans. They looked like they were accepting death. 

“When is your thing going to explode?” asked Ye lang with a grin. 

“Now!” The three clans replied, stunned. 

“What is ‘now’?” Ye Lang asked, still smiling. 

“It should be… Just now? Wait, what’s going on? Was there a mistake in the alchemy formation?” Ximen Qing’s father had the schedule, he realised the place should’ve exploded a few seconds ago. 

“Let’s wait a bit then. Maybe it’s just a little slow!” Ye Lang chuckled. 


Everyone calmed down in this awkward situation. They weren’t ordinary folks. They sensed that something had changed. The explosion wouldn’t happen. 

Time passed. In the end, there was no explosion. 

“What happened? Did we make a mistake? No way, we were so careful!” 

“Alright, cousin, time to catch them all and chop off their heads! It’s time for my performance!” Ye Lang chuckled. 

“?? Little troublemaker, what just happened?” asked Princess Longji. Everyone also wanted to ask him. There was a sudden threat but it disappeared just as abruptly. 

“I was roasting chicken wings in the palace gardens a few days ago, remember? I noticed something, which was an alchemy formation that could destroy the entire palace. Since I was bored, I helped deactivate it for you. That’s why there was so much smoke! You don’t have to thank me…” said Ye Lang. 


Everyone fell silent. They didn’t know something like this could happen. 

“Why didn’t you tell us!!” 

“I wanted to, but I was interrupted and forgot… I just remembered!” 


“You little jerk, I feel like killing you!” 


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