The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 714

“Oh…” With Long Ai between them, Ye Lang ate the delicious food on the table. 


‘Cousin, the song you played was really good. Can you play for me next time?” Long Ai was starting to annoy Ye Lang again. 

“Sure!” ye Lang nodded. 

“Really?” That’s great! When?” 

“Like you said, next time…” 

“When is that?” 

“Next time!” 


Long Ai fell silent. “Cousin, you’re not listening!” 

“Mm, at least you’re not stupid!” Ye Lang admitted. 

“Fine, at least you promised. You still have to do it! Also, how did you plant that flower? I tried many times but I couldn’t. Also, didn’t you say you didn’t have the flower? How did you do it in a few days…” Long Ai begged him on another subject again. 

“This peculiar flower, it’s…” Ye Lang did not mind telling her how to plant it. He told her the regular method, not using alchemy. As for how he did it in a few days, he naturally didn’t tell her. 

She just wanted to plant it so she didn’t dwell on the subject. 

Very soon, every performance passed. The atmosphere turned joyous again, everyone seemed to have forgotten about what happened. 

There was an opera performed by the Tianlai Performing Group. It was the climax of the performances. They were the top performing group in the world too. 

“Eh, isn’t that our traitor cousin? Why is she performing like nothing happened? She’s glaring at me too. Grandma, what’s going on?” 

The highlight of the Tianlai Performing Group’s performance was an arrogant girl. She was Wu Ji’s sister. 

Everyone was surprised too. Long Ai looked at the empress dowager. 

She shook her head. “She’s not glaring at you, she’s glaring at your cousin. She’s still angry about what happened, she’s trying to compete through this method!” 

“Angry? You mean the plan that Cousin ruined?” asked Long Ai, cockingher head. 

“No! She is angry because of the way your cousin ignored them. They had long been angry at him!” said the empress dowager, smiling. 

“Oh, I see! That’s so odd, why would she care about that, not what just happened?” Long Ai asked. 

Everyone was surprised. Prince Wu Ji, his sister and mother should be angry at their failures. 

“She doesn't know yet! I believe she still doesn’t know what her brother and mother did to us. She never knew1” said the empress dowager, shaking her head. 

Before this, the Tianlai Performing Group and the other performers had been sectioned off in another place. That's why they didn't know what happened at the square. 

If the plan had succeeded, perhaps Prince Wu Ji would have informed her to leave. Or maybe she would be sacrificed for his political career. 

Think about it. If something happened to her, no one would suspect Prince Wu Ji because the princess was dead. 

If all three of them were fine, then it would attract suspicion. No matter what happened to Vermilion Bird, they would definitely invade Luse Kingdom. 

That was why the arrogant princess became their sacrifice from the beginning. One would wonder if she would still be this arrogant if she knew the truth! 

“I pity her…” Long Ai felt bad. 

“Why? Perhaps she is an accomplice, she just has to act as if she didn’t know to save herself. Then no one would do anything to her,” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“...” After what he said, the empress dowager and the emperor fell silent. Like their granddaughter (niece), they pitied the girl, thinking that she was a sacrifice and they should let her off. 

However, after what he said, they realised it could be a possibility too. Perhaps the girl was just acting so they’d feel bad. 

They should not feel bad about their enemies. However, she was still family. If she wasn’t involved, they’d let her go. 

They both had their brows furrowed tightly. Should they let the princess go? 

At this moment, Ye Lang said another thing that made them want to kill him! 

“Of course, it’s just a random thought. Perhaps she’s just a pitiful sacrifice!” said Ye Lang irresponsibly. 

To let her go, or not? 

The emperor thought about it. He made a decision not to, but he wouldn’t do anything to her. She would be confined within the Vermilion Bird Empire, banned from returning. 

This was the best solution. There would be people caring for her, she wouldn’t be harmed and she could live as a princess. It was already an acceptable outcome for a family member. 

As for the other two, naturally, they must be punished. Then, they would be allowed back to Luse on certain conditions. No one was sure what the terms and punishment would be. Ye Lang and the rest didn’t want to know. 

“But her voice is beautiful, she acts well! Her performance is a great present. Ye Lang, can’t you play for your grandmother again? One song isn’t enough.” said the empress dowager when she finished. She wanted Ye Lang to promise her another show. 

Ye Lang frowned. “Sure, if you want, I can perform again. I’ve picked another song.” 

“Really? That’s great! Also, what was the name of your previous song?” said the empress dowager excitedly. SIt was a very important question, something many people wanted to know. 

“Uh…” Ye Lang thought for a moment, then with an odd expression, he said, “It’s called ‘Celebration’! What do you think? Isn’t it apt…” 

[Note: this is what Ye Lang played:; it has a very weird but playful tune… reminds me of a video game] 

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