The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 717

Pity? That’s your problem, not mine. That old lady is forcing me to play! If you have any opinions, go talk to her. 

Ye Lang opened the piano and put his fingers on the keyboard. 

The audience waited. Every song had been a surprise. They wanted to listen.

At the same time, Liu Feiyan hadn’t left. She continued sitting next to him. The girls who had been jealous were now furious, making threatening gestures at her. Liu Feiyan pretended not to see them, angering them even more. 

Very soon, his fingers danced across the keyboard… 


[Note: this is what Ye Lang sang lmao: Vigorous Laughter by Lily Lee] 

Life is a show 
Why should we care about favours and revenge

What is reputation? 
We don’t come with one at birth, we don’t take it with us upon death 
Sorrow and joy plague the people 
If we are not fated to be together, let’s love in the next lifetime 

What is love and hatred? 
Everything will work itself out in the end. 

Wave at them, don’t look back 
It is time for a party 

Although gold is great 
Joy is rare
I stroll along the path without regret. 

I laugh delightfully 
I laugh delightfully again 


[Note: Perhaps you’ll get a better lyric translation that rhymes somewhere else HAHA SORRY] 


Everyone now realised that Ye Lang could not be explained by logic. The change in mood was huge. From a war song to a comedic song about life? They couldn’t comprehend it. 

However, ‘Vigorous Laughter’ was a good song too. Its lyrics were carefree, talking about non-attachment in life. The politicians here who cared about reputation had a revelation. 

What was reputation? It didn’t follow you after death...

It was worth contemplating what they really wanted! 

Many people started to look at power differently just from this comedic song. It changed the way they dealt with matters. 

“Little jerk, why are you running? 

The empress dowager’s voice pulled them back to reality. They realised he had packed up without a word.
“My job here is done, of course I’m leaving! Kaline, hurry, we’re going home..” said Ye Lang from far. He was already almost at the exit. 

Several girls were following him. They did not really care about reputation so they weren’t deep in thought. When he ran, they followed. 

“How could you leave like that…”

“I don’t care! I laugh delightfully…” Ye Lang sang the chorus again, his meaning obvious. 


Everyone was silent. When they watched him leave, they realised that they’d never be as carefree as this kid! 

The empress dowager watched helplessly. She could only sit here until the end of the event. She could never leave whenever she wanted. 

It was true for the emperor too. There were still unresolved matters! 


Ye Lang had become the focal point of the city a few days after the event. He found that he couldn’t go anywhere in Dragon City and it was very frustrating. 

It was normal. He was already very famous but after the party, he was even more popular. Many musicians that didn’t initially like him were flocking to ask for advice. 

At this moment, he could only rely on Princess Longji’s Mercenary Group for protection so they wouldn’t bother him. Even so, many people broke through the ranks. 

Of course, this wasn’t because of the soldiers’ abilities. Some of them were just more powerful. Even Princess Longji would not want to offend these people. 

The Coldblood Group was also protecting him from the dark. They helped remove a lot of problems. Coldblood Five remained by Ye Lang’s side. 

During the party, Coldblood Five seemed to have disappeared until the end of the event. Ye Lang had asked casually about it. 

Well, with her job, she was a very busy person. It was normal that she’d disappear occasionally. 

Ye Lang was right. She had gone to deal with several matters. It was related to the three major clans and Prince Wu Ji. 

Vermilion Bird had long known about them, they obviously had precautionary measures. Coldblood Five was in charge of dealing with it, hence she didn’t have the time to stay with Ye Lng. 

Ye Lang, on the other hand, was very annoyed by all the attention and really wanted to go home! 

“Mom, dad, when are we going back to Ye City?!” 

Ye Lang had asked them more than once. The answer was always the same-- in a few days. We’ll be leaving in a few days. 

They weren't lying to their son, it was the truth. They always intended to leave soon, not immediately. 

Ye Lang was too impatient to wait a few more days. These people were annoying, there was no benefit to him staying! 

During this period, the empress dowager and the emperor invited him over to the palace several times. Ye LAgn gave them face too. He went to the palace, sat around but left very soon. 

The happiest thing that happened was that he got to go to the national treasury. He’d taken some stuff- according to the emperor’s promise. 

Ye Lang was happy about this but not the emperor. He’d taken rare items, very precious goods. He’d even taken stuff that was the only one in the empire’s possession! 

The emperor thought of many ways to ask Ye Lang to return it but it was all futile. Ye Lang would not give it back. He offered some of his stuff for a trade but not what he took. 

That was why the emperor could only accept Ye Lang’s gifts helplessly. Then again, Ye Lang’s gifts were very useful too. 

That was why the emperor didn’t actually make a loss-- not a huge one, at least! 

Ye Lang also learned about Long Anqi- about the reason why she had such weak ties with the Vermilion Bird Empire. 

Although he wasn’t entirely sure, he understood a little! 

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