The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 719

Seventh Brother wasn’t the only one who would be happy to see Ye Lang back. There were many other people who wanted to talk to him. 

Even if he returned, he still wouldn’t have the quiet days he wanted, at least not for a while. He would still be pestered and surrounded by people. 

However, Ye Lang wouldn’t have minded them because they were family. The people at Dragon City were different. 

At the same time, he knew this was temporary. After fulfilling their requests, they would disperse. It was, again, different from Dragon City. 

“There must have been a delay in his travels. Get everyone to stay alert, report to us immediately when he appears!” said Ye Chengtian in a low voice. “Alright, rest up everyone. I’ve got matters to deal with!” 

After returning to Ye City, Ye Chengtian had to deal with matters accumulated over this period of time. Although he could delegate some tasks, there were tasks he had to complete too. 

Just like that, everyone went off. They could not do much about Ye Lang anyway. 

Some people suspected something happened to him. Even if there were the seventh princess and the rest, they still couldn’t eliminate this possibility. Ye Lang had always been worrying. 

Seven days later, Ye Lang finally arrived at Ye City! 

This time, Ye Lang hadn’t lost his way, nor did anything happen. They just weren’t in a hurry, taking their sweet time. Plus Ye Chengtian and his people had rushed the journey. In the end, Ye Chengtian arrived 2 days earlier than expected while Ye Lang arrived 7 days after him. 

It was a 5-day difference from the estimated arrival! How slow could they be?! 

When he arrived at Ye City, he was impressed at how much the place had changed. When he left, this place was still mostly under construction. Although they were still building, the changes were unfathomable. 

The current Ye City has expanded to a true metropolitan area. Previously, it had just been a tiny city. It was very different! 

“Woah…” Ye Lang had said ‘woah’ many times since he arrived. 

“Shut up!” came a very annoyed voice. It was a girl who stood in the middle of the path, blocking Ye Lng. 

There weren’t many people who dared block Ye Lang like that. This person was no ordinary folk. 

“Woah… Sister…” gasped Ye Lang. 


This girl was indeed Ye Lang’s elder sister, Ye Lanyu. When he was approaching the city, she had already received the news and ran over. 

When she arrived, Ye Lang had been ‘woah’-ing all over the place like a villager entering a city for the first time. Ye Lanyu wanted to laugh but was still very annoyed. 

She was even more upset when she saw the seventh princess next to him! 

The seventh princess seemed to tell her: hehe, I’m doing very well here by Ye Lng’s side, how are you doing? Alone? Hope you’re well! 

The seventh princess hadn’t told her because they had always been frenemies. 

If she could kick Ye Lanyu away, she would! 

“Shut up!” Ye Lanyu knocked his head. 

“Sister, why are you here?” Ye Lang asked cluelessly, rubbing his head. 

“Why wouldn’t I be here? It’s very normal for me to be here, you’re the abnormal one! Tell me, why are you back?” Ye Lanyu clutched Ye Lang, separating him from the seventh princess. 

It’s my turn now! 

“I’m back to do some stuff and visit everyone. I’ve missed everyone! Especially Seventh Brother…” Ye Lang said with a grin. The last sentence was a very odd one. How could that be possible. 

Very soon, they understood. 

“Cough cough! Thirteenth, when did you learn how to kiss ass? But it makes me feel good,” said the Seventh Brother wistfully. He knew no one really got to enjoy this unless Ye Lang had another notice. 

He’d probably be unable to refuse whatever Ye Lang wanted from him, might as well enjoy the treatment now. 

He could still say no though. 

“As long as you’re happy! Haha…” said Ye Lang smiling. It looked more like a sneer, it was very obvious he was thinking about something else. 

“Just tell me what you need from me,” said Seventh Brother directly. He was already uncomfortable from Ye Lang’s smile. 

“Ah? You’re so smart, how could you tell?!” Ye Lang gasped. 

“Who couldn’t? You don’t give out compliments for free like that!” huffed Seventh Brother. While he could understand other people giving out compliments- though they could just be trying to form a relationship with him- Ye Lang was not the same. 

“How could you say that? I’m not that bad, I just wanted to buy some materials from you!” said Ye Lang. 

“...That’s it?” Seventh Brother was surprised. It was a very simple task, not a problem at all. 

It was a little too simple. 

“Yeah, it’s that simple! What did you think it was?” nodded Ye Lang. 

“Wait, tell me what you need. Show me the list first!” Seventh Brother did not let down his guard. It shouldn't be this simple. 

“Here you go!” Ye Lang gave him a list. 

“...” Seventh Brother now confirmed that Ye Lang only needed him to purchase materials. 

Simple? Look at this list! While he just needed to order them, the list was too long! There were also some things he hadn’t heard of! 

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