The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 712

“Hahaha… Great song! Where did the kid learn this from?” 

Within the palace square, the party hadn’t ended yet. Although there were hiccups, it proceeded as usual. 

Although it was expected that the atmosphere would be affected, Ye Lang’s song brought the entire atmosphere back to its original state. Everyone felt happier than before. 

Sometimes, music could do wonderful things, changing one’s state of mind. 

Everyone also forgot about the group of people who were dragged out to be guillotined. These people had committed treason, they weren’t going to live. It was going to be a bloody night outside the palace too, the three clans could fall overnight. 

Prince Wu Ji’s family did not have the same fate. They belonged to another kingdom, hence they were kept as hostages. They must make Luse Kingdom pay for what happened. 

Vermilion Bird did not care about the value of Prince Wu Ji and his mother’s life. They were going to use their lives to exchange for something that could greatly benefit them. It was expected. 

At this moment, the emperor did not do anything to Prince Wu Ji and his mother, letting them stay at the party. They were still his sister and nephew and since the empress dowager did not give any orders, they proceeded as usual. 

This also proved that the emperor did not actually see them as a threat because he was familiar with their intelligence levels. They couldn’t do anything he didn’t expect. 

At this moment, the emperor was only looking at Ye Lang, who was playing the pipa. He couldn’t figure Ye Lang out, he didn’t know how powerful Ye Lang actually was. 

What just happened was supposed to be a checkmate. And Ye Lang had casually diffused the situation. Everyone felt like it was just a dream. 

The three major clans dragged out of the party were screaming and venting. They too did not believe that something they put in so many resources and decades to plan, something so secret, had been deactivated by Ye Lang while roasting chicken wings. 

“What kind of person are you?” 

Everyone present, and the ones dragged out, had the same question. What kind of individual was he? He had the ability to bring endless surprises. 

The Vermilion Bird emperor and the rest were relieved and grateful that he was here. The ones who left cursed his existence. 

They soon stopped thinking about it and started to enjoy the music. 

“He’s playing the pipa for joy now but once he’s sad, and plays a sad song, you’ll feel like crying. And especially if he’s playing all day, it feels like death!” 

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were sitting in front near Princess Longji, chatting. 

Not just Ye Lanyu, there were princes and princesses related to the empire in front too. There were many empty spots there now. 

It felt awkward to leave empty spots in front so the emperor arranged for Ye Lanyu and the rest to sit in front. These were all relatives of the empress dowager. It felt more like a birthday party instead of a national ball now. 

“You all don’t know how lucky you are. If he could play like this all day for me, I’d rather have that!” said Princess Longji. 

“..” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were silent. They agreed. They’d rather suffer than let Ye Lang go. 

Very soon, everyone was watching him pluck his pipa strings gently as if he was fully immersed in the music. It was mesmerizing. 

Even the ones who did not believe in his musical abilities, the ones who thought he only performed because he was a grandson, that he might be awful at music, changed their minds. They realised how dumb they were. 

“Alright, that’s it! Thank you, everyone…” 

Ye Lang put the pipa back into his ring, took a bow, then left. 

“Ah, you little troublemaker, is that it? Didn’t you say you’ll perform a song for me,” said the empress dowager immediately.
She thought this song performed by Liu Feiyan and Ye Lang must’ve been prepared by her. This was hers, not his performance. 

“Yeah, that’s the one. What do you think? Isn’t it a joyful tune?” said Ye Lang with a smile. “I chose this one to bring up the atmosphere. It was very suitable, wasn’t it? Everyone looks happy. “

“It was happy and a really nice tune. But isn’t this their performance?”  The empress dowager nodded. 

He shook his head. “No, that was my performance, they have a separate one! Mine was supposed to be after them but due to what happened, I decided to move mine forward.” 

It was true. His performance was supposed to be later. However, due to the awkward atmosphere, he decided to perform first. 

Initially, he wasn’t even taking this seriously. Based on the performance list, perhaps no one would really remember him either. Although it was an odd tune, if it was placed after Liu Feiyan’s song, it wouldn’t be memorable.

An unexpected series of events led to this performance being very outstanding and etched deep into everyone’s memories. This song soon trended across the mainland, becoming very popular. 

This wasn’t something anyone expected! 

“... Fine, at least it was good. I really liked it.” The empress dowager nodded. Although she thought it wasn’t enough, at least it was good. 

“Hehe, then we shall excuse ourselves. Next!” 

Ye Lang, Liu Feiyan and the rest left the stage to their seats, allowing the next performance to begin. 

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