The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 716

“Where are the rest?” Ye Lang looked around, puzzled. There were other girls when they rehearsed.

“They decided not to perform, they think just me is enough!” said Liu Feiyan with a smile, though there was a secret behind it. 

Ye Lang was confused but didn’t care. “Whatever, I’m just in charge of my part!” 

“Mm! You just have to play! Don’t worry about it… Perhaps anything more would just affect the whole mood…” she smiled. 

IT was true. Sometimes, less was more. The girls understood. They had made this decision just now because they thought it was enough. 

“Are you ready? If you are, let’s begin!” Ye Lang placed his fingers on the piano, looking at her. 

“I am… Let’s begin..” she nodded. She could enter the mood anytime, she was a professional after all. And very talented. 

He didn’t speak. His fingers danced across the keyboard, playing a beautiful tune. 

This time, the feeling his music gave off a very peculiar vibe. Previously, the audience was used to gentle piano music, tunes that represented love. However, as the tune progressed, it seemed to become more aggressive. 

They couldn’t believe a piano song could give off a mood like that. Am I supposed to feel like that? 

They weren’t wrong at all! 

When Liu Feiyan started singing, everyone understood that the music was supposed to be a powerful song. Although it was a piano, and Liu Feiyan had a simple, gentle look, their song had enough power to urge an entire army into battle. Everyone’s blood boiled with passion. 

No one expected them to perform a song like that here. Due to the contrast in circumstances, it became more emotional, the shock was more intense. 

It was a song no one would forget. At the same time, they realised that even common instruments could do this! 

And who said women couldn’t sing such powerful war songs? Who said piano songs must be gentle and emotional? 

“When the last soldier leaps into the darkness, 

I stand tall on the fallen city walls, 

I let my thoughts disperse like the smoke, 

A thread of light appears across the skies, 

Breaking up the dark lands…

This will be…



Liu Feiyan’s voice stopped. Ye Lang’s piano fell silent. The tragic war song had shaken everyone to the core. They felt their blood boiling with passion. 

It was a very surprising choice, a sad war song for an event like that. 

Liu Feiyan subsequently became a huge celebrity in the mainland, a much sought-after singer. Most of her fans were soldiers! 

It was only natural that soldiers were huge fans of her song! 

After a long time, even a thousand years later, it became the most popular war song among soldiers! 

Even the ones who did not believe in him changed their minds. The ones who spoke badly of Liu Feiyan and Ye Lang now wanted to hide. 

Especially Prince Wuji and the rest. The princess was clenching her teeth, shaking all over. She knew she had lost! 

“Such a silly child, how could you sing a tragic war song at my birthday party? I’ll smack you! But… it’s a good song, I’ll let you go this time!”

The empress dowager finally spoke, snapping everyone to reality. 

“Hehehe, I chose this song first, then I was supposed to play ‘Celebration’ after this. But I don’t have any songs now!” said Ye Lang with a grin. Initially, Liu Feiyan didn’t want to sing a song like that, thinking that it was not appropriate for the occasion. 

However, with ‘Celebration’ behind this performance, she didn’t mind. It could re-align everyone’s emotions. 


“Ah…” She gasped. Now that he’d played his previous song, and he was going to be too stubborn to play it again, it would be exactly the situation she feared. 

Whatever, he’s here! What am I afraid of? 

It should be alright…

“Ye Lang, what song is this?” interjected the emperor. Ye Chengtian also glared at him. Why didn’t he perform this song earlier? It would have been very useful for military morale. 

If they weren’t at the palace, Ye Chengtian would’ve questioned him already. 

“This is called… Dawn!” 


Everyone realised he had given it a random name! 

“Not bad, suits the song’s intentions! The darkness goes, dawn arrives… Good… Very good…” praised the emperor. 

“Alright, that’s it…” Ye Lang closed the piano and prepared the leave.

“Wait, you said you'd add one more song for me! How can you leave?” said the empress immediately. 

“That’s so annoying! I was trying to leave!” Ye Lang collapsed on the piano. 

“Boss, do you need my help?” asked Liu Feiyan, sitting on his stool. Everyone was jealous of how close they were. 

“Help? It’s fine, I’ll just choose a random one. Let me think… alright, I’ve got it…” shrugged Ye Lang. He sounded very irresponsible-  he didn’t care if it was going to be perfect. 

Other people would want to play a perfect song since the preceding song had been ‘Dawn’. Not taking the next song seriously to suit the mood would just be a pity. 

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